Sunday, January 18, 2015


You know how sometimes everything just works out? I know it doesn't happen often, at least for us, but sometimes it just does, and I have really learned to enjoy myself in that moment and really live it.
Like last Friday....

DH had managed to arrange his schedule and was happily working from home. The kids were in school, and I don't have any work at the moment.

It was foggy outside, the world outside our bedroom windows dark and mysterious. DH put down his laptop and told me to go stand by the bed. As much as I still want to naturally respond with a "No - Make Me!" attitude, I try not too. When I first found out about this dynamic, I craved DH taking charge, and in my head it always played out with me refusing him, and he would have to make me....but in real life, that is not the case. When I refuse, DH often loses his footing, his confidence, and thinks I don't want to "play". So I went and got up and stood by the bed.

Trust me, I wanted to play!

I stood by the bed and waited for further instructions.

"Take off your clothes, leave your panties on."

After another few moments, he came up behind me, sat on the bed, and had me lie over his lap.
The house was so quiet. We didn't have to worry about anyone hearing us, and I could feel myself relaxing into him. Into the moment.

He rubbed my butt cheeks over my white panties, letting his hand get a feel for my contours again (at least that is what it feels like to me, lying there), and then he starts spanking me. Sharp and slightly stingy slaps start to rain down on me. Never too hard to be unbearable, but with the speed they are delivered, definitely stingy.

My mind starts to wander to avoid the pain going on presently, and I am reminded of something so unrelated, I shook myself out of it. Be present!  I turn my head slightly, DH still letting the spanks fall unrelentingly down on my bottom. I see him. I see my man, his face so intent until he turns his head and looks at me and smiles. At me. We connect with that one look just like we did a long time ago at the airport when we first met.  He anchors me to the present.

He rubs my bottom again, then starts again, this time more determined, his slaps no longer soft, every single one lands where I am sure he meant them to land, and hard.

"I want your bottom nice and red all day today." He keeps spanking, going lower than I am used to. spanking from the top of my thighs to the top of my bottom area. My ass feels like it is on fire, my thighs rub against each other all on their own, and I feel myself rubbing against my husband, that
natural humping motion. I need him. I want him to touch me, but he keeps spanking me. I don't feel the single spanks anymore, just the feeling of needing him. Now.

"Spread your legs." He commands. "Mhh, my little girl is so hot and wet. You want Daddy to touch you, mhh?" He tantalizes me with his touch, slightly going along my waxed pussy, not really touching, just letting me know his presence. I moan and writhe on his lap, wanting and needing him to touch me more. Now.
He pulls away. Frustration starts to get to me, until I feel his hand land, at first lightly, right on my pussy. I catch my breath, and another, harder slap lands on my pussy.

Suddenly, DH motions for me to get up and then instructs me to get on all fours to present myself to him. "Now pulls your cheeks apart, I want to see your bottom hole." Thankfully, I am facing away from him, I was so embarrassed, needy and turned on, I just did it. I grabbed my cheeks and held myself open for him while he just looked.
"Mhh, that is my good girl. Such a pretty sight." He sat down on the mattress behind me, easy access and started playing with my pussy and bottom.
I was so turned on, but couldn't quite get THERE. The position was wrong, I wanted more, more of him, his cock in me, right then and there. I turned my head toward him and asked "Can I ride you, Daddy? Please" and he nods his head in approval and helps guide me on his cock.

The sun finally broke through the fog and lit up the backyard in bright fog. It was surreal. I sank onto his big cock, it was hard to take all of him at first. (I don't have the best track record with this position, often feeling too self conscious to really enjoy it.) The sun was now shining full on right onto our bed, bathing us in brightness. I closed my eyes and felt myself relaxing.

Relaxing into the moment, into being this naked in front of another human being and being okay with it. Relaxing myself and allowing his cock in. Through all of it, DH was just letting me figure it out, probably enjoying every one of my movements. And then it just felt right. I found my groove.

DH held on to my hips,  and I finally learned what it takes to achieve the ultimate orgasm: DH's great cock and not a thought in my mind!

And as I am typing this, the neighbors around me are blowing up fireworks! The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl! Woohooo!


  1. So hot. What great morning. Congratulations Julia!

  2. What a nice way to spend your morning!
    Glad you were able to relax and enjoy each other!

  3. My Wife Ann likes a good spank now and again, but has never been quite as submissive as you. I think we need to experiment a little more.

    1. Well it really is hard to submit. I mean there is the whole finding out about it (ttwd/DD) and saying I want it, only to find out that maybe your husband has a different version in mind. Its finding what works for both of us while staying true to ourselves that has really just worked lately.
      His dominance feeds my submission and my submission feeds his dominance...

  4. Wow Julia, this sounds wonderful and hot! What an awesome way to start the day:)


    1. I agree, so awesome in fact, we managed a repeat performance today..:D Hope you are doing well too.

  5. You both had a great time. You getting your bottom spanked while he enjoyed the view of your bouncing bottom. Then to see his large cock sticking up and you have permission to get on top and ride it. Slowly easing yourself down feeling it enter you finally you relax and enjoy what you have in you to a mind blowing climax. A great description and I know you both enjoyed yourselves.

  6. Sounds like it was a great time. It's always nice to be in the home without kiddos. Our Pat's will see your Seahawks at the Superbowl. Have a great week.

    1. Not much longer either! Although not sure I will watch, I get really anxious. :D

  7. Yay, so glad you had an afternoon alone! Sounds like the perfect start to a weekend.

    1. Yeah having any time alone can be so difficult, and then other times abundant. :D Like today...lucky me.

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