Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Something Personal

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in our part of the world. Temperatures allowed for T-shirt wearing, wide open doors and windows, and pure laziness on my part. I turned our recliner around and sat in the sunshine reading a book. Pure bliss.

I haven't worked in two weeks now, and I am sad to say I don't miss it, lol. I have been doing all kinds of little projects around the house, things I have been saying I will get to once my contract runs out. And I am happy with my progress. Our dogs have also enjoyed the longer walks we have gone on.

The other day, DH and I were approached via email to write for an online magazine. We were asked if several of our posts could be republished and if we could write some original content down the line. That sounds so fun!
Of course one of the posts will be How to spank your wife, DH's 'how-to' post, but I was also surprised to read the magazine's interest in Different types of Orgasms. I just read back over it for the first time, and man, that is hot, lol.

It also reminded me of last weekend, I guess I can edit the post to include this type of orgasm.

The Long Orgasm

DH crawled under the blanket, I am always cold when I climb into bed, but I guess he wasn't too worry about me staying cold long because uncovered me anyway and just kneeled there kind of leaning over my exposed pussy. The light string we have attached to our headboard cast just enough light for both of us to see each other and turn the whole room into a romantic little cocoon.
My pussy was still smooth, I love that about waxing, the smoothness that lasts for weeks! And I know DH really likes it too.
He decided to get between my legs afterall, now looking straight at me, before he smirked at me, and went for my most private parts that were on display just for him. He kissed, nibbled, and sucked on me, entered my pussy with his fingers and tongue. He then returned to my clit and I am not even sure what he did, but it was amazing.
My head fell back, and I was lost. I could feel the orgasm building, with every moan I made, DH was more encouraged. He got faster - his finger fucking my pussy quicker now as his mouth was still on my clit. But he was too fast, it was overstimulating me.
"Slower please" I begged him and as soon as he slowed down, I started to cum. And cum. His lips clamped on my clit still, he stopped the movements, but stayed firm. And I just kept cumming. Amazing! I have never had such a long orgasm before

I will keep you up to date on the publications!



  1. I'm so glad that you are enjoying time at home - and accomplishing all those projects - good for you! And yay for the long orgasm! What is it about guys wanting to speed up at the end and us having to beg them to please slow down, lol. But it's so great when they listen, isn't it?

    1. Thanks Clara, no better feeling than accomplishing a goal and finishing a project!

  2. Hi Julia, glad you are enjoying time at home and getting those projects done. Wow in the long orgasm. Lucky you :) lol

    That is fantastic news about the magazine, especially after DH's disappointment with the publisher. Keep us posted!


  3. Hope the magazine works out for you guys! Enjoy your time at home.

  4. Enjoy every minute! It is so sold here, even I who enjoy the cold am somewhat miserable. When I head outside the dogs look at me.....and don't get up.

    1. Brr, that does not sound fun Saoirse, hope it warms up soon!

  5. Congrats on the magazine. But my brain is still wrapped around the orgasm.... Sounds fantastic. I think that when Ty slows down and holds on to my clit, the orgasm keeps rolling for awhile. But if I squirt, sometimes he has to stop, especially if it gets in his eyes.

    1. Thanks Blondie. And lol to Ty's problem. :D


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