Sunday, July 19, 2015

Outdoor Sex

So last night was finally the night. Those of you who have been reading here for a while already know,  have been on a quest to find a spot and time to have sex with my husband outdoors. The thought of it has been itching me for a while now, but no real opportunity presented itself. We did some playing in the water last summer, and while it counted at the time, I hadn't stopped fantasizing about it.
Finally fed up, we figured we could set up a tent in the backyard! That would work if there are no more stepson living here. Check! And also if our kids were elsewhere. Check! And the weather was too hot to be inside. Double Check!!
We dragged our mattress outside around 9 pm, sun almost down and about to get dark and got set up in our screen tent. (You know one of those you bring along to sit under, not an actual sleeping-in one) We figured we would be relatively safe from the mosquitoes.  :D

DH was a little shy or unsure of himself at first, just lying there with me, not sure what to do. We were both kind of sitting up looking at each other. I smiled at him, and opened my thighs to reveal that I was naked under the long shirt I wore (in case of the odd mosquito making it through some odd crack under the flap). He stroked my thighs, smiling his Oh-I-get-it-smile, and relaxed. With each moment we were out there it got darker, and we got bolder in our quest to please the other.

I haven't enjoyed sucking his cock like that in quite some time. :D

The constant buzzing of mosquitoes around was a tad distracting. So was the constant urge to slap one part of my body or another, but I was too happy  right there with my husband, having sex outdoors in our own backyard to let them deter me/us.

Shortly after, DH wanted to roll on top of me, but I denied him, rolling away, and swiftly earning a swat to my bottom. I grinned at him, and took his cock in my mouth again. I didn't want to let it end it just yet.

And it was glorious!

Sadly, hours later, I was still having trouble sleeping with the constant sound of mosquitoes and our cat Spock trying to get in.

"Are you awake?" I gently asked into the silence. (It was finally quiet. The sound of traffic and air traffic had been so loud earlier, we had been surprised we never noticed it before.)

"Yes." He answered way more awake sounding that I had even hoped for!

"I can't get comfortable. I think the mattress is pointing down, I feel like I am about to fall off. And I have so many bites." I complained like a little girl.

"You want to move inside, don't you Baby?" He asked me, while a big smile on his face, I could hear it in his voice.

"Yes please." I was so grateful.

And that is what we did. Moved it all back inside in the middle of the night, crawled back into bed, and fell asleep holding each other. I was so glad we had moved back in, totally worth it!

Have you had outside sex? Or a fantasy that is almost achievable and yet constantly out of reach?


  1. This sounds awesome Julia, apart from the mosquitos lol. The cat trying to get in made me giggle. There's nothing like outside sex. We have had the occasional excursion outside, including spanking, but not full on sex.


  2. That sounds hot! And sweet to move back in, in the middle of the night.

    I have lots of fantasies, and the outdoor thing is certainly one of them! ;)

    1. I know, I thought he was super sweet for not making me feel bad for wanting to go in.

      I hope you make one of your fantasies come true soon! Its fun!

  3. Yes we have had outdoor sex but never again after being caught in a car park with the gates locked.
    Lindy x

  4. I would have to say that your outdoor sex sounded great. We have had outdoor sex. We love to go camping and tent sex is always great but doing it outside of the tent, very quietly is pretty exciting too. The best was when we were at the lake with a bunch of friends. We floating, holding onto some kind of flotation device and Ty got behind me like he was holding on to me and just pulled our pants down. We were younger then. Someone actually took pictures of us but you couldn't tell what we were doing...... I hope.

  5. Outdoor sex? Oh, YES! Bent over a gate on top of a hill overlooking our town, in broad daylight. On the front bumper of the Jeep in the middle of a forest, in broad daylight. On the dry lake bed next to the dune buggy, in broad daylight. In the lake with nothing but the water to hide us, yep, you guessed it, in broad daylight. Seems to be a recurring theme, huh? Just about every vehicle we've ever owned (and some we didn't) has been "initiated". Except the newest one. Not yet, anyway. ;-) . Countless camping trips, in the tent or out. Yes, I'd say we very much enjoy outdoor sex. As well as indoor!
    Hmm. Think it's time to take the new car for a "test drive"! ;-)

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