Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top 10 Blog Posts

Hi, DH here!  I'll admit it: Every once in a while, I review our blog stats.  It is a little navel-gazey, but it's also a good way to see what interests our readers.  Our blog's total views is at 456,484.  Almost half a million!  Thank you so much to all our readers.  Our regulars know that our blog started out as Julia's personal thinking spot where she mused about ttwd, sex, and our relationship.  Since that time, I joined in and also started a writing career!  Now we share, but the topics tend to remain the same: ttwd, spanking, sex, and us.  And my books [shameless plug]!

So, without additional ado, here's our "Top 10" blog posts by all time page views.

10. Why She Wants a Spanking ~ 2162

This post was "for the guys" who questioned (like I did) WHY she wants a spanking.  When we started out, it just didn't make sense to me.  Why did she want me to do this?  But as we kept at it, I started to discover the reasons and the huge benefits for her and for me.
9. Picture Friday - Outdoor Sex Edition ~ 2214
Julia's picture posts are always big draws.  Her eye for picking out sexy pics is amazing, and I haven't been the only to think so.  :)
8. Worshipping ~ 2750
This one by Julia is about cock worshipping - she put a warning right at the top: very graphic post advisory.  You've been warned!  :-D 
7. Spanking Implement Review #6 ~ 3343
As it turns out, the BIG Home Depot paint stirrers (not the small flimsy ones mind you) are GREAT for giving spankings in my woodshed.  Which is now a TARDIS.

6. 42 ~ 4778
This was a spanking challenge post - I said I would give Julia a swat for every comment we got.  And I did.  
5. Upskirt Spanking ~ 6526
There's a real upskirt pic in this post, but more importantly, you get crazy traffic by combining the words "upskirt" and "spanking" in the same title.  #justsayin'
4. Why to Spank your Wife ~ 6927
This is my follow-up post to my post on HOW to spank your wife.  Again for the guys new to the lifestyle, this post explains the benefits for both her and you.
3. Picture Friday - Our Spanking Positions ~ 9148
Smoking hot pic post by Julia - and putting Spanking Positions in the title was pure gold.
2. Over the Knee Spanking ~ 12274
This post is an EXCERPT from my book, Red Bottoms Espresso - Hannah's Training.  It started out with relatively little traffic, but has steadily picked up views, and even accelerated over time. 

And our number 1 blog post IS: 

1. How to Spank your Wife ~ 89174 views
I really looked for a title like this when we started ttwd, and I found a lot of help on the hows and whys, but never something that covered it end to end (heh).  So, I wrote this one for the guys that are just starting out like I was.  I was so confused when Julia came to me and asked for a spanking!  And even MORE confused as to how to give her one.  This post is based entirely on our experience, and I hoped to capture the most sacred elements of our dynamic when I wrote it: care, trust, and love.

There it is!  I can't say I have a favorite in this list, as I love Julia's posts as much as or more than my own.  If you have a "favorite" blog post of ours, is it in this list?  :)


  1. Wow DH, that's a lot of views! Congratulations! I always enjoy visiting here :) Those are great posts. I remember a lot of these and aren't really surprised at No.1.


    1. Hi Roz! Thank you, it has been so great for us to connect with you and everyone else and share our journey.

  2. They are all great posts DH and couldn't choose a favourite. You certainly get heaps of views. Well done.

  3. Hi DH, I liked the how to spank your wife article a lot too. They are all fun to read, but the how-to post is my favourite.



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