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Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Beginning - Chapter 4

To start from the beginning:  PrologChapter 1Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.

"This is where I do the administrative work for the business,” he said.  “And also,” he said, “Where I provide discipline.”  He put his hand on her shoulder as he stepped around her and crossed the carpet to the unopened door.  "And this," he said, opening the door, "Is the bathroom."  He held the door for her and she walked in.  It was a large tiled bathroom with an oversized walk-in shower, a toilet, and a sink with a large vanity.  

"Sometimes it's not convenient for you girls to get ready for your shift at home, due to circumstances.  You can always come here and use this bathroom if you need to."  He opened the large cabinet to the right of the mirror over the sink.  "I also keep some cosmetics on hand for just that purpose."  She saw lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, and even hair bands, all neatly organized on shelves.  A hair dryer and curler rested on the bottom shelf.   She noticed a stack of small bins with drawers on that shelf  of the type popular at a European household goods store.  Each had a black label with a name embossed in white, made by an old-school label maker:


"Each of my girls has a place to store whatever toiletries she would like," he said, following her line of sight.  "Your stage name is Buttercup, so that's yours."  He opened the cabinet in the corner.  "Towels and toilet paper are here.  You can just hang up your towel after your shower.  I expect the bathroom to look exactly the way it does right now every time you use it.  OK?"

"OK," she replied.  The bathroom was clean and bright.   She decided that it was the nicest bathroom she had ever seen.  

"OK, Daddy," he corrected.

"OK, Daddy," she said.  She heard her voice echo off the tile.

"Out we go," he said.  He followed her out the door and back into the office.  She walked toward the middle of the room where the solitary chair was standing, and then stopped.  With a jolt of electricity that started in her feet and ricocheted through her groin, she suddenly understood the meaning of the chair, standing alone in the center of the room.  Her mouth went dry.

"Why Buttercup?"  She turned, trying to distract him.  "Daddy," she added quickly, smiling.  He smiled back as he looked down at her, but she thought he looked sad as he did so, and a muscle clenched in his jaw.  

"Buttercup flowers are in the Ranculus genus.  On the East side of the Cascades in this state, it's called coyote's eyes."  He walked over to the chair and sat down facing her.  She felt her stomach drop into her shoes.  "In my neighborhood, if you rubbed a buttercup on your chin and it turned yellow, it meant you had a girlfriend."  He sat tall in the chair, with his legs in a wide array.  She was mesmerized by his hands on the hard thighs she had lain across on the leather couch against the wall.  "I… like flowers for stage names," he said.  “You are replacing a girl who was playing the role of Buttercup.”  Her eyes had wandered from his hands on his legs and she furtively stole a glance at his package, and then she quickly looked back into his eyes, embarrassed.  If he had followed her eyes, he pretended not to.

"All right," he said briskly.  "Let's continue your training."  She swallowed hard.  "Before you receive a spanking, and sometimes just because, you will be required to assume a waiting position."  He paused.  "When I tell you to go wait for me, I expect you to come here to this office, and stand there in that corner." He pointed to the far corner directly across from his desk.  “I also expect,” he continued, “You to bare your bottom and assume a position.”  Her mind seemed to have lagged behind the conversation.  Position?  What did that mean?  He wanted her to stand naked in the corner?

He had been reading her expression.  “A position just shows that you are submitting” – he emphasized the word – “to a spanking.  On purpose.  That’s why I want you to bare your bottom.  If you are wearing pants like today, I want you to pull them down to your thighs, and then clasp your fingers on top of your head.  If you’re wearing a skirt, I want you to pull down your panties and then raise and hold your skirt.”  Her face flushed, and her eyes brightened.  She shifted her weight on her feet.

He nodded toward the corner.  She turned quickly and walked across the office with the air of a girl who had decided to jump into the pool no matter how cold the water was.  She stopped at the wall and pulled down her sweats with both hands at her hips.  Her white panties now lay inside out in her sweat pants just above her knees.  Her bottom flashed in the soft light as she stood up, raised her arms and clasped her hands on her head.  She stared at the wall, feeling the cool air on her newly exposed skin.

