Friday, July 31, 2015

Discipline Spanking

Hi, DH here!  We’ve hit our “summer stride” here - constant stream of relatives visiting, vacations, camping, etc.  We’re busy!  And our more intimate lives have taken a back set as a result.  It seems wrong: the weather has been PERFECT, and we are spending more time together, but we’re also surrounded by kids that are staying up late every night, also enjoying the summer.  What to do, heheh.

But we still have our rules, and sometimes a spanking is required.  Like when Julia forgets to take her phone with her when she goes out.  She confessed that to me earlier this week, and I took it in stride, waiting for a better time to administer her correction.  A day came and went, and then she brought it up again, only this time, she was pointing out that she "got away with it."  OK, I thought, this is going down.  I cut my evening workout short and we landed in bed together.

“We need to clear the air between us,” I said.  

“Hmm?” she asked sleepily.

“Normally I would spank you with my wooden paddle for forgetting your cell phone, but as the children are probably still awake, I’ll settle for my hand.”  Julia didn’t move, and then it registered that I was going to give her a spanking.

“I… was not expecting that,” she said, as she climbed over my lap in our bed.  Her ass was already naked, so I didn’t need to pull down her panties.  I rested my right hand on her smooth skin, and then pulled it back and spanked her right cheek.  I used my patented whipping stroke so that the swat was just has hard as it would be normally, but made less sound.  

Slap!  Slap!  Swat!

“It’s never OK to leave the house without your cell phone,” I said.  “All I can see is you standing on the side of the road, broken down, with a van full of kids.”  The image was real in my mind, which caused the velocity of my swings to increase.  Her bottom took on a rosy hue.

Swat!  SLAP!  SWAT!

“Oh,” she said.  “Ow!”  I focused three hard swats on her right cheek.  “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said.

“I know,” I said.  “But I want you to remember to take your phone every time you go out.”  I spanked down the curve of her beautiful butt until my hand was falling at the diamond-shaped opening at the top of her thighs.  


“AH, OH!”  Her legs jumped apart, and then back together on the bed.  I spanked her sit spot hard, not letting up until she was on the verge of tears.  I finally relented, and caressed her back as she lay across my lap.

“Spread your legs,” I said.  I let my thumb find her opening.  “You’re pussy is wet already, isn’t it?” I asked.  She moved off my lap, and for an answer, took my cock in her mouth.

The next day, she said she had wished I’d taken more time with her discipline, like putting her in the corner.  As soon as she said it, I wished the same thing.  It’s tricky with so many people in the house, but I’ll find a way to do it.  :) 

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Someday is today!

We have just come back from our annual family get-together, which we do every year and drive our car too. For hours and hours. I remember being little and a three hour car ride seemed like it was taking FOREEEEVER! But I know better now, lol. A seven hour ride takes forever. :) Especially when you have one song stuck in your head, singing it over and over. And making your whole family listen to it too.

Let me know how you like it. I have known this song forever, but for some reason, it finally reached me. Love this one!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Outdoor Sex

So last night was finally the night. Those of you who have been reading here for a while already know,  have been on a quest to find a spot and time to have sex with my husband outdoors. The thought of it has been itching me for a while now, but no real opportunity presented itself. We did some playing in the water last summer, and while it counted at the time, I hadn't stopped fantasizing about it.
Finally fed up, we figured we could set up a tent in the backyard! That would work if there are no more stepson living here. Check! And also if our kids were elsewhere. Check! And the weather was too hot to be inside. Double Check!!
We dragged our mattress outside around 9 pm, sun almost down and about to get dark and got set up in our screen tent. (You know one of those you bring along to sit under, not an actual sleeping-in one) We figured we would be relatively safe from the mosquitoes.  :D

DH was a little shy or unsure of himself at first, just lying there with me, not sure what to do. We were both kind of sitting up looking at each other. I smiled at him, and opened my thighs to reveal that I was naked under the long shirt I wore (in case of the odd mosquito making it through some odd crack under the flap). He stroked my thighs, smiling his Oh-I-get-it-smile, and relaxed. With each moment we were out there it got darker, and we got bolder in our quest to please the other.

