Friday, September 4, 2015

Date Night Approaching!

Ever since DH had his little operation (and by little I mean, ouchy), I have not been feeling like blogging. I am sorry, lol. This is just me not wanting to share personal things that are going on with anybody, not even my own family. Are you like that too?

Well I did share what we are doing with my little sister, but only because I know how much she loves children, she is so supportive. But like a teenager, I am not feeling like sharing this with my mother. I guess I am anticipating her not quite positive reaction.  I will just tell her if and when that time comes. (Although it seems that the whole temperature taking really does work with trying to figure out your ovulation.)

DH and I have just been enjoying each other, trying to make time for one another when we can, and are even going on a date this weekend! Its been a while, so I am totally excited! Could also have something to do with watching the new Mission Impossible movie, definitely. I have always liked Tom Cruise. So, now I just need to figure out what to wear to our little date! Maybe my little outfit skirt should come out again? I haven't worn it in a while.... I will let you guys know!


  1. Nothing like date nights to bring you close together. Bear and I have our date nights regularly even if it is only a candlelit dinner at home. Enjoy!
    Lindy x

  2. Hi Julia, date night sounds awesome! Have a wonderful time. I vote for the skirt :)


  3. Have a fun date. Ray loved the MI movie.

  4. Hi Julia, a date is such a great idea. Wishing you a wonderful time!




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