“Breathe,” he said.  “Take a deep breath in and hold it now.”  His voice reminded her of butterscotch.  She slowly filled her lungs with as much air as she could, and then held it.  “And now let it out.”  She exhaled slowly, and felt her shoulders relax a little as her lungs contracted. “Keep breathing in slowly, holding, and then letting the breath out,” he said.  “Control your breathing.  Relax your body.”  She held her breath again, and then slowly blew it out against the wall.  She concentrated just on her breathing, slowly quieting her thumping pulse.  She willed herself to relax into the exercise.  For a brief moment, she forgot where she was and closed her eyes, breathing in slowly, holding her breath, and then exhaling in one long, smooth whoosh of air.  She could still hear his voice lingering in the room, and she thought of the spanking to come.  She breathed in, one long smooth breath, and then held it.  She felt her sex tingling and she knew her pussy was wet.  She let the breath go.

“Come here,” he commanded.  “Keep your hands on your head,” he said, as she started to bring them down.  She put her arms back up, turned, and walked over to his chair.  “Please stand on the right side of the chair.”  She stopped and stood to his right.  She did feel more relaxed after waiting, but now she could feel his presence as she stood next to him. Her adrenaline pulsed through her veins.  “This is my spanking chair, for lack of a better name for it,” he said.  “I will usually give you what’s known as an OTK spanking, which is an acronym for Over The Knee. He held his hand out his left hand, and put his right hand behind her back.  She leaned forward and he supported her weight until she was bent in an awkward inverted “V” across his lap, standing on her toes and fingertips.  His right hand found her bottom and rested across both cheeks right over her bottom hole.  She startled at the touch and flinched, but then forced herself to relax.

“Good girl,” he said.  His hand easily spanned her bottom.  He started massaging it, slowly rubbing up and down over her buttocks.  She stared at her fingers on the carpet as he continued to rub her bottom.  In this position, her skin was stretched taught.  He brought his hand back, and then down sharply on her right cheek.

Crack!  “Ow!”  Slap! “Oooo!”  Crack!  “OWW!”  This spanking seemed harder than her first.  One of her legs kicked up off the floor.  He continued spanking her.

“Keep your feet on the floor.”  WHACK!  His hand caused her bottom to deform as he spanked her hard across the middle of her sit spot.  

“Ahhh!”  She was crying.  Her ass was still sore from yesterday, and the spanking already really hurt.   Her weight had now fully transferred to his lap.  He kept spanking her hard, covering her whole bottom, from just above the groove between her buttocks to just below her sit spot.  Time seemed to stop for Hannah as she became lost in the spanking.  She let herself go as he spanked her right cheek, and then her left, alternating the intensity.

Crack!  WHACK!  Crack!  WHACK!

“Ahhhhh uhn hah!” she cried.  He stopped, and released her hand at her back.  She put her hand back down on the floor.  She hung limply across his legs, sobbing, as he massaged her bottom gently.  She gradually quieted, and he removed his hand.  Her bottom felt red hot.

“Please stand up,” he said.  He helped her maneuver off his lap.  She shakily climbed to her feet and stood next to his chair, sniffling and wiping her eyes, as he held his hand on the small of her back.  He produced a tissue and she took it and cleaned her nose.  Whatever modesty she had walked in with had now evaporated as she stood next to his chair, naked from her waist to her knees in front of this man, with her butt on fire.  

Dan had been watching her carefully throughout the spanking session, and he was pleased to see that she was behaving like a true submissive.  She protested during the spanking, and kicked her legs, but she had remained on his lap and followed his directions as best she could.  It was a good start.  “Come with me, please,” he said.

He released the small of her back, and stood up too, and walked over to the mirrored wall.  "Turn around," he said, when she had joined him.  "Now look at your bottom in the mirror," he said.  She turned her head and looked at her bottom in the mirror.  She instantly flashed back to yesterday, when she had done a very similar inspection of herself in the bathroom in Renee’s apartment.  She had expected to see red skin then, based on how her ass was killing her all the way home.  And maybe welts and boils too - it really hurt!  But nothing, except maybe some slight pink.  

Her mouth opened as she saw the bright red skin in an oval pattern on her backside.  She didn't see any marks or welts.  The skin was uniformly red across the whole area of the spanking.  She danced a little in place in spite of herself, as she remembered the sharp sting of his hand. 

