Monday, February 9, 2015

Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Beginning Chapter 1

"Hi", he said, standing up.  She had walked into a large office, which had been down a short hallway from the main entrance.  A small bell had rung when she opened the outside door, which must have alerted him to her presence.  "Right on time," he said appreciatively.  He stepped forward and took her hand in his.  "I'm Dan Smith, welcome, please sit down."

She had stopped breathing when she saw him.  He was 6' 2" with broad shoulders that strained his un-tucked black polo.  He had jet-black hair that was closely cropped, and a strong jaw with a prominent dimple in his chin.   His jeans were faded Levis that had been around more than one block, and she avoided any closer inspection of his lower half except to notice that he only had socks on his feet.

“Th-thank you," she stammered, and sat in the chair in front of his desk.  Her face was suddenly flushed with embarrassment, although she had no idea why.  Her heart was beating too fast, she thought distractedly.  She looked around the spacious office to calm her nerves as he moved to seat himself.  He had a simple glass table for a desk, which held a monitor, keyboard, and a wireless mouse, and what looked like a printer.  A brown leather sectional couch took up the whole corner of the room opposite his desk.  Next to the couch was an ornate wooden chair with a padded seat, high padded arms, and a tall back.  A floor-to-ceiling mirror ran the entire length of the opposite wall.

"First things first," he said amiably.  "Hannah, right?"

"Yep!"  she said, happy to steady her thoughts.

He smiled.  "OK, Hannah.  I want  you to know that you are perfectly safe here with me.  This entire meeting is being recorded for our protection."

She looked around the office, and saw some additional details that had escaped her before.  The walls had sound-proofing tile on them, and each corner of the office had an IP camera hanging there, hidden in its smoke-grey glass dome.

"Why?"  she asked, on guard.  "What are you going to do with the video?"

"Nothing," he promised, raising his hands in a “I give up” gesture, and flashing a quick grin.  "That is, I'm going to put it in a safety deposit box in case I ever need to defend your honor."   She looked at his eyes, and discovered they were twinkling, like he was enjoying a private joke.  But she felt invited to be in on it, and she was liking him in spite of her reservations.  "I have a slightly unusual employment proposition for you," he continued.  "The cameras are there in case there is ever any doubt about what is about to happen…. right now."  His tone had been light and playful until the end of the sentence, and then dropped to a low growl.

She suddenly laughed at the dramatic effect.  "OK…." she said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.  "This must be a really dangerous job."

He laughed easily too.  “That depends,” he said with an exaggerated wink.  “But before I tell you anything about it, I’m going to need you to sign my non-disclosure agreement.  Have you ever signed a NDA before, Hannah?” She shook her head.  “No problem.  A non-disclosure agreement is a contract between my company and you that binds you to not disclosing any of the details of our meeting today, or the details of your job relationship with the company, to anyone.”  She nodded.

“I understand,” she said.  “I can’t tell anyone about the details of our meeting or about my job, I promise.”

Dan sat back in his chair.  He was not convinced that she was taking him seriously, and this point was essential for her to understand if there was any hope of hiring her. He looked at her steadily until she dropped her eyes.  She looked like a child, too small in the chair at his desk, almost lost in the huge sweatshirt she was wearing.  There was something vulnerable and doll-like in her face, but he also saw a wide streak of rebellion in her eyes that lurked like a thunderstorm ready to strike.  Finally convinced that she had heard herself, and what she had said had sunk in, he continued.  

"I'm interviewing you for a job as a barista at my coffee stand.  I apologize for the smokescreen, it's necessary to protect my employees, which I'm hoping will include you."    She felt his powerful male magnetism that seemed to radiate from him like heat from a blast furnace, and was dazzled by the gleam of his white teeth as he smiled.  She mentally shook herself, desperate to keep her wits.

"Yeah, the stand out in the parking lot?" He thought that if she had been chewing gum, she would have snapped it just then.

"Yep!  That’s it.  I don’t know if you saw the sign, but its name is Red Bottoms Espresso."  He paused expectantly, and this time she gulped, eyes widening.  How could she not have noticed that?  There had been two long lines of vehicles at the stand, which struck her as a little odd for 2:00 PM on a week day, but she hadn’t noticed the ubiquitous bikini silhouette that adorned stands like these in Washington.  She could have probably seen the girl working in there if she had looked, as the window had been open as she drove up and parked.

“I see you are familiar with bikini espresso stands.”  Hannah nodded, her face taking on a slightly redder shade.  “Good.  Mine is just such a stand, but with a twist.”  Hannah’s mind felt numb.  She knew she should just stand up, say thank you, and walk out the office door.  He must not have looked at her when she walked in, or maybe her bulky hoody hid the fact that she had no boobs to speak of.  If she had to wear pasties, one would cover her whole breast!  But he was still talking, as if he wanted her to become a barista in his coffee stand.  Her curiosity got the better of her, and in spite of her urge to flee, she took the bait.

“What’s the twist?”

“If you decide to take this job, your bottom is going to get spanked on a regular basis,” he said flatly.  “By me."  

Hannah felt disbelief and flushed confusion as she watched him tap on the flat silver keyboard on his desk, and then swivel his monitor to face her.  "Here's my employment offer.  He clicked on each section which highlighted in yellow on the monitor as he introduced it.  "The job pays one dollar more than minimum wage, and and no tips until after your initiation period.”  He paused to let her read each section before clicking the next, giving her plenty of time to understand the details.  He watched her read the form, and noted that she read quickly, the unmistakable flash of intelligence in her eyes.

“What is the ‘initiation period,’” she asked, without taking her eyes from his screen.

