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Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Training - Chapter 6

Hannah watched Daddy’s broad back as it was framed in the doorway, and then turned back to the counter.  He had left the coffee stand door open as he left, and the cold draft hit her legs again.  This time it felt good against the warm skin of her red bottom, and she smiled as she locked the portafilter into place and flipped the switch on the grinder.

He had come back about an hour later.  He stood at the window and watched her finish foaming the milk for her tenth latte.  The door clicked shut behind him as she dumped it out into the sink as he had instructed, and then turned and faced him through the window.  Her uniform was still spotless, he noticed.  From where he stood on the floor of the warehouse, his view was somewhere between what a car driver would see, and what would be visible inside the stand to someone driving a truck.  From his perspective, she was framed in the open window.  He could see the tops of her stockings, and the pale skin of her thighs up to her sheer panties.  

“You can clean the machine one more time, and then come out of there,” he said.  She cleaned up and then walked out the door of the small building and down the ramp, enjoying the cooler air on her bare skin.  “Let’s go back inside.  I’ve got something to take care of, and then I’ll let you go change your clothes.”  He held the door for her, and she glanced up into his face as she walked through the door.  She smiled.

“Thank you, Daddy.”  She took two steps and stopped short.  There, against the wall where she had been standing earlier, was another girl.  She was standing with her nose against the wall like she had, holding her green skirt up in her hands.  Her white thong was pulled down to mid-thigh, and her back was bare except for her white bra straps.  Daddy walked around Hannah, and took her elbow in his hand.  

“I want you to go over and stand next to Daisy there and assume your position.  You don’t have to pull down your panties, though.”  He guided her in the direction of the corner by her elbow, and she walked forward and stood next to the other girl.  She stood with her nose as close to the wall as she could and then pulled up her skirt and held it with both hands.  She thought she could hear his footsteps as he walked across the thickly padded, beige carpet, and then she heard the large wooden chair in the center of the room creak as he sat down.  Hannah was desperate to sneak a sidelong peek at Daisy as they stood side-by-side, but she didn’t dare.  Daisy’s blond hair was in a neat bun on her head; she didn’t seem quite as tall as Hannah.

Dan sat looking at the two girls standing at the wall.  He could see that Hannah was flustered and embarrassed at walking in on another girl standing in her position at the wall, but he figured it was time to get that little formality out of the way.  None of the girls were immune from being observed while having a spanking.  In fact, he often arranged it so that spankings had audiences, to remind the girls to be good, and to heighten the sense of embarrassment at having a spanking in front of someone else.

Sometimes, he thought, that was the whole point.

The girls stood close together at the wall.  Where Hannah had a slim, almost heart-shaped bottom, Daisy’s was rounder and fuller.  Both shapely backsides were in full view.  Although Hannah’s panties were still up, the sheer fabric did nothing to hide the skin underneath.  The girls almost touched elbows as they stood holding up their tiny skirts.   

“Daisy, please come here.”  Hannah involuntarily held her breath as Daisy walked over to the chair.  She imagined the girl standing there with her skirt raised. Her eyes would be on the carpet, and if she was like Hannah, her face was probably turning red as he sat there looking at her.  Her whole back would be bare, except for her bra and her white stockings.  She wondered if the thong was still riding at her thighs, or if it had slipped down when she had walked over to his chair.

When she had seen Daisy from the doorway, she had thought that her butt was fuller than her own.  Now, she wondered if Daddy felt differently about spanking an ass with a different shape, or if they were all the same to him.

“Your uniform is at standard,” Hannah heard him say.  At standard, Hannah thought.  What does that mean?  Was her uniform at standard?  She tried to remember if he had said anything like that, but drew a blank.  She wondered if she would be in trouble for not knowing already, or if it was in the policy printout she had skimmed last night.  She remembered something about dry cleaning only, and special care instructions for her panties that called for a laundry soap that sounded like it came from sheep.  Not that she minded hand-washing her clothing, she thought, she had done that plenty of times.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Daisy replied.  Her voice was higher than Hannah’s, and sounded cheerful, even though the girl was standing naked in front of man sitting on his “spanking chair.”  

“Lie over my lap, now,” he said.  She heard Daisy’s skirt rustle as the girl positioned herself over his lap.  “Good girl,” he said.  “I’m going to get your bottom ready for your shift.  Since you’re wearing your thong today, I’m going to make your whole bottom red.”  There was a pause, and then….

Slap!  “Ooo,” Daisy breathed in.  Slap!  Slap!  Hannah squirmed uncomfortably at the wall, feeling the swats on her own sore bottom as if she were the one stretched over his lap.  She had almost screamed as he had pushed her down over his desk earlier.  Tears had sprung to her eyes before the first horrible swat had even landed on her butt.  How could he be giving her yet another spanking?!  She couldn’t take it!  The pain was too great, even though he had only been lightly swatting her as he started.  

She had cried out loudly as his hand had swept upward across her ass cheeks, letting the pain overwhelm her modesty.  Her feet almost danced on the floor where she was right now at the memory of the intense pain.  And then, just as quickly as he had started, he was done.  She had been shaky on her feet as he had helped her stand, almost exactly where Daisy was getting a spanking right now.