"This is what our customers want to see," he said, reaching out to hold her arm.  As she looked over her shoulder, she saw them standing together in the mirror.  Her back was squarely reflected.  Her brown hair looked stringy as it fell over her "WWU" sweatshirt.  Her eyes were drawn to her bottom, which was still quivering in the mirror from her dance, lobster-red from her spanking.  She noticed that the spanking had gone further down her thighs than she had realized.  Her sweats had stayed above her knees, with her white panties intact between her legs.  Her thick wool socks matched her sweatshirt.   He stood facing her left side, closely enough to speak directly into her ear.

"I want you to be a good girl for Daddy."  He turned his head and followed her gaze to her red bottom.  "Good girls get spankings once a week, to remind them to keep being good girls."  He smiled up into her eyes in the mirror.  His fingers, which easily encircled her upper arm, tightened.  "Bad girls that break the rules get spanked more often to help them be good girls."  He spoke directly into her ear again, and she felt his warmth breath across the side of her face and her neck.  "Do you want to be a good girl for Daddy?"  She stared at him in the mirror, but he was looking at her directly.  She turned to face him and locked eyes with his.  She wanted to rub her poor butt with her hands, or sit down on something cold.  The inside of her thighs were both wet just below her womanhood, betraying the arousal that had almost overcome her during the spanking.  She had clearly seen the wet spot in her panties that had formed as it leaked from her when she had stood up, and was dripping out of her even then. 

"Yes, Daddy," she said.  She nodded, holding his gaze, and then dropped her eyes to his chest.  He reached out and took her chin in his hand and lifted it until her eyes were on his again.

"My rules are simple and designed to help you," he said.  "I will always help you meet the requirements of a rule before I hold you accountable."  He released her chin.  "For example, the last time we met, I said that my girls all go bare."  He looked down at her thick brown triangle of pubic hair.  She blushed as her modesty made a slow return.  "I expect you to shave all of your hair down there so that you are totally smooth.  Starting right now."  He turned and walked to the bathroom door.  The light turned on as he walked in and opened the cabinet to the left of the sink.  "Use these trimmers first," he said handing the cordless, professional-looking unit.  "I took the liberty of putting a razor and a can of shaving cream in your bin."  He closed the cabinet.  "I want you to keep all the hair off your legs, your bottom, and all the hair down there.  And under your arms, of course."  He smiled.  "Do you think you can shave yourself OK?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said.  Her bottom felt itchy now.  

"Good girl," he said.  "Take a shower, wash your hair and put it up in a bun.  You'll find hair clips in your bin as well."  He turned to walk out.  “Please put on your uniform when you’re clean and ready.”

The door closed behind him and she was alone in the large bathroom.  She put the hair trimmer on the counter and pulled off her sweatpants and panties.  Her hands went to her bottom, and she jumped a little when her palms touched her hot skin.  "Oooo, shit," she said under her breath.  She stood looking at herself in the mirror with her hands on her bottom.  She pulled off her sweatshirt and her bra and put all of her clothes in her bin.  She had never used trimmers before, but she easily found the "on" switch on the side, and they hummed to life.  She tentatively held them down to her pubis and raked the combed blade across her pubic hair.  The pile of hair at her feet grew as she gained confidence, until she thought she could finish the job in the shower.  She swept up the hair with a hand broom she found under the sink, and then turned on the water.

She took the razor and shaving cream into the shower with her, along with her body wash and shampoo.  She shaved herself bare, and then shaved her legs and underarms.  She stood in the shower for a moment, thinking, and then sighed.  She’d have to shave everything, she decided.  She lifted her right leg and placed it on the side of the tub, leaned over, and then reached back with the razor and shaved the area around her anus.   She washed her hair and got out and stood naked on the bathmat under the warm light in the ceiling.  She felt clean as she dried off with the oversized towel.  She dried her hair and put it up in a tight bun, using the hair clips he had left for her.  She decided to apply makeup too, although she couldn't remember if he had asked her to do that.   She unzipped the garment bag she had hung on the back of the door, and got dressed in her uniform.


  1. Buttercup, I like it :) Really enjoying this DH. So glad you decided to share the story here.


  2. I started reading this one, but had to go back and read the others first because I was so intrigued. :) Thanks for sharing!

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