I haven't enjoyed sucking his cock like that in quite some time. :D

The constant buzzing of mosquitoes around was a tad distracting. So was the constant urge to slap one part of my body or another, but I was too happy  right there with my husband, having sex outdoors in our own backyard to let them deter me/us.

Shortly after, DH wanted to roll on top of me, but I denied him, rolling away, and swiftly earning a swat to my bottom. I grinned at him, and took his cock in my mouth again. I didn't want to let it end it just yet.

And it was glorious!

Sadly, hours later, I was still having trouble sleeping with the constant sound of mosquitoes and our cat Spock trying to get in.

"Are you awake?" I gently asked into the silence. (It was finally quiet. The sound of traffic and air traffic had been so loud earlier, we had been surprised we never noticed it before.)

"Yes." He answered way more awake sounding that I had even hoped for!

"I can't get comfortable. I think the mattress is pointing down, I feel like I am about to fall off. And I have so many bites." I complained like a little girl.

"You want to move inside, don't you Baby?" He asked me, while a big smile on his face, I could hear it in his voice.

"Yes please." I was so grateful.

And that is what we did. Moved it all back inside in the middle of the night, crawled back into bed, and fell asleep holding each other. I was so glad we had moved back in, totally worth it!

Have you had outside sex? Or a fantasy that is almost achievable and yet constantly out of reach?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Spanking My Wife

Hi, DH here.  We've been enjoying a brief respite from our heat wave here in Washington, although more hot weather is on the way this weekend.  It's been HOT!  We don't have air conditioning, so sleeping can be a little sticky.  The more disturbing trend is No Rain.  We're not usually this dry until mid-August, and no rain is in the forecast.  Fires have been springing up everywhere; 4 were on the news yesterday.

Julia has been doing so much better!  Her back pain AND hip pain seem to have been almost totally eliminated, and no meds necessary.  I am so glad she feels better, and also very relieved.  It was so hard to watch her go through last summer without being able to find a way to get treatment.

Last Friday, I worked from home and the kids had a playdate at the neighbors.  "Sex?" Julia asked.

"First, a spanking," I replied.  I stood up and moved to the bed.  She removed her pants.  "You can leave your panties on," I said.  They were her purple shiny pair that I love to run my hands over.  I put her body pillow over my lap and she lay across it.  "Uh, oh," I said.  "Your bottom is under my left hand."

"Funny how that worked out," she said over her shoulder, smiling at me.  I caressed her with my palm, enjoying how cool the fabric felt on my skin.  It was supposed to hit the high 80s that day, and it was already hot in the house.  I lifted my hand and brought it down on her left cheek, and then I smoothed the spank away with my hand, running circles on her butt with my hand, until I drew it back again.

Smack!  I brought it down harder on her right cheek.  Without waiting, I drew back for an even harder swat on the other side, and soon I was raining down heavy full-handed smacks, alternating between her buttocks.  I stopped, and let my hand wander over her bottom.  Her breathing had gotten harder, I noticed.

"Let's pull down these panties," I said.  I pulled her waistband down and she helped from her side and we slid them down her long legs.  Her ass was already red, and warm to my touch.  "Daddy's going to spank your bare bottom, now," I said.

"Yes, Daddy," she said.  I started spanking her with my hand, quickly alternating sides, until she was very red.  I aimed lower for her sit spot, and sung harder.


"Oh! AH!" she cried, and her legs came off the bed.

"Keep your legs down," I warned.  I resumed spanking her, ending with a flurry of swats that landed all over her bottom.


"Oooh ahh!"

I stopped, and smoothed my hand over her red skin.  I reached between her knees and nudged them apart.  She opened her legs, and I let my fingers wander down to her wet slit.

"Mmm, naughty girl," I said.

The next day, she showed me bruises on her thighs where my hands had been, holding her legs apart as I came.   I'm on the train to work this Friday, so no repeat performance today, but we're looking forward to a fun, busy weekend.

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Picture Friday - Skinny Dipping Edition

Summer is upon us, once again. Having a blog is kind of like having a diary, you can go back and read over the past with a specific date attached. I used to write a diary when I was a teen, mostly filled with sadness and longing. I am so glad I am not that person anymore, it was a lonely place to be. Just thinking about it makes me very appreciative for what DH and I have created between the two of us, and I am looking forward to another summer. This year I am thinking, you guessed it, skinny dipping!
So lets celebrate summer with some skinny dipping!