She imagined that if she turned around, Daisy’s feet would be pointing right at her as they came off the floor during the spanking.  If she was still wearing her thong, it was probably at her knees by now, judging by the volume of the swats Daddy was applying to her posterior.  Hannah wondered if Daisy had to shave her pussy too.

“I want you to have a good shift today,” he said, not breaking his rhythm.  Slap, slap, slap!  Hannah thought that he was alternating sides like he had done with her, first crashing his big hand down on her right cheek so that it temporarily caught fire, a pause, and then the same treatment on the left side.  Daisy had started crying in earnest, crying out with each new swat with an “ah,” or “oh,” as the merciless hand kept descending on her bottom.  

“Ow!  Yes, Daddy!”  Slap!  CRACK! CRACK!  “OWWW AHH!”  Hannah thought that he had spanked Daisy at the tender curve at the bottom of her buttocks, which had caused Hannah to cry out too.  Hannah suddenly clamped her legs together as she felt the familiar warmth between her legs.  What if she got her panties wet?  Or stained them?  Wouldn’t he notice?  She stared at a point on the wall with her eyes wide as the spanking continued.

Slap!  Slap!  SLAP!  SLAP!  “Oww! Aha AH!”  The swats stopped.  “Ooooo,” Daisy mewed, still sobbing.  She hiccuped suddenly, and  Hannah thought he was rubbing her bottom now, which must be glowing bright red as the girl lay across his lap. 

“Well done,” he said soothingly.  Hannah could hear what sounded like skin on skin.  She wondered if the other girl could even touch the floor with her fingers and toes.  She might be too short to reach.  The moment stretched as Daisy remained over his lap, gradually quieting as he stroked her back.  Finally, he said, “You are ready for your shift.”  It sounded like he was helping her to her feet.  “You are free to go,” he said.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Daisy said.  Hannah heard the office door open and close.

“Thanks for waiting, Hannah.  Come here, please.”  Hannah felt her stomach drop to her toes as she turned away from the wall.  She kept her skirt raised in her hands as she walked forward the middle of the room.  Apparently, he had gotten up and sat down behind his desk when Daisy had left the room.  She walked over across the soft carpet and stood in front of his desk.  He sat still, regarding her with a serious expression, until she dropped her eyes to the carpet.  “I’m sorry there wasn’t time to introduce you properly,” he said.  “That was Daisy.  You will have a chance to get properly acquainted soon.”  He smiled.  “And you may drop your skirt,” he said.  Hannah let her skirt fall from her hands and felt it settle on her hips as his face grew serious again.

“As I warned you, some spankings are witnessed by other people,” he said.  “Sometimes, you will be on my lap while someone else is waiting for my attention.”  She raised her eyes to his, and saw that he was challenging her to accept these terms, now that she had been though the experience of witnessing Daisy’s spanking firsthand.  She had never seen anyone being spanked before, and she had found it both frightening and exhilarating - as if she felt part of Daisy’s pain, but also some of her relief when it was over.

Dan kept his gaze level.  This was a make-or-break point that he had to win in order for her to continue in her training.  None of the girls got special treatment.  No one got a private spanking unless it suited him.  If he required all of them to line up naked and bent over from the waist, legs spread, with their cheeks held spread open for his inspection, he expected them to do so immediately, right now, no questions asked!  

She looked down an instant longer, and then brought her eyes back to his again.  “I understand, Daddy,” she said.  Her voice was quiet, but clear.  He smiled, and put the back of his hand to his brow and wiped an imaginary band of sweat from it.

“Whew!  That was awkward, but I’m glad you’re on board.  Great first day of training!”  He beamed at her.  “You learn fast, and you are doing a very good job,” he said.  “I want you to come back here the same time tomorrow, and we’ll continue, OK?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, smiling.  She would be coming back, she suddenly realized.

“Good girl,” he said.  “And now I will dismiss you so you can go change your clothes and go home!”  He smiled at her and she felt warm to the bottom of her stocking’ed toes.  She felt like going home to her lonely existence in her friend’s apartment would be OK today, because she had landed a job.  And, she realized as well, she liked it.  She liked him.

“I’m going to walk you through it, as you and I haven’t done this part before.” He held up a finger.  “Ready?”

“Yes.  Yes Daddy!”

He smiled.  “OK.  I say, ‘You’re dismissed,’ and you…”  He held his hand to the side of his mouth to project his voice, and used an exaggerated stage whisper.  “Pick up your skirt…” he whispered, looking down at her hands and then back up to her eyes.  She felt herself blush, but smiled as she remembered her exit procedure.  She grabbed the thin fabric of her skirt between her thumb and her index finger on both hands and raised it so that her skirt made a smile in front of her.

“…and curtsy,” he said, even as she was executing a clumsy curtsey by bending her knees and bobbing her head.  He laughed approvingly.  “Good job!  You can go change and you’re free to go.  And you say…”

“Thank you Daddy!”

He smiled at her across his desk, and then turned his eyes to his monitor.

“You’re welcome.”  


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