Friday, March 13, 2015

Picture Friday - Blogspot Censorship Edition

Hi, DH here!  I don't usually do the Friday picture post, but the recent decision (and hasty reversal) by Google to pull the plug on ALL erotic content for blogs got my ire up.  Thank you Google for choosing the right action, but shame on you for even considering silencing an important, human interaction on the public utility that is the internet.

In that spirit, here are some images that even Google couldn't take offense to, as they are comprised of text only.

I have to admit, I'd never seen animated ascii art, pretty cool.

I am SO READY for this tonight ;).

More animation - I love how she dances.

Julia can tell you I'm a total sucker for panties.  Even ASCII :-D

ASCII art like I remember.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have never seen anything like these! Really like the first one. :D

  2. These are awesome DH, and clever. Thank you for sharing. Hope you and Julia have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. They reversed their decision? I've been too busy to check in lately so I had not heard that. Good for them for growing a pair. Now if Etsy will just follow suit as well. If they would look at the number of views that our shop gets as well as the other shops there who sell wooden paddles, they should realize it is time to back off of their prude stand to not allow us to sell there any more after the items we have listed currently sell out or expire. The only way we can think of to stay open and add new items is to become "mixed media" items in order to fit their "categories." So I guess we're going to have to learn how to start adding a fancy Lanyard or Macrame' (sp?) style hanging loop on each one. That would classify as mixed media art, right? Of course, we are just waiting for them to lower the boom on what's there now and every time we check we half expect them to have shut us down altogether. If they would just add an "adults" section like ebay, they easily could make everybody happy. But noooooooo, they want to give in to the censorship powers that be....

    Oddly enough, it LOOKS like if we sold leather paddles instead of wooden, we would be able to fit into their leather works category and be okay. But there is no category for finished wood crafts. ***(sigh)***

    Okay, so I should apologize (and do) for hijacking your blog with this, but I really needed to gripe about this censorship and their implied condemnation of a chosen lifestyle!


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