                            Which one makes YOU want to jump into the water naked the most?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Training - Chapter 7

Come home.

The terse message balled her stomach into a hard knot as she read it on the online site her mother used to contact her.   The two words were a command, not an invitation.  It must mean that HE wouldn’t be there.  On the day Hannah had moved out for good, she had screamed at her mother that she would never be coming back as long as her stepfather was in the apartment.  Her mother had taken off her shoe and thrown it at her in response, and only missed Hannah’s head because she was drunk.  

Hannah sighed.  She was back on her couch in Renee’s apartment.  It was Tuesday afternoon, and she had survived her first two days of training at the coffee stand.  She jolted as her memory triggered the sensation of red-hot stinging pain across her ass cheeks, making her grimace.  He had not spared the spankings today, either, and she wondered if his goal was to give her butt a shade of perma-red, like the face of an alcoholic who spent too much time in the sun.

There was no way she was going over there.  Yet, on the other hand, she missed her mother, in spite of everything else that had happened over the last year.  Her Mom couldn’t handle men, alcohol, or money (the order varied), and she kept her home like she was auditioning for one of those shows where people lived with their trash and three hundred cats.  Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, but Hannah could never figure out why her mother didn’t cook or clean for herself.  She had taken it on herself to help clean and organize the apartment when she could, but she finally stopped when her mother had come unglued after Hannah had recycled a stack of magazines that had been sitting on the table for as long as Hannah could remember.

Hannah had been twelve when the Great Recession hit.  Money that had been tight went to non-existent.  Any hopes or dreams her mother had seemed to dry up, replaced with bitterness and remorse.  Hannah soon learned not to bring home anything from school that might cost her mother money.  That’s when the real drinking had started, too.  

“Uhchh,” she said in frustration.  She closed her laptop and slipped her legs out of the warm sleeping bag.  Time for a smoke.  She felt the twinge of guilt that alerted her to the fact that she hadn’t quite disclosed her habit to Daddy, but she dismissed it easily.  She smoked a maximum of ten cigarettes a day, which was only half a pack.   She pulled her boots onto her feet at the couch, and then stood up and pulled on her jacket.  She closed her eyes as she pulled her hood up over her head, and Daddy was there, reading the rules of conduct to her in her mind.

No swearing or inappropriate language.

No tardiness.

No smoking.

“Mmm!”  She stamped her foot as she opened her eyes to get him out of her head.  Her lighter and the precious red pack were in her pocket already - she walked out of the apartment without locking the door.  It was three flights down to the parking lot through the cold December air, and then she was walking across the dark asphalt to her car through the grey gloom of the afternoon.  She always parked in her special spot that was as far away from the buildings of the apartment complex as possible.  This spot was right next to the greenbelt that lined the property.  It had a fence that was supposed to keep people out that had been mostly torn down, so it was easy to slip into the forest and have a cigarette in complete privacy, which was the only way she liked to smoke.  

Smoking was a religion to her.  She loved the feeling of the nicotine rush as it flooded her brain with relief when it had been too long since her last.  She paid her tithes faithfully to the convenience store that charged her eight bucks a pack.  She knew it was wrong, but she also knew that no one would ever take smoking away from her.  It was the one thing that was always there for her, no matter what, and the one thing she could do “for herself, by herself,” which was how she had come to label it.  Smoking was her thing, and no one even knew she did it.

She stopped when she got to her car and paused, as if she was going to get in.  She discreetly checked around her, but as usual, not a soul was in sight in the huge parking lot.  She turned and stepped over the fence on the ground, and walked into the trees that lined the fence.  She stopped after walking only five feet, as she was immediately hidden from view.  She fished a smoke out of her pack and lit it, inhaling deeply.  

Ahhhh, she thought blissfully.  That’s better.  She blew the smoke out in a huge cloud that combined with the mist from her warm breath and floated through the trees like its own fog bank.  She considered her mother’s invitation.  It was a mistake to go over there.  Her Mom would make some kind of microwave dinner or a frozen pizza, and then drink herself stupid in front of her.  She knew her mother felt relief when she was there, like maybe she wasn’t the worst mom in the world after all.  At the height of her drunk, her mother would break down and cry about how sorry she was that Hannah “had to leave,” as if Hannah had chosen to.  She would end up having to help her mother get into bed, and then Hannah would stay the night, as he wasn’t expected home from his Vegas card tournament for another day.

