Saturday, December 13, 2014

Determination after a long Week...

"Come on over my lap." He told me as we were just perfectly snuggled into bed together.

"Really? Do I have too?" I ask him, meaning it too, I was exhausted.

"Now." Was all he said and enough to get me moving right away. I lay naked across his lap, he stroked my cheeks first as if getting a feel for me first again before he started to spank me. He had the right rhythm  and intensity from the get-go.
He was quiet, I was quiet, both kind of just enjoying finally having this moment again. No young adult at home, who could walk around the house at any moment. Both children actually asleep so we wouldn't have to answer awkward slapping sound questions later on...

After a little while, the intensity of his hand finally got to me and I started squirming and soon after I started throwing up my legs. My tell all sign that its getting too much.

"Get back in position right now, lower your feet." A very stern sounding DH said without stopping the assault of spanks raining down on my ass. But I lowered my feet anyway. And he stopped.

He rubbed my bottom cheeks for a minute, probably feeling his handy work, and then started again with stronger determination. 

So today, I am walking around with a slightly still sore butt and a goofy, happy grin on my face. :D


  1. Replies
    1. Sadly, I know exactly how it is to read somebody else getting a spanking when you really are craving it yourself and its not happening. Hope it will soon though!
      And thanks...

    2. Can I second you BOTH?! Lovely to read though Julia, I know how much that connection means to you too.

  2. Sounds like it was just what you both needed! ;)

  3. lucky woman!! sounds awesome. I need to get some of that...

  4. Sounds wonderful Julia, and sounds like it was what you both needed :)



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