Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Training Chapter 8

Shit!  Oh shit!  She was late!  She had spent the night at her mother’s after all, and her predictions had come true one after the other.  Exhausted, she had made a bed for herself on the lumpy couch in the living room, where she had fallen into a fitful sleep.  She had opened her eyes to the digital readout of the clock above the mantle of the small fireplace: 5:45 AM.  There was no way she was going to make it.

She threw off the old blanket she’d found and sat up on the couch.  Tears sprang to her eyes as she realized he would punish her for being late.  He had listed “tardiness” as one of the rules she had to obey, which meant she would probably get a spanking.  She had laid down fully dressed, so getting dressed amounted to reaching  down and pulling on her shoes.  Last night she’d matched her mother drink for drink, only hers had been soda while her Mom had slugged down vodka, and now Hannah really had to pee.  Daddy would let her go before he spanked her, wouldn’t he?  She bit her lip and moaned quietly, as she realized she didn’t know what to expect.   Then she sighed in exasperation and headed for her mother’s bathroom.

She drove carefully on her way to work, not wanting to add a traffic ticket to her list of transgressions.  The pit in her stomach deepened.  As she pulled through the parking lot, she saw blond curly hair at the window, and realized that Daisy was in the stand.  Trucks were lined up on both sides of the building.  The clock in her dashboard displayed 6:30 AM - she was a full half-hour late.  She stopped in the space she’d been parking in, and sat there with the engine running.  She could bail out right now, she thought.  He would still have to pay her for the week, and she could start looking for a new job today.  Her hands were still on the wheel, and she was looking out the windshield, wavering on the edge of her choice.  Then, as if it was moving by itself, her hand found the ignition, and turned off the key.  She sighed, and got out of her car, fished her uniform out of the backseat, and trudged into the office.

“Come in,” his voice called through the door.  Hannah turned the doorknob, swung the heavy door open, and stepped into the office.  Daddy was sitting behind his desk typing on the keyboard on his desk.  He was wearing a white dress shirt, which was open at his throat, revealing a white t-shirt underneath.  He looked up and leveled his gaze at Hannah.  Hannah had stopped walking when she crossed the threshold, and now she stood there as uncomfortable as the first time she’d met him.

“You’re late,” he said finally.  “Tardiness deserves a spanking.”  He returned his eyes to his monitor and starting typing again.  “I have some work to finish up.  Please stand in the corner with your nose to the wall, and wait for me.”  Hannah turned and walked quickly to the corner of the office, and stood with her hands on her head.  The flush of shame that had almost burned her face off when he glared at her was gradually fading.  She took solace in the coolness of the wall as she stood stock-still and waited for him to finish his work.  She could hear the keys clicking as he typed, and the sound of machinery humming in the warehouse on the other side of the wall.

“Pull down your pants,” Daddy said.  Hannah jumped at the sudden command, and then hurriedly pulled down her blue sweats and panties to mid-thigh.  She straightened and put her hands back on top of her head.  “No, all the way,” 
Daddy said.  Hannah froze where she was standing.  All the way?  He had never asked her to take everything off.  She wanted to turn her head and ask what he meant, but she felt like she should already know.

“Pull down your sweats and your panties all the way and take them off, and put them on the floor,” Daddy said, with exaggerated patience.  Hannah’s hands dropped to the waistband of her sweats at her thighs.  She paused for an additional second, and then pushed them down her legs.  She bent over and lifted first one leg and then the second out of the legs of her sweatpants - her black panties followed her sweats as she took them completely off and dropped them in a puddle on the floor.  From Dan’s seat behind his desk, her bare vulva was completely exposed between her legs as she bent to complete his request.  She stood back up again, and resumed to her position and clasped her hands on top of her head.  Hannah shivered, trying hard not to show it.  She felt absurdly naked, even though he had seen her naked butt every time he had given her a spanking.  

Hannah heard Daddy’s footsteps in the plush carpet, moving away from her.  His steps returned, and then stopped.  She held her breath, not daring to breathe, as she waited for his next command.