Fuck.  What to do, what to do.  She drew hard on the last of her cigarette and then dropped the butt into the hole she had dug her first trip to this side of the fence.  She stamped it with her foot to make sure it was out, and then covered the hole with some dirt with her foot.  Evidence removed, she thought.  She walked forward along the fence on a path that wound its way through the trees.  She was totally invisible to anyone in the parking lot as she walked to the far end, carefully picking her way over roots and brush.  She paused at the hole in the fence that had been made on this side of the lot, and then stepped through the gap in the chain link fence. If anyone had been watching the far corner of the parking lot, they might have seen her appear as if magically from the trees, but she knew no one was watching.  This was her favorite trick.  If anyone ever attacked her in her car, she could duck out the passenger side door, run along the path, and be back in the apartment calling 911 before the dude could say, “WTF…?”

Back inside, she shrugged out of her jacket and slid her boots off, and then sat down with her laptop.  Her mother’s message stared her in the face when she opened the screen.  She sighed.  She thought of the frozen pizza she had waiting for her in her own freezer.  Renee was out all evening at some recital thing, and wouldn’t be back until at least 11:00.  She impulsively tapped on her keyboard and hit enter.


Dan leaned back in his office chair, interlaced his fingers over his desk, and cracked his knuckles.  It was the 4 PM lull, and the stand was temporarily idle.  He had been checking the bank account for his company, RBE Construction, which owned the property on this lonely corner of the highway.  He had founded the company in 2008, after being fired from the company he had worked at for five years.

Construction projects stopped during the recession.  Huge housing developments sat unfinished in the rain for years, waiting for money to come back.  His former boss had laughed in his face when he said he would start his own contractor business, telling Dan that even if he had saved enough money, there weren’t any jobs to do.  Dan had held his tongue.  He had an answer for both points, which he didn’t feel like sharing with the jerk that had just taken so much pleasure in firing Dan a week before Christmas.  He had saved enough money.  Plenty.  And as for jobs to do, he was pretty sure he had that covered too.

For reasons no one understood, Western Washington allowed “bikini barista” coffee stands, where the female workers were allowed to wear bathing suits (or less) to serve coffee.  News stories occasionally surfaced of girls getting busted for going topless, or showing an undercover cop the goods for a tip.  Dan’s plan was simple: Build the best bikini coffee stand in the world, and put some girls to work.  Two things that would always be recession-proof were coffee and sex.  Put them together, and he was sure to keep his head above water. Yet, because of his dominant nature, and a chance reading of a blog post on about how to spank your wife, he had an additional angle that he was sure no one would attempt to imitate.

Dan spanked his girls.  Not the cheesy patty-cake spanking you might see in a soft-core porn, either: He gave each spanking his full attention.  The guys loved it, of course, and came from miles around to see the novelty of a girl with a bright red ass who had just been spanked by her Daddy.  In the early days, he wouldn’t even let the girls talk to their customers about the spanking in case of legal trouble.  He was sure the non-disclosure agreement he had each of them sign would hold up, but he adhered to the Japanese proverb:  The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.  Dan went out of his way to stay out of the spotlight.  He was not in this for fame, and felt that being noticed would detract from the business.

The whole thing would have fallen down the same day he started it, except for the reasons he disciplined his workers.  He was a true dominant, and a strong alpha male.  When he had a girl over his knee, he spanked her as a stern, loving father.  He expected the girls to behave like his girls and call him Daddy.  Like any proud father, he loved watching the girls become successful - happy in their relationships, and in one case at the moment, leaving to attain her ultimate dream of going to college.

Business had boomed.  And then, very unexpectedly, people starting contacting him to build coffee stands.  His design was perfect for the job - he used strong storm windows in the glass, built-in radiant heat in the floor, and a hundred other touches that had everything to do with protecting and providing a very comfortable work environment for the girls, while also giving the customers the best show in town.

There was a knock at his door.  “Come in,” Dan called out.  The door opened, and his employee Mike stood in the doorway.

