Friday, September 18, 2015

#SatSpanks Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Training

I am so thrilled to be back on SatSpanks today with another excerpt from Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Training.   My premise for this series was that discipline can be applied in a contemporary work setting.  In Seattle, that setting can be in a coffee stand in your underwear!  That's true.  We have naked coffee stands here.  More than one stand has been closed down for serving more than, um, coffee, if you know what I'm talking about.  What kind of a guy would start a "bikini barista" stand and spank his female employees?  Why, Dan of course!  Or, as Julia likes to call him, "Dan the Man!"

Here's the blurb.

As a child of the Great Recession, Hannah has known a hard life. A high school dropout at 18, she’s desperate to find work when an online ad catches her eye for an unusual employment opportunity. Daring to respond, she discovers that the job is working in a “bikini” coffee stand as a sexy barista.

Hannah quickly learns that her new employer is serious about the name of his coffee stand, Red Bottoms Espresso - he regularly spanks the girls before their shifts! Hannah is shocked to discover that he expects her to call him Daddy, and that the spankings are real.

Dan is skeptical that his new recruit will make it though the training period to become a barista. He needs to find out if she is a true submissive, as that’s the only way she will be happy working for the unapologetically dominant male he is. To find out the truth of Hannah’s disposition, he applies the only tools he knows to perform the job: Frequent, hard spankings.

In this excerpt, Hannah has been learning how to draw espresso shots and make lattes in the warehouse that contains a working coffee stand for practice.  She's just finished, and Daddy has some business to attend to in his office right next door. 

“Thank you, Daddy.” She took two steps and stopped short. There, against the wall where she had been standing earlier, was another girl. She was standing with her nose against the wall like she had, holding her green skirt up in her hands. Her white thong was pulled down to mid-thigh, and her back was bare except for her white bra straps. Daddy walked around Hannah, and took her elbow in his hand.
“I want you to go over and stand next to Daisy there and assume your position. You don’t have to pull down your panties, though.”

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  1. Daddy Dan sounds really strict, but I guess the girls respond to his management style.

  2. I was the worst waitress ever. I have a feeling Daddy Dan would have had me standing red bottomed in the corner, often.

  3. Hi DH, I have read further on and this is a great scene! Dan means business! I'm with Aubrey and Renee too lol


    1. I totally agree, which is how Dan turned into Dan the Man for me.
      Thanks for your support Roz.

  4. I never even bothered trying to be a waitress i knew better! I'm sure the red bottomed coffee stand has great business:)

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