Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Movie Review

50 Shades of Grey

I know you guys know I have been looking forward to seeing this movie, and as the time for the movie approached, I started to get nervous, and reading other people's reviews, my expectations started to go down even more than they had already been. I didn't really like either actor too much for the characters that I had seen in my mind while reading the book, and was ready to dislike them both. But both actors (mostly) surprised me.

First off though, DH asked me to wear my outfit to the movie as he had something special planned....right before we left, after I twirled in my skirt for him, he told me to bend over the bed, and inserted the butt plug we have. 

"To help you remember what is real and what isn't..."

Worked too....but back to the movie review:

I thought Dakota was doing pretty well as somebody who is just starting to learn about all this, not just sex, but pretty deep and somewhat scary looking sex and sexual practices. (I am trying not to give away anything)

I really enjoyed how Ana was portrayed: She is willing to learn about this, to give spankings (although the movie really lacks spankings for being a spanking movie) a try, and the way she does that really was something I could relate too. The awkwardness of it all, giggling, wanting it, but feeling stupid, I could see it all and thought Dakota did a good job.

Being from the Seattle area, I had very high exceptions for this movie of course. Especially since it had been done so poorly in the book. I always got so ticked off reading about the motorway and Interstate 5, which are both terms I have never heard anyone call I-5 before. Locations and backdrops worked well for me.

Last, I was not sure how well his wealth in the book would translate into the real world without making it look gaudy and just over the top. But even there I was presently surprised.

All in all, I would give this a very high B+. The movie is much more rounded than the book, fixing all the little things that bothered me while reading the book; all the things that an editor or two would have fixed before publishing the books.

I would recommend this movie, although I think watching it at home would be way more fun!


  1. Hi Julia, it seems you had a great evening, out of different reasons. I enjoyed the books too and have been curious about the movie. I am sure we'll enjoy it a lot. Though we will have to wait till December it seems, because the release for dvd/blue-ray will be then. :( ... But it will be at home, with lots of fun to do! :) Thank you for the review, I liked what you wrote about Ana and the awkwardness of a newbie to bdsm.



    1. Hi Nina,

      Well if the release hadn't fallen on our weekend, we would have waited too, and quite honestly, I think we will enjoy it more. The giggling older women behind us really took away from it. :D

  2. I enjoyed it. I guess I found the actor a little too "pretty" so he didn't seem dommy enough, but he was an excellent actor... they both were. I was of course, disappointed in the plot turn at the end... I dressed up but didn't get lucky because my husband was super tired. ;(

    1. DH and I had a hard time with the actor giving her six spanks and ending up sweating the way he did. And the heavy breathing...lol.

  3. Hi Julia, glad you enjoyed the movie. I have read the book so am definitely curious to see the movie.


    1. I think you will like it, just watch it at home. :D For me that was the only thing not worth it, would have preferred it at home.


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