Monday, March 2, 2015

Spanking Implement Review #10

Description: Lightweight (but thicker than expected) wooden paddle

Intensity: Depends on how it is used....

Sound level: It was pretty loud and slappy

Feeling during spanking: Surprisingly

DH's comment: "I liked the feel and the heft of the paddle. At first glance it seemed like it would be too thick, but I found the blade of the paddle to be thinner and more flexible than it looked. I was careful to strike Julia’s bottom with the flat of the blade each time, with not too much force. The paddle was absolutely brilliant for spanking her at the top of her thighs, where the it made a deep “thwok” sound at her apex."

I found this paddle at a thrift store a while back, and it had been lying underneath DH's pillow for a while without getting any use.

Our weekend alone was amazing, we enjoyed every moment together, maybe  even a little too much because I was spotting for a week after. Needless to say, we have been taking it easy on the sex front. Usually we are good for a few days without sex without starting to feel a crack in our connection. Couple that with being busy at work, and you get to where we have been the last two weeks. Not a bad place, just no sex.  :(

Last night, he finally decided to at least give this one a try. I was not in the mood. I had a cold over the weekend and have been sleeping more, and I was very tired as he was saying this. But I also knew the children were actually asleep, so over his lap I went.

He spanked me almost cherishing-ly (is that a word?) at the beginning, and I started to relax, but soon he picked up momentum, and his slaps got harder to take as they rained down on me and my poor butt. And yet, I liked it. Breathing through, concentrating on his words, accepting his stinging hand. I liked it.
But not too soon after, it started to freaking hurt, and I started to move more, trying not to move.

And then he pulled out the paddle, I couldn't believe he would do this now, instead of having started with it, and I was suddenly so done with spankings, I just wanted to be  done.

I lay there over his lap, waiting for it to just be over, when he started spanking me lightly here and there, in a fun way, trying out the implement, but I could tell he wasn't going to do more. The paddle felt surprisingly giving and not thuddy at all. It was somewhat lightweight, even though it is kind of big.
After, he held me while we just lay there, skipping sex once again because I was exhausted and soon off to sleep.

My verdict: I look forward to some awake and non-sick/non-tired playtime with this paddle!

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  1. Awesome review you two! Glad you had such a great weekend :) Hope you are feeling better Julia.



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