“Turn around,” Daddy commanded.  Hannah slowly turned to face him.  He had moved the large, old-fashioned chair to the center of the room.  It’s faded blue-green upholstery made Hannah think it belonged in a museum.  It’s thick padding was comfortable to sit on, though, and she liked the high arms.  Daddy was standing next to it, looking at her with a stern expression.  She was in for it, she thought miserably.  In addition to the crisp white dress shirt he was wearing, he had grey slacks on.  Her heart skipped a beat as she was temporarily overwhelmed by his masculine presence in the room.

“Come here, now.” 

Hannah walked forward, keeping her hands on her head, until she stood at the side of the chair.  She kept her eyes downcast, so that now she was looking at the blue-green padded arm.  Daddy took her chin in his hand, and forced her head up so that she was looking into his eyes.

“Hannah, it is never OK to be tardy,” Daddy said.  “When you are late, you make everyone around you late as well.”  Hannah’s eyes filled with tears.  

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said.  

“I know, Hannah.”  He released her chin and she returned her now-watery gaze to the arm of the chair.  She heard the clink of metal on metal, and realized he had unbuckled his belt.  She gasped silently at the sound of the leather sliding through the loops in his slacks as he pulled it out.  “To remind you not to be tardy again, I’m going to give you a spanking with my belt.”  She felt his huge hand on her back, strong and warm.  It steadied her, even as it applied gentle pressure.  “Bend over the arm of the chair,” he said.

Hannah complied.  The thick padding of the arm was now directly under her hips.  Her arms reached for the other side of the chair, where she could hold on during the impending punishment.  She stood like that for a moment with his hand still on her back, getting used to the position.  Then his hand left her back.

“Spread your legs,” Daddy said.  Again, Hannah froze, not fully understanding the command.  If she spread her legs in this position, she would be fully exposed during her spanking.  He couldn’t mean - 

“Now!” he barked.  

Hannah spread her legs until they were further apart then her shoulders, and then stood miserably waiting for the first lash from his belt.  Her backside was now totally exposed.  Her white cheeks jiggled slightly as she flinched, already anticipating the belt on her flesh.  The pink rosebud in the cleft of her bottom was visible, as were the closed, virginal lips of her pussy. She had no idea of what to expect.  His hand spankings were bad enough to make her not want to sit down for hours afterward.  

“Ready,” he said.  He said it as a warning, not a question.  And then, just before it landed on her skin, she heard the full length of the belt slice through the air.


“AAHH!”  It was fire.  She should have been expecting fire.  That was definitely the feeling the belt left behind on her ass - it was one thin strip of burning, roasted flesh.  He had laid the belt directly across the upper part of her cheeks, where a red stripe was already forming.  


“OHH AHH!”  This one was a little lower, and stung even worse.  He changed his swing so that he was able to hit one side with the tip of the leather belt, and swung again.


“AGH UHH AHH!”  Hannah was now crying in earnest, and trying to dance in place as he swung and connected twice more.  She had a death-grip on the other arm of the chair as she willed herself to hang on and not wildly throw an arm back to block the belt.

Dan was watching out for that very thing, of course.  His strokes were carefully measured, leaving plenty of time for him to catch an errant swing of either arm.

“I expect you to be on time from now on,” he said.  “Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, Daddy!”  Hannah cried as she bent over the arm of the chair.  Daddy pulled back and swung again.


“AYYYEE!”  Hannah shrieked as the belt landed on her exposed bottom hole.  The flat of his belt had striped across both buttocks from one side to the other, right across her opening.  With her legs spread wide, her cheeks offered scant protection against the supple leather as it seared her skin. She danced and wriggled her hips, desperate to stop the intense stinging that had been building up with each strike of the belt.  She cried, and flinched as she tried to prepare for the next blow.

“Last one, now,” he said.  “Stand still.”  Hannah steadied herself, and tried to hold still, as he drew his arm back and - 


This time the belt fell lower still, right across her tender sit spot.  As her cheeks were deformed by force of the swat, the belt made contact with her pussy, causing a stinging pain like no other she had ever felt in her young life.  It jolted and burned and combined with the firestorm that was already out of control where she used to sit down.

