Monday, June 1, 2015

Panties spanking

Hi, DH here.  Happy June!  Has the year really almost reached the half-way mark already?  Lol.  It’s so cliche to say time goes by faster and faster, but it really does.  Julia and I are in a very good place, and we have been for a while.  I feel more mature and able than at any other time in my life, and Julia has had three AWESOME health resolutions as of very lately, so we are celebrating her Gute Gesundheit ;).   I worked at home on Friday, and we had a moment to our selves.

“I want to have sex before the kids come home,” Julia said.  It was lunch time, and I had a break from work, just completing 2 hours of meetings.  

“Yep, me too,” I said.  “Right now.”  I stood up from my chair in our bedroom, which is also my workstation, and put my Mac on its charger.  She paused where she was standing by the bed, and our eyes met.  

“Do you want me naked, or clothed?”  She smiled at me, and I realized she was showing me that she was submitting to me.  The day before, I realized Julia needed more structure in her daily routine.  The kids go to school every day, and she’s left at home.  We really want her to be a “stay at home” Mom, but it’s hard for her to find a good job where she can also work at home.  To keep herself busy, she’s been doing a TON of projects around the house (with beautiful results), but our money is very tight at the moment, so she’s blocked there, too.  So, I’ve decided she needs more discipline, and I’ve started assigning her tasks to complete during the day.  One task in particular was very hot from my perspective - I’ll have to have Julia share that one ;) .

“You can keep your panties on,” I said.  “I’m going to give you a spanking first.”  I sat fully on the
bed with my feet facing the foot, and she climbed over my lap.  I positioned a pillow so that she was lying across it - she’s not supposed to lie on her tummy where her back could bend backward.  “Is that comfortable?” I asked.

“Let me try like this,” she said, getting up on her knees so that her bottom was high in a “puppy dog” position.  My right hand found her butt.  She was wearing black panties that were very smooth and silky to my touch, but also held her bottom perfectly.  I spanked her very lightly, and enjoyed watching her globes dance.  I kept spanking her with playful, soft swats, and then gradually increased the force until I heard her sharp intake of breath.  I pulled down her panties to mid-thigh.

“I’m going to spank you on your bare bottom,” I said.  

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered.  She held her bottom high, and I started spanking her in earnest, soundly smacking her naked cheeks.  After about the 15th swat, she let herself fall forward across the pillow, which still hoisted her hips.

Smack, smack, smack!

“Oh, ow!”  Her hips twisted as I gave her a blistering volley.   I stopped and caressed her gently, and then resumed with softer strikes.

“I want you to keep thinking of ways to submit to me this weekend,” I said.  

Smack.  Pause.  Smack!  Pause.

“Yes, Daddy,” she cooed.

“Good girl,” I said.  I increased the tempo and the force of my strikes, and let my hand fall hard on her bottom.  I roasted the tops of her cheeks, and then worked downward toward her sit spot, holding my hand rigid like a board.

Slap!  WHACK!  Slap!  WHACK!  WHACK!

I held her neck down with my left hand so she wouldn't raise her head as I spanked right over her sit spot.  Her legs kicked as she bucked and twisted, trying to get away, but I held her firmly in place as I smacked her beautiful ass with my hand.

"AHH, OH," she cried, and then I was rubbing her back, still holding her neck, the spanking over.  We stayed like that for a while, and had a very nice weekend together too.  :)

I hope everyone had a great last weekend of May!  


  1. We had a very nice afternoon, thanks Minelle!

  2. Perfect way to take advantage of alone time. Perfect start for the summer.

    Stay at home jobs are hard to come by so When Julia finds one that makes money, let me know. :)

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks, it really was! Yeah, Julia will probably have a HUGE post if she can find a job, she's really missing working. :)

  3. Hi DH, glad to hear you and Julia are in such a good place. This sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Glad you had a great weekend together too. It was a long weekend here so we made the most of the extra time:)


    1. Hi Roz! I'm glad you had a long weekend too! We really are in a great place - our plans continue to go... as planned. :-D

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