Monday, October 12, 2015

Busy Mornings

Good Morning blogland, and Happy Monday!

No, those usually don't go well together, lol. I never like mornings on a Monday. Kids are rushing, DH is leaving, and I am left all alone in the house. Often a good thing, but on Monday mornings often like a slap in the face because it happens to quickly.


This morning, a beautiful morning here in the Pacific Northwest, I figured I would write a blog post, enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee and look out over our backyard while letting inspiration take its course.


Neighbor is at the door, her car is dead, can I drive her kid to school. Of course. Love being a helpful neighbor.

My mug forgotten, I drove them to school, a short enough drive, only to come back home to see DH's car back in the driveway. He is working from home today afterall.

So I made myself another cup on top of the old one (going to have a huge caffeine buzz in a minute), and I can hear DH in his office, but he is already in a meeting, which also explains his presence here today.

To sum it all up, no inspiration hit me, lol, but I wanted to say hi. So hi everybody. How are you doing? I got my period this past weekend, and my back didn't kill me, so I am doing pretty well.


  1. Hi Sweety! I am still in my meeting lol! Very nice post, and I will come out and join you for coffee in just a few minutes. :-D

  2. LoL, so, the two of you arrange everything for a cup of coffee via the blog now?! :) Great that you are having a good start into the week. We enjoy the last good weather in Hamburg and my bump is growing nicely. :) I haven't got back pain either (most times), but I cannot sit too long anymore, which is ok.
    Wishing you lots of fun for the next weeks and keeping fingers crossed for the baby!



    1. Glad to hear your bump is growing nicely, and no back pain, yeah!

      Thanks Nina!

  3. No baby this time. Gee whiz, you'll just have to keep practicing, won't you.?

    1. Not this time, maybe next time, but it could take a while longer, reading other people's stories after a VR.

      Definitely will keep trying!

  4. This made me smile, love how you two communicate via the blog :) Awesome that you don't have back pain this time Julia. Enjoy practicing :)


  5. Sharing organising coffee via blogland, that is interesting. Keep practicing for this baby and it will be here before you now it, still early days. Glad you aren't experiencing back pain at the moment.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Still very early for sure Lindy. Especially considering that after a VR, the sperm does not return right away....but still early, and not worried.
      Thank you Lindy.

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