Monday, November 30, 2015

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Hi, DH here!  We had an AWESOME Thanksgiving weekend at our house, and I hope everyone who celebrates did too (or that you had an awesome weekend, even without).  It’s once again Monday, and I’m riding the bus into work.

Julia and I had one little glitch on Saturday.  A disagreement, actually.  It almost developed into Something Worse, but I think we were able to correct the direction we were headed before it was too late.  Saturday night, we slept together, but not together, if you know what I mean.  Our argument lay between us like our dog, big floppy limbs everywhere and no way to get comfortable.  I finally gave up and got up at 3:00 am.  

“Yeah, just get up then,” she yelled at me, half asleep.  I didn’t say anything - just got dressed and left our room.  Later she said, “You could have just taken the bull by the horns.”

I thought about that all day.  I realized she was talking about my lack of confidence to correct her in the moment, or at least take the dominant stand.  I’m OK with the abstract idea, but when my feet are put to the fire, I’m the first to assume that the dominant man in me isn’t wanted or appreciated right then, even though having that response would guarantee me everything I want: endless sex, hard, loving discipline of her beautiful bottom, and a very happy, submissive wife.

What the Hell?  How did we get so far and I still blink in the moment?  She wants me to be the top in our relationship.  She’s made a point of submitting to me, even when she doesn’t want to, or thinks I’m inconsistent.   And still I falter.

Yesterday the kids went off for a play date, and we were alone in the house.  “Sex?” she asked.  

“Yes, but first I want you to stand in the corner, with your panties pulled down,” I said.  

“Which corner?” she asked.  OK, I wasn’t specific enough.  My temper rose mildly, but I thought this would be a really bad time to overcorrect - I had been the one to dodge this moment in the heat of battle.

“Please face the closet door,” I instructed.  I left our room on the pretext of getting something, but I just wanted to walk out and let her stand there for a minute.  My cock had already sprung to half-mast in anticipation of what was to come.  I was thinking about the sex we would have after the spanking, but I reminded myself that this was about discipline, and restoring the exchange of power that I had let lapse.  The spanking was the important event; sex could wait.  I came back to find her standing quietly in our room, her bottom bared, staring at our closet door.

“Do you think you can bend over the bed?” I asked, mindful of her back.  She thought for a minute.

“I can lie over your lap,” she offered.  I positioned myself in the middle of the bed and she draped her hips over me, putting her ass under my left hand.  I caressed her cheeks and then lifted my hand and brought it down hard, slapping both of her cheeks in quick succession.  I spanked right and then left, watching her bottom dance as my hand struck.   She kept her legs straight as her butt starting turning pink.

I stopped and let my hand run up her back and then down her thighs, which were still pressed closely together.  “You were right,” I said.  “I didn’t take the bull by the horns last night, and I should have.”  I caressed her a minute longer, and then brought my hand back up, a little higher than normal.  I brought it down hard with a resounding slap.

“Oh!” she said.  I started spanking her hard, letting the swats fall with abandon.  I let myself express my correction of her behavior by making contact with her ass.  It’s hard to explain how, but every swat seemed “right” after that, as I made each one leave a mark on her skin.  They fell high on her buttocks, and then low at the tops of her thighs.  Her legs started to move as I did not relent, circling strikes around her sit spot until I let one fall on diamond-shaped opening at the top of her thighs.

Thwack!  Thwock!   THWOCK!  

“AHH!  OHH!”  Her legs kicked off the bed my hand kept falling hard on the same spot, where her sex hid at her core.  I swung harder and made contact with her pussy.


“Spread your legs,” I commanded.  Her legs jumped apart, and I put my thumb at the wet entrance of her pussy and pushed inside.  She groaned as the tip of my thumb slid between her lips.  I resumed spanking her with my thumb inside her, landing the swats so that my fingers landed hard on her bottom hole.

Slap!  Whack!  Slap!  Every time I made contact she jumped forward, only to push back against my thumb, which was now firmly embedded deep in her pussy.

We finished with me behind her, coming into her pussy in an unrelenting torrent (it felt like).  As it turned out, this bull was horny, and capable of being dominant after all.  ;)  My bus is almost to Seattle, so I’m signing off for now - I hope everyone has a great Monday and a good week.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shed Sex Baby-making Edition

Hi, DH here! Last night, Julia and I snuck out to the woodshed for a rendezvous before dinner.  Her app says she’s ovulating and on top of that we were BOTH horny and ready to go.  So, before dinner we went out back and entered the shed.  

“Should we turn on the light?” Julia asked.  It was pitch black out there, and cold as well.

“Nah, let’s do it in the dark,” I said.  She didn’t respond.  I reached for her and realized she’d already dropped to her knees.  She pulled down my sweats and nuzzled me, and then took me into her mouth.  My erection hadn’t become… erect yet, so she sucked my whole cock into her mouth, letting my balls rest on her chin.  

“Uhhh,” I said.  “You are such a good girl.”  She sucked harder in acknowledgment, and then pulled back until I fell out of her mouth.  She took it back in and then started sliding her mouth back and forth over my stiffening length, still able to fit all of it each time.  I put my hand on her head and pulled her close.

