Monday, October 27, 2014

Corrective discipline

Hi, DH here!  I hope everyone is enjoying Fall this year!  This weekend we carved our pumpkins and finished our outdoor decorations as well.  I love Halloween, and I have to admit to having a fog machine and a ghost on a string.  I don’t like REALLY scaring anyone, but I love getting into the spirit of the season, if you know what I mean.  And Halloween is on Friday!  The PERFECT day to take the kids trick-or-treating.

Weekends are busy for us in general, and last weekend was no exception.  I’m usually the first one up in the house, and on Saturday I totally screwed up Julia’s coffee maker.  It’s actually a huge automated machine that grinds the beans and then pours out perfectly made coffee, complete with foam on top.  We would have never purchased such an extravagant luxury for ourselves, but Julia’s Mom did, and it takes a bit of knowledge to operate it successfully.  For example: Do NOT remove the “dregs drawer” in mid-cycle, unless you want to FAIL at making coffee.


The machine locked in mid-cycle. I was immediately out of my element;  I know better than to tinker with that thing.   I got my shoes on, as I have a back-up coffee maker outside in our woodshed.  Julia sat down with the user manual, and then saw me with my keys.

“If you are going out for coffee right now, I am going to EXPLODE!”  She tried to say this as calmly as possible, I could tell, but she was frustrated that her machine was broken and I was daring to leave.  I wasn’t actually going anywhere other than out to the shed, but I could see her point.  I had to agree with her too, that would be super-lame if I just abandoned her like that.

“I’m just going out for the other machine, Sweety.  I’ll be right back.”

I let it slide and we progressed through the weekend as if nothing had happened.  Until last night.  Then, after we were clean and ready for bed, I got down our box of grown-up toys from our closet.

“We need to clear up something that happened yesterday,” I said.  I took out the long leather paddle, and the glass plug.  I sat down on my side of the bed, and patted my leg.  “I want you over my lap right now, little girl.  I’m going to spank you with my hand, and then the leather paddle.”

She climbed over my lap and offered me her naked bottom.  I steadied her with my left hand on her back, and then starting spanking her hard with my right.  “Is it ever OK to yell at Daddy?”

Slap!  Slap!  I spanked her right cheek and then her left with my hand.

“Ow!  No, Daddy,” she said.  I kept spanking her, alternating between her cheeks.  Her legs began to kick and twitch.

“Are you going to ever yell at Daddy again?”

Slap!  Slap!  WHACK!  I caught her right across her sit spot, and her exposed lips caught part of the blow.


SLAP!  “No…. what?”

“No, Daddy,” she wailed.  

“That’s a good girl,” I said.  I kept spanking her until she was on the verge of crying, her hips twisting away from me as she tried to escape her punishment.  I finally stopped and caressed her red bottom.  I could see my handprints on her red skin.   “It’s time for the paddle,” I said.  I pulled it out from under the pillow where I’d stashed it, and rubbed it along her buttocks.  I pulled it back, up high, and aimed for the center of her bottom.

“Daddy is spanking you for your own good,” I said.

WHACK!!  The first blow from the paddle came down right on target.  She flinched, and then her hips bucked as she registered the pain.  

“AHAA!”  OW!”  I kept spanking her with the paddle without mercy.  The paddle striped her cheeks in red, angry swaths, as I worked down her bottom to her sit spot.


“OWA AHHHH!”  Her legs danced as she kept trying to twist her hips out of range.  I put my left hand on her hip and pulled her close as my pace came to a crescendo, and then I stopped, letting her rest.  “Daddy’s done with the paddle,” I said softly.  I massaged her red, puffy bottom with my hand as she slowly relaxed from the pain I had administered.  My fingers slipped into the cleft between her cheeks, and I smiled at the wet slick of her arousal.

"Good girl."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How 50 Shades of Grey changed my Life

This is one of those posts that has been swirling in my head for a few days now, but I haven't had, or taken, the time to get it down and out. One of the reasons for that could be that I am a little rusty, writing-wise.

Lets just say I am still recovering from this past summer. Injury, revolving doors for visitors, step-son, nephew, and of course our own lives as well.

But back to what has been on my mind.

Do some of you remember that I started in this whole journey of discovering that I am submissive because of 50 Shades of Grey? Well, if you don't that certainly is okay, better yet, that means I have done a good job of making this about what it really is about instead of having been on this bandwagon.

I don't like jumping on bandwagons, I rather start a bandwagon. Always have...:D

Anyway, I remember reading the first book staying up two nights in a row. DH was very busy at that time with work, commuting, and making ends meet for us as a family. This was as the economy wasn't even recovering yet. We were lucky he had a job, but it was definitely a big pay cut.

DH was also suffering from depression.

Some days were okay, others not so much, and he would call me from the car on his drive home, complaining, and yelling about traffic, his life, the economy, politics, and of course stupid drivers on 405.

Reading the book, I realized how much I was craving having a dominant man in my life. Sitting at the computer, one of the first searched brought me to the Taken in Hand site, and the rest is all here in this blog.

My sister recently read the book too finally. No biggie, I knew she would enjoy it, we talked about it a little while she was reading it. But after she finished the entire series something quite unexpected happened. She broke up with her partner!
And I know exactly why! She craves the submission as much as I do! And her man, ex now, as much as I really liked him, just couldn't even fathom what she was talking about. He was not open to that conversation at all! Just wouldn't hear of it, and in fact, the only thing he took from it was that she wants him to beat her if she doesn't vacuum the house.


