Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cover reveal! Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Submission

Hi, DH here!  I'm home sick today.  I contracted some kind of virus yesterday, complete with a fever and other, um, unpleasantries, so Julia came and picked me up from work.  She has been amazing!  I feel so thankful to have such an incredible wife.  :)  I am feeling better this afternoon, so I am putting out this small blog post.

I've finished editing the cover image for my new story.  I've tried to tie the stories together by incorporating the "Buttercup" logo, which represents Hannah's name tag while she's working in the stand.  I could see writing stories for other girls that work there (Daisy, Rose, etc.), so they would get their own.  I'm still not sure if that works - what do you think?  Lame?  Awesome?  ;)

I will be publishing this book for an introductory price of $0.99, and also offer the first book for free for a limited time, so you can pick up BOTH for less than a dollar.

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement!  I've always wanted to be a writer, although I had no idea of what that would be like, but I have really enjoyed the feedback and support from you.  :)

Here's an excerpt from the new story.


The man cleared his throat.  “Your backside looks a might bit red,” he said.  She handed over his coffee and blushed.

“Yes, Daddy gave me a spanking right before my shift today,” she said. “My bottom still stings a lot!”  She suddenly turned around, and then looked back over her shoulder, craning her neck to see her backside.  

The man whistled softly through his teeth.  "Yep, you sure are red," he said.  

She lifted her skirt so that both of her small, round cheeks were in full view.  “Is it really still red?”  She turned her head forward, and bent over to offer him a fuller inspection.  The crotch panel of her translucent undergarment was now on display.  Her pussy made a slit in her panties, seamlessly extending the groove between her buttocks.  A thin line of moisture ran the length of the slit on the outside of the material.  Hannah flipped down her skirt and stood,  and then turned to face the man.

The man didn’t shift his eyes, as if transfixed in shock.  Her outlined pussy was now directly in his line of sight, and he stared at it as he asked, “Does your Daddy spank you every day?”   He raised his eyes to her breasts, and then finally, her face.

"No, only once a week, usually," she replied.  She frowned.  “Actually, Daddy said he would spank me just once a week, but this is only my first day so I’m not sure.  Four dollars, please,” she asked brightly.

“Here ya go, Buttercup,” the man smiled back, handing her a ten dollar bill.  “Mmm, great 2-Swat Mocha,” he said after taking a sip.  “No need for change, thanks!”  He put his truck in gear and started to pull forward, holding his coffee.  “Have a great first day!”


  1. Awesome cover DH, love it! I think more stories of the other girls is a great idea! Hope you are feeling better soon.


    1. Hi Roz! Thanks, I'm glad you like it; the prospect of a button shot definitely made me nervous. I'm feeling better this evening, thanks. :)

    2. Should have been "butt" shot, got auto corrected by big brother again.

  2. That was my pic for your cover too!
    Congrats! Hope you are all better now!

  3. Awesome job DH!!!!! Congratulations- great cover!
    XOXO Pearl


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