Monday, March 9, 2015

Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Beginning - Chapter 3

To start from the beginning:  Prolog, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.

Hannah arrived early the next day.  She had spent the previous night in turmoil about her new job choice. She had decided not to come back, and then changed her mind at least two hundred times since yesterday afternoon, but the need for income finally won out.  As she pulled into the office parking lot in her small car, she gave the coffee stand a careful look.  It seemed to have holiday decorations on it, but a large truck was blocking her view so she couldn’t see inside.  Just as well, she thought.  She didn’t want to know what another of Daddy’s girls looked like - she was sure she wouldn’t even compete.

The drive back to Renee’s apartment had been Hell itself - her ass was still on fire from her spanking.  The shock of sitting down in the driver’s seat of her car had made her cry out in pain.  She didn’t know if was that, or the eyedrops that he had given her to put in her eyes, but somehow the drab grey had been looked fresh and clear.  Traffic lights looked brighter. She felt almost… happy.  Why?  She had been spanked until she was a red blubbering mess over his lap.  

Her bottom had still felt sore this morning, although she couldn’t find any sign of the spanking as she examined it in the mirror in the bathroom.  She had slipped off her couch early and taken as much time as she wanted to in the bathroom.  She didn’t have a lot of clothes to choose from in her permanently packed duffel bag, but she chose her best white panties, and shivered as she put them on.  She had been sure he would see them today.

Gathering what was left of her courage, Hannah got out of her car, and walked into the outer office, and then down the hall to his office.  It was 7:00 am exactly.

“Come in,” Daddy’s deep voice said from inside the office.

She opened the door and stepped across the threshold onto the plush beige carpet of his office.  “Good morning, Hannah,” he said smiling, as he rose from his chair behind the desk.  He walked over to take her hand in greeting.  She noticed that the large, old-fashioned chair that had been next to the couch had been positioned in the center of the room.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she said shyly.  He was dressed in black jeans and black work boots, with an oversized flannel shirt loosely untucked over a black t-shirt.  The part of her that been insisting that she not do this, not be here, and definitely not take this job, finally dissipated and left her.  She had, for better or worse, made her choice.

“I’m glad you are on time today,” he said.  “Tardy girls get a spanking.”  He didn’t smile at all at the last sentence, and she realized he was warning her.  Are you ready for a little tour?”

“Sure, Daddy! That sounds fun.”

He chuckled good-naturedly.  “Good!  Right this way.”  He led her out of the office, down the hall she hadn’t visited yet, and through the door at the end.  

They entered a small warehouse.  Neat stacks of lumber lined the far wall to her left, and she saw tools and construction equipment.  Above, two skylights were black with the 7 am sky in the high ceiling, but the LED lights that were suspended on a light rack lit the space brightly.  An exact replica of the coffee stand in the parking lot stood in front of her, complete with windows and a ramp.  "Here's my first version of the coffee stand," he said.  He looked down at her as she took it in.  "Walk up the ramp and go in."

She looked up and smiled.  "OK," she said, and walked up the short ramp and opened the door on the side of the stand.  "Wow, it looks bigger on the inside,” she said.  She walked into the building and stood between the two large sliding windows.  She was wearing grey sweats and wool socks with plastic shoes more suitable for summertime, and a faded green tunic she'd had since she was fifteen.   She turned slowly, taking an inventory of the coffee stand's equipment.  

A large silver espresso machine took up most of the white counter that spanned the width of the building on the wall opposite the door.  Several small ceramic espresso cups lined the top of the machine, which seemed to be turned on and ready to go.   There was a metal sink with a tall faucet to the right of the machine, but she didn’t notice any handles to turn on the water.  A rectangular stainless steel opening in the counter was for waste, she thought, like dumping coffee grounds.  Above the sink, it looked like there was an unfinished, empty wooden window frame, through which she could see his workbench on the far side of the small warehouse.  

He walked to the side of the stand and stood where a customer would park to order a coffee.  "Press the green button next to the window," he said.  She turned and looked at him through the glass.  From his perspective, he could see her from the knees up; someone sitting in a car would have a lower line of sight, while a customer in a large truck would have a full view.  She found the button next to the window, which was mounted to the wall and labeled, "OPEN."  She pushed it and then jumped in surprise as the whole window smoothly rolled to the right.  

"Oh!"  She laughed and looked down at him through the now-open window.  "Nice," she said.  "And… I see the close button."  She pushed the red button labeled "CLOSE," and the window slowly rolled shut, and then sealed itself in its frame. 

"Same setup on the other side," he said, pointing behind her.  He had raised his voice loudly enough to be heard through the closed window, and she felt a small thrill run up her spine at the sound of his voice.  She turned and saw the two buttons to the right of the window.   "Go ahead and open that one," he said.  She pushed the button and the window slid open.  This time she heard a small pneumatic hiss as the glass door slid on its bearings.  "Customers can pull up on either side of the stand," he said, still speaking loudly enough to be heard inside the tiny building with the window between them closed.  "Try opening it again."

She pushed the button again on his side and it re-opened.  "Two customers can pull up to the coffee stand at the same time," he said.  "Both windows can be open which gives the second customer a preview and improves tips.  The downside is the draft during chilly weather,” he said, grinning suddenly.  She smiled back, and turned so she was fully facing him through the open window. 

"When two vehicles arrive at the stand at the same time, you need to decide who will be first and who will wait.  You will open the window of the waiting customer first and tell him you will be right back to make his coffee, leave the window open, and then open the window for customer number one."  He pointed to his chest with his thumb, cocking an eyebrow.  She laughed.

"What if the first customer takes a long time?"  

"Remember that it's coffee AND a show," he replied.  She blushed as she processed that - she would be wearing a very revealing uniform that would be perfectly visible through both windows, even if one was closed.   "If two vehicles arrive at the same time, choose the truck first.  Our ideal demographic is a man between the ages of 18 and 100 driving a truck, so we wait on them first.  But the car drivers always get the better show."  He took a step forward, and his face became stern.

"You will never be asked to demean yourself.  Your customers will always be friendly, polite, and respectful.  Although you are an entertainer - an adult entertainer, even - your first job is to make a perfect cup of coffee exactly the way the customer wants it."  She looked down at the warehouse floor at his feet, and then back into his eyes.  "You will not be mistreated in any way, by anyone.  You will be celebrated as a beautiful, sexy young woman."  In spite of herself, she sighed in exasperation.  How would anyone find her "sexy," as he put it?  She was a slim 5' 6" with B cup breasts.  Not the usual Hooters material most guys went for, she thought.

She glanced back into his eyes and saw that he was reading her mind.  He seemed to wait for a second, thinking.  "Come out of there, please.  Let me show you the rest of the warehouse."  She walked back out and down the ramp and followed him across the shop area to a door in the wall that had been at his back.  He opened it and held it for her, and she walked back into his office.


  1. Hi DH, I'm really enjoying this story. Thank you for sharing it here. I like how he reassures her she will not be demeaned or mistreated.


    1. Hi Roz! Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Yeah, Daddy always has Hannah's best interests at heart. :)

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