“Hey Boss, I’m going to knock off for the day,” he said.  

“OK,” Dan said.  I’m heading out too.”  He stood, leaving the laptop on his desk, and walked across the office to the doorway.  The younger man was an inch shorter than Dan, with a mane of white hair that seemed to have a life of its own.  He was also the strongest person Dan had ever known, and possibly the shyest.   He had met Mike over Craigslist when he had started building stands for other business owners, and he liked him right away.  Mike seemed to intuitively understand the business, and why Dan ran it the way he did.  They never talked about the spankings, but Mike knew the girls were getting them.  Mike did most of the building for the new construction projects, and kept to himself.

They walked into the parking lot together, as the sun hit the horizon in a weak orange ball.  The clouds had parted briefly for the sunset, but more grey, freezing weather was on the way.  They stopped at their respective vehicles.

“I’d like to take next week off,” Mike said.  “Gonna head down to California to see my bro.”

“Sounds good to me,” Dan said.  “Hopefully it’s a little warmer down there.”

Mike grinned in response, his white teeth flashing in his clean-shaven face.

“Here’s hopin’!”

Monday, July 6, 2015

"Some whipped cream perhaps?"

Is what I asked him last night after we were finally all done with chores and the weekend. Finally, it was US time.
As soon as I asked though, I could tell I would be the one getting to eat the cream by the gleam of intent in his eyes. I got up easily (my back and hips are so much better! If you have ever thought about trying a chiropractor but weren't sure, this is it, Try it!) and walked through the still warm house to retrieve it from the fridge. DH sat in his recliner and had his pants already taken off by the time I was back.
We have gotten whipped cream before with the intent of using it just for us, but I can't remember us actually doing it. I am sure one thing or another had stopped us in the past, but we were on track!

I knelt in front of him, and drew a heart over his cock and groin area. I am such a girl, lol. I could tell he liked the feel of the cold cream on him, and was excited at the prospect of having it cleaned off. Seeing all that cream on him, I did suddenly feel a little to self-conscious, but quickly reminded myself where I was. I started licking him, tip of his cock first. Sometimes I like to tease him, and not get to his cock for quite a while while licking and touching him almost anywhere else. But not last night.
His cock was already rock hard, but still fitting well into my mouth, especially at the angle we were at. The taste of sweet cream and his saltiness was surprisingly tasty, and I got lost for a little while, just enjoying the gliding of his hard cock in my mouth.
After having enjoyed that position for as long as possible, I did have to get off my knees, and we moved the party to our bed.

DH finally wanted a tasting, but when he started with the cream, I started laughing so hard. It was hard to stay in the mindset, lol. DH sprayed some on my clit, while his feathery light fingers were exploring my pussy, and it was just like too much tickling, I laughed again. (Previously, DH would have taken that personal, thinking I was laughing at him or his ability to make love or something, not sure actually). But I know he knows better now;  he got up, and cleaned me with a washcloth instead, and nudged me toward his cock again. And I was only happy to oblige. :)
I am happy to report that whipped cream on a hot day/night, is JUST the thing~!!!

Topic Change:
Since this is the only place we are sharing our little journey of vasectomy reversal, I wanted to update you all: DH has an appt in August!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Hi, DH here!  We are staying home this 4th of July, and literally spraying our roof with water.  It is HOT here.  We've been breaking heat records every day for a while now, and on top of that, we've had no rain at all.  Conditions are super dry, and fires have already broken out across the state.  The news people have stopped talking about "vegetation" on the side of the roads, and now refer to it as "fuel."  It's scary.

Yesterday I heard an explosion from down the street.  Definitely a firework, I thought.  A few minutes later, we smelled smoke, and then it was obvious a fire had started about a half a block from our house.  Neighbors were already in the street as thick white smoke billowed up from the vacant lot next to a new construction project.  I didn't see it happen, but I think the guys that were out there working in 85 degree temperatures were the ones who put it out.  By the time the fire truck rolled up (and it was only five minutes or so), the fire was out.  We went over and looked at it this morning; in the brief time it had burned, it had jumped the street onto a property with a house on it, and had started their bushes on fire.


We hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy, and SAFE 4th of July!  Especially if your yard looks anything like ours.