“AAAHHH HUH HAH!”  Hannah half-screamed, half-cried and danced again as Daddy let the belt fall to his side, and placed his left hand on her back.  Her bottom was beet-red, and some lines had formed where the edges of his belt had marked her skin.  Hannah slowly quieted under his touch, until she stopped crying.  Daddy kept his hand on her, gently massaging her back as she lay over the arm of the chair with her legs still spread wide.  She had tucked her arms under herself and now lay in the seat of the chair.  Daddy’s hand left her back and she heard the sound of his belt buckle rattling as he slid the strong leather through the loops in his slacks.

“Please stand up,” he said.  Hannah wiped the tears from her eyes, and slowly pushed herself up from the cushion of the chair.  She brought her legs together, and then carefully stood up, holding the arm of the chair for support with both hands.  Her right hand quickly found her bottom; she gasped and cooed in pain as she rubbed her cheeks.  Daddy’s hand fell on her shoulder, and she turned toward him as he pulled her into a hug.  He held her gently with her tear-stained cheek against his chest. 

“Shhhh,” he said.  “All is forgiven.”  Hannah instantly felt the swell of gratitude and relief at his words.  Her ass was killing her, but the pain was necessary to remind her of this lesson.  His forgiveness made it all worth it.  She sighed, and he released her.  She looked up into his eyes, and saw that he was smiling warmly at her, as if he were… proud?  “Good girl,” he said.  “I know that was a hard spanking, but I hope it will help you be on time from now on.”  Hannah felt her cheeks flush, and her eyes fell to the carpet, but she nodded.  She had learned her lesson, she thought fiercely.  She was never going to be late again.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good.  Please go get your clothes and get dressed in your uniform.”  He bent and picked up the heavy chair effortlessly, and carried it to the wall next to the leather sectional couch.  Hannah stood transfixed as she watched him easily settle the chair exactly where it had been before.  She didn’t think she would even be able to pick it up off the floor.  She went and got her sweats and panties.  She didn’t bother putting them back on for the quick trip to the bathroom.  He held the bathroom door open for her as she approached, still naked from the waist down.

“Today we’ll work on running the till,” he said, winking at her.

“OK, Daddy,” she said.  She walked past him into the bathroom and he let the door close behind her.  She stripped off her sweatshirt and bra and stuffed her clothing into the space next to her bin in the closet.  Would he inspect her after she was dressed?  Most likely, she thought.  She carefully pulled on the white, translucent thong from her garment bag, and then stood and viewed her poor, beaten flesh in the large mirror over the sinks.  It looked impossibly red with the white thong separating her buns.  The outside of her anus and little pussy were sore too, and chafed against the thin material against her crotch.  She quickly finished dressing and then applied makeup, brushed out her hair, and put it up in a bun.  She had found a decorative pin for her hair, and she put it in now, examining herself in the mirror.  The pin sparkled as it caught the light - she thought he would like that.  Most guys liked shiny.

She gulped as she thought about the spanking she had just received.  Thrashing was more like it.  He had kept his word, though, and spanked her for being late.  Hannah was beginning to understand that she could trust him to do what he said.  He had given her a spanking because she had not done what she said she would do - be on time.  This trust thing was new to Hannah, and she wasn’t quite confident she could do it.

But she sure was going to try.


  1. I love this scene, the way she feels just so terrible for being that late, then the standing there like that in that position. And after, all is forgiven and hopefully a lesson was learned.

    1. Aww, thanks Sweety! Yeah hopefully she's learned THAT lesson... :-D

  2. Hi DH, thank you for sharing more of your story with us. Really enjoyed this scene. It seems Hannah is starting to find safety and security with Dan :)


  3. Hi DH Poor Hannah that was some spanking. OUCH! Guess she learnt to be punctual in future.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Hi lindy! Yep, she will think about that one. :)

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