Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot Mess (of a blog post)

Hi, DH here!  I apologize for the randomness of this post - Julia’s Mom is flying in from Germany today!  We’re so excited to have her here.  It’s been a whole year since her last visit, which is way too long.  We worked on cleaning the house and finishing our last-minute painting projects this weekend, and now we’re ready!  I love it when she comes to see us, because we tend to go out and explore more, and actually see this incredible area in which we live.  

Julia and I had a great talk this weekend.  It resulted in that all-elusive Clarity for us, which has seemed just out of reach for a while.  You know that segment of the “disappearing middle class” that is just barely holding on to everything while living paycheck to paycheck, running like George Jetson on his automated dog walker (“Jane, get me off this crazy thing!”)?  Yep, that’s us.  I wouldn’t classify us as Poors, necessarily, unless you look at us through the lens of the more fortunate.  But in spite of our financial realities, we still have hopes and dreams.  

Like having another baby.

In December 2008, I got laid off from a high-tech job I’d held for almost 18 years.  Merry Christmas.  It was devastating to our family.  We cashed out everything we had (401K accounts, stuff we had lying around, a couple of kidneys) to save the house and keep the children fed.  I qualified for unemployment, so between that and some extremely creative living, we pulled through.  I could feel it coming when it happened, though.  The news had been getting progressively worse as the media trumpeted the number of people getting laid off every day, until it was in the millions.  Instinctively, I did what thousands of other men also did, at virtually the same time.  It was almost as if we were responding to Nature’s call to migrate, or turn our tails to the wind in a storm.  My Event happened one day after my layoff.

I got a vasectomy.

There were so many reasons to do it.  Julia and I both hate condoms.  Nothing ruins the mood more than getting into it and then, “Oh wait, stop, let me just slip into something a little less comfortable…”  As I get older, it’s not always easy to keep myself excited that long, if you know what I’m talking about.  After I got snipped, our sex lives improved immensely as we no longer had to worry about accidentally getting pregnant.  But there were tradeoffs as well.  I felt lingering discomfort for a while after the operation.  And looking back, I see that it affected my confidence, too.  Losing my job was a huge blow.  Throttling my manhood the day after was an extra blow.

So today I am making an appointment at a vasectomy reversal clinic.  We have been saving our meager tax refund for this, and we have it in the bank.  We shopped around and found the best deal (in the continental United States) out there, with what looks like the best success rate.  I’m nervous, but excited to turn this corner and celebrate making a new life with my beautiful wife.  We love our lives together, and the family that we have.  It seems so natural to want to add one more.  :)

Last night, I took Julia over my lap on our bed.  “Let’s do maintenance,” I said.  She crawled over and placed her bottom under my waiting hand.  She was wearing her white panties.  I spanked her with them up for a while, loving how the fabric felt under my hand.  Then I reached over with my left hand and gathered her panties in my fist at the top of her ass, and pulled so that the fabric was tight against her pussy in a virtual thong, and then resumed spanking her, harder on her bare skin.

“Ohh, agh,” she said.  I increased the force of the swats.  She lay very still as my hand cracked down on her left cheek and then her right, and then her legs kicked off the bed, and I accidentally hit her leg on my next downstroke.  

“Whoops.  You need to keep your legs down on the bed like a good girl,” I said.  I resumed spanking her with hard, measured strokes.

“YES, DADDY!” Her hips bucked but she kept her legs still.

“Good girl,” I said.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hope everything works out the way you planned. Positive thoughts to you.

  2. Oh wow! I sure hope things go well! Exciting to start a new!
    I know how hard it is when men lose their job. It is very stress full. I'm glad you guys came through strong!

    1. Hi Minelle! Thank you! Julia and I are SUPER excited to have a new baby. The recession definitely left scars on us, but we are so much stronger for the experience.

  3. Oh wow, so exciting DH, wishing you the very best. Hope you have a wonderful time with Julia's mom.


    1. Thanks, Roz! I'm nervous to have the operation, but really excited too. And we are already having a great time with Oma!

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