Thursday, September 4, 2014

Piriformis Syndrome makes for NO spankings!

I haven't updated my blog since out little blow up, even though wanting to blog about it has been on my mind since. Life is just too crazy still!

Our summers seem to be full of visitors and it can be hard to stay connected, although I really think we have done very well as a couple this summer.

A reader of mine reached out to me the other day, and told me a little about her relationship, and reading her emails, I was always reminded of us finding out about this lifestyle at the beginning. The excitement, the sexual tension, and just everything great. I told DH about this, and he said:

"True, but for us it has become so much more. It is in every aspect of our lives, and even if we can't do spankings at the moment (its my piriformis I hurt, if you are really bored or interested, here is an article about my life at the moment basically), ttwd is as present as never before between us."

And the confidence with which he said this, made me look at us in a slightly different light. I guess I hadn't noticed the little things we now do to show each other our commitment, like him noticing when I have overdone it, and he sends me to take a nap. Or me being more respectful. I can feel myself really doing it, and enjoying it because he has earned my respect.


  1. I love you. We need to get you to that massage therapist.

  2. That is what is important!
    I sure hope you feel better!!

  3. This is such a lovely post Julia. It's great to stop and take stock of the many wonderful benefits of ttwd isn't it? :)

    I so sorry you are in so much pain and hope you find some relief soon.


    1. Thank you Roz, I really appreciate you saying so, and that was exactly what I was trying to say. :D

  4. Julia, that is so good! The talking, the connecting, the respect and the leadership...sometimes it can be difficult to remember that those things are really what make us, US.

    I think especially when most all of what is blogged about is the sexual tension, passion, and activities it's hard to remember that there is a whole other side to all our lives out there. It's almost like the non-sexual parts of TTWD or D/s are now vanilla in our life.

    I always love reading your point of view =)
    Hope that massage comes soon!!

    1. Thanks Pearl,
      That is what I was trying to say too, that all the other stuff is just amazing all by itself even without the spankings.
      And I am happy to report that I finally feel a bit better, and have been able to go on walks, and even cook without having to sit down every two minutes.

  5. Julia, I am sorry that you suffer from piriformis. This really sucks and DH is definitely right, try to get the massages you need, soon. I remember some of the stretching exercises against piriformis are best done with a partner, so, in a way, instead of spanking, DH could help stretch your muscles. Some of that definitely feels like punishment at first (sorry, no idea for an exercise to replace missing good-girl-spankings).
    I think it is great that you wrote how much ttwd are about the little things that they are not about sex. I know that I tend to write about the sexual aspects more than about the other side, but commitment, being cared for much more, showing respect and so many more things make this kind of being together special and I’d say create a much deeper connection. Thank you for writing this.



    1. Hey Nina,

      Sorry its taken this long to respond, but I have a friend from Germany here at the moment, so I have been offline more.

      Thankfully I am also finally to stand for longer than five minutes at a time, but this really is just such a terrible injury.

  6. Yup, in so many ways it becomes part of the woodwork and we have also noticed that in those times when we can't engage so much in the physical part, all the rest of it is still there and we pay a bit more attention to it.

    1. For what its worth, I am enjoying the knowledge that we can whether this type of storm or lingering injuries. Thanks Susie!

  7. Julia, I hope your back is feeling much better. Re: weathering the storm---"in sickness and in health" really is a hard one to manage, both on the one in pain and the one having to shoulder more than his or her share of the chores and such. It becomes very easy to get snappish and very hard to come back from those snappish comments. Hang in there and give yourself time to heal and don't overdo things once you start to feel better.

    Have you thought about a chiropractor? Around here Groupons for chiropractic packages including x-rays come up fairly regularly at VERY good prices. Well worth every penny.


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