Friday, August 28, 2015

#SatSpanks Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Submission

Thank you so much for the incredible support for our first #SatSpanks outing last week!  It was so fun to visit the other blogs on the list and participate with AWESOME writers!

Here's an excerpt from the second book in the Red Bottoms Espresso series, which is FREE on KindleUnlimited.  :)

The man cleared his throat. “Your backside looks a might bit red,” he said. She handed over his coffee and blushed.

“Yes, Daddy gave me a spanking right before my shift today,” she said. “My bottom still stings a lot!” She suddenly turned around, and then looked back over her shoulder, craning her neck to see her butt.

The man whistled softly through his teeth. "Yep, you sure are red," he said.

Hannah enjoys working as a “bikini barista” at Red Bottoms Espresso for Daddy, and has quickly become a favorite for many of the male customers. She loves the positive attention she receives from the men who frequent the coffee stand. One man in particular sets off flocks of butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks his name: Mike. He’s the only other man to work for Daddy, and helps construct the buildings Daddy sells to other entrepreneurs in need of the best custom coffee stands money can buy. Hannah has never met a man like Mike, whose sparkling green eyes drew her in when he greeted her. 

Hannah has consented to frequent spankings, and she has tried to please Daddy by being a good girl. But she has kept a secret from him, a secret that would surely change his opinion of her, or worse, get her fired. She’s done everything she can to hide it, as revealing the truth would invade a place in her life where no one is welcome. Can she surrender this last, precious piece of herself to Daddy, and accept submission?

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Friday, August 21, 2015

#satspanks: Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Training

OK, confession time!  We are #satspanks virgins! Whee!  This scene finds Hannah alone in her friend's apartment, with a little time for a nap and some nice stress relief.  :)

She hitched her hips up a little higher to give herself better access to her bare mound.  She thought of lying over Daddy’s lap, his steel-hard legs supporting her.  She slowly circled her finger, rubbing her clit through her labia.  Her fingers moved faster on her as she remembered her spanking with his belt that morning.  That experience had opened a new world to her.  She had been shocked when he told her to spread her legs as she stood bent over the padded arm of his antique high-backed chair.  She was already naked below the waist, and when she spread her legs, the cool air of the office seemed to expose her even more.  She had slowly realized the reason for this position: His belt would strike everywhere, including her little pussy.

Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Training

As a child of the Great Recession, Hannah has known a hard life. A high school dropout at 18, she’s desperate to find work when an online ad catches her eye for an unusual employment opportunity. Daring to respond, she discovers that the job is working in a “bikini” coffee stand as a sexy barista.

Hannah quickly learns that her new employer is serious about the name of his coffee stand, Red Bottoms Espresso - he regularly spanks the girls before their shifts! Hannah is shocked to discover that he expects her to call him Daddy, and that the spankings are real. 

Dan is skeptical that his new recruit will make it though the training period to become a barista. He needs to find out if she is a true submissive, as that’s the only way she will be happy working for the unapologetically dominant male he is. To find out the truth of Hannah’s disposition, he applies the only tools he knows to perform the job: Frequent, hard spankings.

Publisher’s Note:  The book contains spanking, elements of ageplay and graphic sexual scenes. If such content offends you, please do not buy this book.

Get my first book, EVER, on Kindle for only 99 cents!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Cock Tease

You know how women are often described as being cock teases? Teasing a guy, making him want to have sex so bad he can't think straight anymore only to have the woman walk away?

Well in ours case, its been the other way around! DH has turned into such a cock tease, constantly walking up to me and nudging me with his huge, fully erect cock. He starts to fondle me, tease me, definitely wants me, only to then pull away at the last minute. So frustrating!!!

I feel a bit like we are teenagers lately: fooling around, but never going the distance, touching and petting yes, but nothing else. And to be honest, I have been pretty much enjoying it simply because I often would like to do more foreplay and general play when DH is just ready to get his cock in. Not being able to do that, he has been focusing more on me, and I have loved all his attention. Still, such a cock tease!

Well this morning, I guess he had had enough. He had gotten up before me, made coffee and did some morning chores, only to come back into our room and see me spread out naked on the bed, mostly still sleeping. I guess it was just too much though, lol. He marched right over to the bed, fondled me just perfectly, then positioned himself at my pussy and entered. (Not the first time, he has done that since day 4 of his recovery. Talk about blue balls). But I could tell today was different. He pulled out moments later, came up to my face, and shot his first load all over me, exactly as he had been imagining since starting this Oklahoma trip.

So we didn't make it to 14 days. But he did make 11 days. And will remain abstinent now for the rest of the prescribed time . On the babyboard, they call that clearing the pipes. :) And that is how DH looked after too: Relaxed!

Have a great day everyone, and thank you for your continued support, we really do appreciate it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The waiting is not the only thing that’s hard

Hi, DH here!  It’s been 1 weeks since my “VR” operation (vasectomy reversal), and I am definitely healing.  My bruising has almost disappeared, and my balls have reduced in size from Stallion to Demigod, and will hopefully return to DH-size soon.  I walked from the train station to work today.  I took it very slowly, and as long as I wasn’t unduly jostling the boys, it was fine.  Woo hoo!  In fact, the only thing that’s uncomfortable is my now-permanent erection.  I’m horny!  Somehow, I wasn’t expecting my libido to be a problem post-surgery: it’s a pretty nasty trauma to that whole area - even my penis turned a lovely shade of yellow.  But it doesn’t seem to be a problem, lol.  I’ve never wanted Julia more than now.  Which reminds me of a joke!