“Ack urgh,” she said as my cock filled her throat.  She gagged and I pulled out.  I grabbed her hair hard as my need took over and pulled her head forward as my hips drove my cock into her mouth and out again as I fucked her mouth.  The sounds of her slurping my cock filled our woodshed.

“You’re making me want to come in your mouth,” I groaned.  That wasn’t the point though: We were out here to make a baby.  I suddenly wished she was licking my balls and then she was, driving me absolutely crazy by running her tongue across my ball sack and then up and down my throbbing dick.  She sucked me deep inside her mouth again, and then let my cock out of her mouth with a pop.

“Uhh,” I said.  “You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said.

“Do you think you can bend over using my chair?”  I have a foam camping mat out there, which we’ve done doggy-style on before as a Plan B.  

“Yeah my back feels really good today,” she said.  She turned around and I heard her bend over.  Magically, her pants were gone and my hands made contact with her skin as I reached for her hips and moved close behind her.  I put my thumb in my mouth, and then found her entrance with it and slowly worked it into her pussy.  “Mmmm ohhh,” she said as finally had it all the way inside her tight pussy.  I kept at it, sliding my thumb in and out of her as she got wetter and wetter.  I used the natural lube to coat the outside of her lips until I was satisfied that my cock would have enough, and then I stood, lined up with her wet hole and pushed the head of my hardon into her.  Her pussy was hot and tight and we moaned together as I finally breached her labia.

It was dark.  I couldn’t see anything as I pushed forward, finally reaching the end of her vagina with the head of my cock.  I strained further still, wanting to fill every part of her, until our bones were mashed together, and then pulled out.  My eyes must of crossed, and my shirt was really bugging me.  Even though it was cold, I ripped it off so we could proceed undistracted, and then carefully  re-entered her, establishing a rhythm until we both exploded as I shot stream after stream of hot semen into her.

“Don’t pull out,” she yelled, “Your cock feels so good in my pussy!”  We stayed as we were, her pussy clenching my cock and milking the very last of my (hopefully virile) seminal fluid, until she finally stood again.  We dressed quickly, and then made out way back out into dark evening.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to those who are celebrating, and we wish everyone a good weekend and a good start to the Holidays.  :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bottoming From the Top

Hi, DH here!  I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S.  We’re going over to my Sister’s house as part of our long-standing tradition to not eat a turkey (she calls it her non-traditional-Thanksgiving-extravaganza).  It should be really fun and she is an awesome cook, so we’re really looking forward to it.

I’ve been hearing this phrase out there on the internets, “topping from the bottom.”  In my rough understanding (forgive me if I miss any subtleties) I think this basically means that the person who is submissive in the relationship is taking the upper hand in a given moment.  Sitting in the driver’s seat, if you will.  Wearing the pants, if that metaphor applies.  Being the DOM.  Julia and I have moments like that, where she asserts herself in a less than submissive manner.  When I was suffering from depression, this was how our relationship worked.  She handled all the big decisions, and gave me instructions to follow.  When we started TTWD, I had to learn how to bring out my dominant side and “man up” in our relationship.  We used tools like spanking (and tools FOR spanking), and I gradually became the man of my own house.  Not just for her either - our kids (and our neighbors’ kids) respect me because I demand it.  If I had regrets, one would be that I wasn’t more dominant for my older children.

Even now I still have less-than-dominant tendencies.  Julia and I have a rule: She’s not allowed to smack my bottom.  Not a “real” spanking, just in passing, like I’m walking by in the kitchen and she sees my ass and gives it a little smack.  I think that undermines my position of authority as the person who doles out the spankings, not receives them, so that’s a no-no.  It’s not worthy of disciplining her (in my mind), but I will remind her not to when it happens.  At least most of the time.  Sometimes I don’t because I think it’s funny.  And darn it all if I don’t stick it out there once in a while for her to do it.  Because funny!  She thinks it’s funny too, and it would just be a normal part of our relationship EXCEPT I am supposed to be the “top” in our relationship, and she is the sub.  

Last night I had to work late, and I wanted to give a spanking before she went to sleep.  She complained that her back hurt, and I knew it was true.  She took a bad step in our front yard as we were hanging our Christmas lights, and although she was feeling better this morning, there was no way I wanted to take her over my lap.  Her back has been a constant source of pain and discomfort for her for years now, and we’ve finally gotten to a place where she’s able to function as a person again, so I don’t take chances with her tender vertebrae.  I also don’t believe (for a second) that a more dominant man would either, if he truly cared for her as I do.  So, we snuggled for a bit and I let her go to sleep, and then worked long into the wee hours of the morning.  We had crazy good sex this morning in our continuing attempts at pregnancy, and I think we’re happy.

She seems happy.  I’m CRAZY happy!  So I think we’re good.  We have a ton of distractions in our lives of course, but through it all we manage to stage power exchanges, some overt, and some not.  One thing we DON’T do is struggle for control.

