Friday, September 25, 2015

Spanking and Sex on Happy Friday!

Hi, DH here!  I'm so glad it is once again Friday!  Even though I got to stay home most of the week. Chinese President Xi visited Seattle for a 3-day visit starting Tuesday, which made our typical gridlock even gridlockier.  And today I'm staying home because Friday.  :)  We had a serious tragedy in Seattle with a tour vehicle, The Duck - four people were killed and many were injured.  Our thoughts are with the survivors and the families affected.

As our regular readers know, we are trying to get pregnant.  This summer I went to Oklahoma to visit a surgeon who specializes in vasectomy reversals, and I went under the knife to have my boys reconnected.  Julia and I have been having sex every day, and it's been fun to do it while the kids are at school.  Yesterday, I had her dress in her schoolgirl skirt so I could take some sexy pictures of her.

With her skirt up and her panties revealing her perfect bottom underneath, I raised my hand and let it fall with a sharp slap.  She was bending over on her knees on our bed, with her ass high in the air; her skin was taught.  "Ow," she complained.  "That stings."  I drew my hand back and smacked the other cheek, watching her globe dance.  I let my hand fall several more times.

"Let's pull down these panties," I said.  She obediently straightened her legs and I pulled them down and off.  She took up the same position, and I caressed her cheeks which were now pink.  I resumed spanking her, swinging my hand hard against her naked butt.  

Smack!  Smack!  WHACK!  Both cheeks got my full attention as I spanked her hard.

After the spanking, Julia said that she wished I had talked more during, to anchor her to the present.  For some reason, I was totally lost in the moment, watching her as I spanked until my hand was directly over her sit spot.

"OH!  Ah!" she yelped, as my right hand made perfect contact at the tops of her thighs.  

"Spread your legs," I growled.  Maybe my lack of conversation was because my cock had become rock hard during the spanking, and I could think of nothing except driving it deep inside her pussy.  She spread her legs and I found her wet entrance with my thumb, and slowly pushed it into her.  She groaned as her lips parted and her pussy slowly gave way until my thumb was fully inside her.  I caressed her back with my other hand as I fucked my thumb in and out of her pussy.  I kept at it until her pussy was sopping wet.

"Turn over," I said.

"Should we try the pillow?" she asked.   She raised her bottom bottom high, and I pushed a pillow underneath.  I knelt between her thighs and then slowly, gently worked my cock into her waiting pussy.  The angle felt different, as if I was going in further than usual.   I held her legs hard behind her knees and gave my cock the reigns, letting my lust for my beautiful wife overcome my reason.  She had already come twice when I felt the undeniable pressure build in my balls, and then I exploded, shooting stream after stream deep inside her.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  We are going to try to find time to sneak off and have sex, which is fun to think about.  I can't wait until she's pregnant.  :)


  1. Hi DH, wow, sounds like a busy week in Seattle! What a terrible accident. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved.

    That sounded super hot! Good luck with the baby making...and enjoy practicing in the meantime :)


    1. Hi Roz! Yes, it was a huge week but we have had a very quiet weekend. :) And some good practice too.

  2. Glad your sex life is in full swing (not necessarily your spanking hand!)
    A similar accident happened with the Duck in Phila. About ten years back. They have a poor history on safety and it horrified e.

    1. Hi Kate, thank you! Yeah, I don't know why they are allowed to operate, they are antique machines.

  3. Hi DH, I have seen pictures of this accident in the news, it looked really awful.
    I am glad you are practicing so much, as practice makes perfect ... and happy. :) Wishing you lots of fun and joy.



    1. Hi Ni Na, yeah it was a really horrific accident, one of the worst we've had in a while here. Thanks for your kind wishes!

  4. Hi ther, oh what a terrible accident, sad news.
    Glad the baby making is such fun, long may it continue
    love Jan,xx

    1. Hi Rose! Yes, it's still playing on the news, really tragic. Thanks for the nice words! We are really giving it a go. ;)

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