This guy goes to a sex therapy clinic and joins a group of people.  The therapist starts the session by asking, “How many people have sex with their partner once a day?”  Some of the people raise their hands, and the guys starts looking excited.  She asks, “OK, how about once a week?”  More people raise their hands, and the guy is really excited now.  “Once a month?”  The rest of the people in the group have raised their hands, but the guy doesn’t, and is literally bouncing in his chair.  “OK, how about you?”  she asks him.

“Once a year!” the guy practically yells.
“Oh, I see.  Why are you so excited?”
“Because tonight is the night!”

Our “night” is next Monday, which will be two weeks after the surgery.  Julia has been stalking the baby boards again (I would post a link but I honestly don’t know where she goes), and the range is all over the place for post-surgery-days-after-first-ejaculation: 3 days was the soonest.  The women said their DH “had to relieve the pressure.”  I don’t know why, but I’m just not feeling it.  UNLESS the “pressure” is a constant, raging Boehner!  In THAT case, I’m fine.  :-D

6 more days!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Balls of Blue - Hardcore Edition

Hi, DH here!  It’s Day Three after my surgery to reverse my vasectomy.  Thank you for all of your kind words, wishes, prayers, and thoughts you’ve sent our way!  All of it has been greatly appreciated.  Julia has been amazing in every way possible.  She’s really taken care of me, and did some research to find a natural ointment she’s been using on my scrotum to reduce the bruising and swelling (I am NOT going to post a pic, you’re welcome), and she also helped me remove my drainage tubes (I’m not going to describe that, shudder), and been all around AWESOME.  I love my beautiful wife. 

But it has become a little harder than anticipated in the pain management area.  My doctor prescribed a good pain medicine with a refill.  I took the medicine on schedule, and then went to my Group Health pharmacy to refill the prescription.  They transferred it, and then told me that they didn’t have it.  I was referred to my “Doctor’s Team,” who I called, and who never called me back.  What?  I called back in the afternoon, and was literally routed to voicemail.  I left a message, pleading with someone (anyone!) to get back to me by the end of the day so I could get some relief, and…. nothing.  In fact, it’s after 10:00 am the next day and still… nothing.  How does THAT work?  I guess it’s because its narcotics, right?  I’m an addict because I want pills, or something.  Just another junkie with a vasectomy reversal, wanting to get high.  Last night, I experienced a LOT of pain.


My balls have reduced in size quite a bit, and the color has faded from black to a lovely shade of dark blue.  The Magical Ointment that Julia has been applying every hour seems to help immediately and also helps a little with the pain.  And unexpectedly, my balls are blue for another reason: I keep getting aroused lol!  I didn’t think it would be possible to get a hard on in this condition, but it keeps happening.  It’s like breaking your ribs and then begging everyone around you to not make you laugh, and unfortunately, everyone in your life is a comedian.  She’s so sexy!  Ahh!  I can’t wait for this to be over so I can plow her without mercy and finally come all over her.  But for now, I am not allowed to, so when I get excited, I have to think about something else (Julia keeps recommending my Mother) and wait for my soldier to stand at ease.  


We are so excited to be on track with our plans and we’re hoping she will get pregnant when we decide to try.  Thanks again for your kind wishes and support.  <3  We will definitely keep you posted.

Monday, August 10, 2015

"I can feel my Studhood returning!"

Sometimes I don't like to share too much here in blogland simply because I have read a blog or two where it turned out to be all made up. Sometimes DH and I worry that our readers won't believe its actually two people writing on our blog, and not just one switching users. But let me tell you, I have never lied on this blog. I may have left out a thing or two, but never made anything up.
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Having gotten that out of the way, I would like to ask you guys all for some positive thoughts for us and especially DH. Right now, he is in Oklahoma in a hotel room by himself, with gauze on his balls, hopefully resting.
His procedure was this morning, and as far as I have heard, it went as good as it can go. I have tried to leave DH alone, so he actually rests, but that just means I don't hear from him, and then I start worrying.

Although I just heard from him (and he gave me the title idea), and he is resting. Still, please leave a comment and wish him well, lets cheer him up together!

And nothing would cheer him up as much as people reading his newly released book! Available right here!

Monday, August 3, 2015


You know that moment at the top of the first hill of the roller coaster?  It’s right when your car crests the hill, and you can see DOWN the other side, which goes on forever, and then the momentum grabs the train, and you realize, right then, that there’s _no going back_.  

I’m there right now.

In less than a week I’ll be boarding a flight for Beautiful Oklahoma, where I am told that the wind does in fact come sweeping down the plain.  I’ll stay for 2 days, during which time I will survive endure enjoy a quick operation to re-attach my manhood to my, er, manhood.  A reversal of vasectomy, if you will.  And then…

I’m back, Baby.