“The initiation period is a one month during which either you or I can terminate our relationship anytime without notice.”  He smiled apologetically.  “Not that you would ever want to leave, or that I would want you to."  He shrugged.  “Sometimes things don’t work out.”  Hannah nodded and dropped her eyes.  Yeah, she thought.  That was the story of her life. Being kicked out of her own home by her step-father had been the highlight so far.  

“You will be required to obtain a food handler's license, for which I will pay for if you don't have one."

"Nope," she said.  She's never had to work in the food business until now, she thought.  The pay he was offering was more than she had been counting on, and the mention of tips must mean that she could really make some real money.

"No problem."  He clicked down the page to the next section in the form.  "You understand that you are both a professional barista - which I will train you as - and an adult entertainer," he said.

Hannah went entirely still, as the shock of his proposal hit her again.  This was a “bikini barista” coffee stand.  She would be wearing her underwear (or less?) to serve coffee.  Her face flushed.

“I understand,” she said. He scrolled the text down the page, and as the mouse hovered over the paragraph following the title “Adult Entertainer" the section highlighted in bright yellow. 

"By adult entertainer, I mean that you will be engaging in provocative, sometimes sexually explicit behavior while wearing very little clothing.  You will be expected to engage in what could be considered to be sexual conversations with your customers."  She flushed even redder with embarrassment, but held his gaze.   "You will also be required to discuss the spankings you receive with your customers, and display your red bottom for their view."  

Hannah squirmed in her chair and looked at the floor.  The moment stretched for one second, and then two as the sudden silence seemed to engulf her and then her heart beat hard in her ears and she looked back into his eyes.

Dan waited.  He knew the golden rule of sales, which was this: Whoever spoke first after the “close” was the loser of the transaction.  She was so young!  And so naive.  He needed to know if she was a true submissive, or if she was just desperate to land a job.  If the case was the latter, he would just terminate the interview right away.  Only someone who truly wanted what he was offering would stick around for any length of time.

“OK,” she said doubtfully.  

Dan didn’t smile.   "I will usually spank you once a week before your shift, but it may be more often.  During your training period, for example, I will spank you once a day.  I will not guarantee that these will always be private spankings.  I will guarantee that everything I do will be in your best interest."

Her best interest, she thought.  It echoed in her ears.  Your best interest.  My best interest?  How could he possibly know what was in her best interest?  He was a man.  Men had NO idea.  All of the men in her life had had an interest, all right.  But only an interest in what was between her legs, if there had been any interest at all.  Yet somehow he had already gained her trust in a small way, and the money…  She touched her thumb to the screen, and the section changed color from yellow to green.

He moved the mouse from the section, "Adult Entertainer" and highlighted "Daddy."  "And this."  Her eyes widened again as she read the section.  

"I call you Daddy," she asked, but stated it instead.

"That's right,"  he said.

"Like you're my actual, you know, father?  Or what?"  She was defensive and confused.

"It's a common nickname in some circles that practice discipline," he said.  He smiled.  "It helps us stay in our roles.  You as a pretty, submissive coffee barista, and me as your strong, protective Daddy, who spanks you if you get out of line.”  He highlighted the last line of the form, which had her name on it.  "If you agree, click the box next to your name with your thumb, and we'll start!"  As he finished the sentence, he put his arms down with his hands in his lap, and became perfectly still.  She hesitated, reading the form, and then quickly clicked the checkbox with her thumb.  “The section turned green and the form reloaded as the printer under his desk whirred and produced the hardcopy.  He leaned down, pulled the page off the output tray, and handed it to her.

He stood then, and casually sauntered over to the leather sectional and sat down there.  She had followed him with her eyes, and admired the way his jeans creased across his backside as she processed what he had said.

He crossed his legs comfortably.  " Excellent!  Welcome aboard!"  

Hannah held the paper in her hand.  She turned it over and looked at the back, which was blank.  Her eyes darted back to his face.  “What's the catch?"

"There are a few," he said carefully.  "And all of the conditions of this job are strictly protected by the non-disclosure agreement you just signed,” he warned.

"I understand," she murmured.

"Number one," he said, raising a thumb German-style.  "You will call me "Daddy" at all times.”  His eyes were clear, and she realized that he wasn't making any kind of a joke.  She had thought it was a silly role-playing thing, like she’d call him Captain Burger if he had a burger stand.  

"OK…", she said dubiously, in a very credible impersonation of a teen TV character, who might have followed it with a “whatever” if the script had called for it.

"Yes, Daddy,"  he corrected.  He waited patiently as her face, which had been slowly returning to a normal shade,  colored again.

"Yes, Daddy," she said finally.

"Number two," he continued smoothly, adding his index finger to the count.  In spite of her heightening embarrassment, she was fascinated by the bulge of his bicep that was stretching the sleeve of his shirt.  "You will submit to me as Daddy at ALL times, and receive regular spankings."

He uncrossed his legs and moved back against the couch, obviously making a comfortable lap for her to lie across.  He patted the cushion to his right.  

"Starting immediately.”


  1. I can't believe you stopped right there...what a tease.

    1. Ha ha you know me! I wonder what will happen... :-D

  2. Hi DH, you are such a tease! I think you probably know what will happen next:) Oh my, I think Hannah may have signed up for more than she bargained on! ... or maybe not?:)


    1. Hi Roz! Thanks! :P Yeah, she's probably in for it, don't you think? But I know she needs a job... :-D

  3. Wow - what a cliff hanger! And what an interesting plot for a story. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. :)

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your feedback! I do like the idea of this guy who runs his business in a very different way. :)

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