Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's that on the Bedside Table?

For days, maybe even a couple weeks now, DH has had two strips of cloth on his bedside table. I am not sure what they are from, or where he got them, or if he even knows they are there. What are they for?

I finally took a closer look earlier, and I think they would work perfectly as hand restraints, so now I am thinking he put them there at some point with some fun in mind. Although we haven't had much time for fun lately, and DH has had two solo trips going out of state this past month. And now that is finally done with.

I never like when DH leaves, goes on a business trip or something. I always think its stupid that I don't like it, I mean what if something happens to him? For real, and he would no longer be with me at all? I always see him leaving as a reminder to be grateful for our time together, but you can see how that is a bit morbid...

So, now that he is not leaving again in the near future, and work is starting to calm down again, I think its time to find some time for each other. I am thinking those strips of cloth on his bedside table are there for a reason, and I can't wait to find out!


  1. I bet you can come up with a lot of different uses and I hope that each one is experienced

  2. MMMnnn...be sure to let us know!
    hugs abby

  3. Yep, you are right, they are there for a reason. Maybe tonight I'll have time to show you what they're for...

  4. Looking forward to the follow-up on this one.


  5. Ooh, you have to tell us Julia :)


  6. Very much hope that those were put to some creative use!!


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