So, I have been trying to come to terms with this. DH and him were good friends when they saw each other and even though they are physically so far away, it really hit close to home for us. Without even realizing why, it brought DH and I closer and more into DD again, almost immediately and I think I finally understand why that is.

I brought this up to DH as well after reading 50 Shades of Grey and look at us now! Who knew you could have sex the way we do? The intimacy and closeness, the honesty and always having the best of intentions for one another is unbelievable! I guess what I realized is that in our lives, ttwd/DD/whatever has clarified how we feel about each other, and maybe that happened for them too, just not in the same way.

*two posts in one day because DH likes to push the publish button too soon.  :D

LOL is coming soon!

I was just browsing some blogs, finally had some time to do nothing, when I came upon Hermione's blog post. LOL Days are approaching! I can't believe it! Another year has gone.

Here are some old posts revolving around previous LOL celebrations!

I look forward to these two days, as one of them is also DH's very special birthday! 

So mark your calendars!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Endless Summer

Hi, DH here!  It feels like forever since I’ve written, partly due to the face that we have had the best, longest, most glorious summer we’ve ever had, ever.  And the weather has been nice too.  No seriously, the weather has really been outstanding here in the Northwest.  Yesterday, we had a very
unseasonable day with temperatures in the 70s, just a perfect summer day.  I did man chores around the house, like removing the moss from our roof and mowing the lawns.  It’s unsettling, how warm it is.  Today it’s raining, so more typically Fall-like weather.

But it’s too warm.

Julia and I had a great weekend together.  We’ve been very close lately, as if we are both caring for each other a little more, or nurturing our relationship.  A few days ago, we were getting up for the day, and I made some offhand comment about how we have sex (I
can’t even remember what the comment was), and Julia said, “Well, maybe you should have sex with me the way you WANT to, instead of the way you think I want it.”  She gave me that classic eyebrows-raised challenge, and then the moment was gone as the kids came in, or the dogs needed to be fed, or any of the other distractions that consume our days.  But that comment stuck with me.  I kept turning it over in my mind.  Have sex with her the way I want to.  What did that mean?  How was I NOT having sex with her the way I wanted to?  Or, to say it another way, how would I change how we have sex if I was doing what I wanted?

We went to bed clean and awake for once, even though it was well past 10:00 PM.  We kissed and cuddled, naked in our bed.  Before long she moved down my body and took my cock in her mouth.  

“Ohhh,” I groaned.  “That’s a good girl. Suck Daddy’s cock.”  I put my hands in her hair on both sides of her head, and gently pulled her mouth down further, until half my shaft was in her mouth.  She stopped there and sucked hard.  

“Uhh, wow…”  I’m pretty sure my eyes crossed as she slowly pulled her head up so that the head of my cock was surrounded by her lips.  

The light was dim in our bedroom, but she looked at me as she sucked my cock.  

Have sex with me the way you want to.

My grip tightened in her hair, and I pulled her head down again firmly.  “Leave your mouth open,” I ordered.  I pulled her head up so that my cock popped out of her mouth and she was fully looking at
me, and then pulled her back down to take half of it again.  My speed increased and she kept her mouth open so that her spit and my pre-cum coated my cock and balls.  As I kept pulling her head up, a long string of saliva extended from her mouth to the head of my cock, only to be sucked up again as she took my cock deep into her throat.

Later, I came into her bottom in an endless stream as she moaned and clenched in her own orgasm.  We finally finished, and I pulled her close.  I got up and got a washcloth and gently cleaned her face so that it wouldn’t break out the next day.  We fell asleep cuddled together, exhausted and happy, another Saturday gone in our endless summer.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Picture Friday - I am still here edition!

Hello blogland,

It has been such a long time that I have been able to take the time while also having something substantial to blog about. But tonight I am taking the time, I wanted to share some good news with
you, especially those of my readers who were with us last year during the time DH lost his job, twice within a few months of each other.
 As of next Monday, he is going to be starting a new job! And we are all super excited. He just finished his last day at the last one and it is fun to see him leaving a place with a good feeling. To see the confidence with which he walks and talks of this place and the new place, I have really enjoyed watching him grow into such a confident guy walking around!

Thank you all for you well wishes for me. My back or better yet, my butt and piriformis are feeling much better. My piriformis muscle is no longer pressing down on my sciatic nerve. I no longer have claws gripping my entire calf because I dared to stand for longer than
two minutes. It is so fun to be able to do normal things again without being in pain, fun to not be behind an everything in the household, and of course, fun to have actual sex again.

Don't get me wrong, we still had sex during my recovery, but it was more to take care of our connection than anything else.
To top it all off, during the worst of my back problem, our dog injured himself as well, and it was a grim place in our house for a while. We were not sure he was going to make it out of it alive. But he did. We all pulled through.

I have now gone running numerous times again already and am back to doing my normal run. Even if I do have to do a bit more walking than I had to before,I am happy with the progress so far.
I miss you guys, this place, the openness and honestness of my little thinking spot and I really hope to get back to it again now that things seem to be settling down again a bit.

What did I miss?