Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quickie, but a Goodie

Hi, DH here!  It’s Spring Break at our house, and we have really been enjoying some family time.  I saw both of my older kids in the last 2 days, which was great!  Julia can tell you that they don’t stay in touch with us very well, but we are always happy to see them.  Last night, we had decided to share the evening watching TV (I’m suddenly LOVING The Blacklist), and my son showed up.  Evening canceled, ha ha.  By the time we went to bed, hanky panky was a non-starter.

This morning, we lay cuddled in our bed, enjoying the early morning.  The kids were sleeping in after staying up late, and I still had a couple of hours before I had to get ready for work.  I pulled Julia close as we spooned together, and she waggled her bottom against me.  I gently slid my cock into her, and slowly filled her with my full length.  It had been a few days since our last morning lovemaking session, and before long, my cock exploded in her tight little pussy.

I finally stopped.  We cuddled for a while longer, and then I got up and did my morning chores.  When I came back, Julia was getting up.

“Ugh, my bottom is all wet!” she said.  She flipped over onto her tummy and presented me with a beautiful view of her backside.  Sure enough, the creampie I’d given her had leaked out all over her bottom.  

“Here, let me help,” I said gallantly.  I found my shirt from the previous evening, and expertly diapered her.  “There you go,” I said.

"Gee, thanks", she laughed at me, got up and we started our day together.

I hope everyone is having a great start to Spring!  :)   


  1. LoL at the creampie and diaper. Sounds like a great way to start the day :) Glad you have been enjoying some family time.


    1. Hi Roz! Yeah, Julia is such a good sport ;). And we are having a very nice Spring Break, thank you!

  2. LOL-- you're so funny!! Glad you had a nice spring break. I haven't seen Blacklist yet, but it seems like everyone's talking about it-- I'm going to have to watch!

  3. Thanks, Renee! Yeah, it's great! :)

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