So, maybe I do “bottom from the top” from time to time.  Maybe she takes a little advantage, and smacks my butt in the kitchen (which usually causes us both to laugh).  It could be true that we do what she wants at 6:00 am on a Sunday when she wants to view the sunrise from the top of the park-and-ride, but I claim it’s only because she’s a genius, and the results always speak for themselves.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pre-dawn spanking and a BJ surprise

Good morning, DH here!  We had a very early session this morning before I went to work.  This last summer, my car broke down and our neighbor was nice enough to give me a ride to the bus park-and-ride where I caught his bus to work.  I don’t typically ride the bus - the train is way more convenient for me, and doesn’t get stuck in traffic.  Now, HIS car is totaled, so I’m driving him.  The only downside is that we have to leave earlier to catch his bus.

And, you know, ride the bus.  :p

“I want you to climb over my lap,” I said.  My alarm had gone off and it was COLD in our room, but I sat up nevertheless and she obediently positioned herself.  I love watching her crawl over and place her bottom under my hand.  “I’m going to give you a spanking to remind you to be on your best behavior today,” I said.  I pulled down her panties, exposing her beautiful bottom.  My cock started getting hard immediately, seeing her ass in the pre-dawn light in our room.  I raised my hand and let it fall hard.  Smack!  It was hard to concentrate.  I let myself caress her, and then started spanking her in earnest.

Slap!  Slap!  WHACK!  “Oooh,” she said.  “We need to put more pictures on the walls, it really echoes in here,” she complained.

Post-coffee-me would have said, “Huh.  You’re right, it is a skosh on the echoey side.  We SHOULD hang some more decorations in the this living area.”

Pre-coffee-me said, “Uh.”  I aimed low for her sit spot and spanked her several more times, until I could feel the sting in my hand.  

Slap!  WHACK!  WHACK!  She moaned as my hand connected one last time with the opening at the top of her thighs, and then I resumed massaging her cheeks.  I finished by pulling up her panties.  She shifted her hips and pulled herself off my lap, and then her head was near my lap.  I smiled.  She’s at the tail-end (heh) of her period, so we don’t have sex after a spanking like that.  In fact, I don’t usually even spank her when she’s - UHHHHH!  My rock-hard cock disappeared into her mouth and my world turned inside out.  She took the shaft deep and then sucked hard as she let my head rest between her lips.  My hand went to the top of her head as she swallowed it again, taking as much as she could in her throat.  

“Ahh,” I said as my cock popped out of her mouth.  

“Wow, you are really hard,” she said.  She played with it a little while longer, and then it was time to get up and get ready for work.

So, made the bus, where I am typing this right now, and we are almost in Seattle.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, and a great week.  :) And thank you to everyone for participating in LOL Day. I am so fortunate that it falls on my birthday! Thank you for my birthday wishes too.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's LOL Day!

Yesterday morning, before writing this post, I was lying in bed wide awake at 5 am in the morning. Its my thing. I wake up at five and I am done sleeping, although that doesn't mean I will get up, not if I can help it. Anyway, yesterday, I remember lying there, and all of the sudden, it really was like shock therapy bringing to mind LOL Day, and I suddenly feared I had missed it!

Just in case you are not yet aware what LOL day stands for, its Love our Lurkers. Its the one time of the year that we bloggers ask those of you who like to keep hidden and read as a guilty pleasure without ever leaving a comment, to maybe consider coming out and leaving a comment!

And a big thank you to Hermione to help keep this tradition alive!

And you know how I knew it was LOL Day must be approaching?

Because its DH's birthday today!!! Just like last year, and the year before, and, man, I had no clue I have been blogging for this long already!
Last year, we spent DH's birthday without power after a big windstorm therefore this year is already starting out better although I did start my period this morning.  :(

I saw this the other day in blogland and have been giggling about it ever since.

 Happy LOL Day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LOL Day - Did I miss it?

Title says all, I think.

I mean I have been a little absent, and I know Bonnie is not as active anymore, but no LOL Day?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not Good Enough For Space

Hi, DH here.  You know how every once in a while, you get a wake-up call?  I had one of those yesterday.  An old recruiter friend of mine hit me up on linkedin and asked me to interview at the company he just started working for, whose goal is space tourism.  Basically, my fantasy job.  I’ve been fascinated by all things space since I can remember. The Apollo missions?  I was on the edge of my seat as a 4-year-old.  The demotion of Pluto?  Yeah, I cried.  The missions to Mars?  I can’t look away.  Space… tourism?  Yeah!  The United States once had a mission to boldly go out there, but I think greed and corruption took the wind out of THOSE (space) sails.  Or, I guess it’s possible that the human race has just naturally lost its curiosity about things not of this world, and has decided that good old planet Earth is all we need.

Yeah, I don’t buy that either.

Private industry to the rescue!  The players all tend to be rich dudes*, of course, with an eye to getting richer through making space available to the masses.  Awesome!  My dream was to join one of these organizations as a software tester and chase my dream into the stars.  Talk about employee discount, right?


I had my interview for an un-named position at a location I can’t disclose and… no call back.  I know the interviewer personally so that is a bad sign.  Plus, I really didn’t think I did very well during the interview.  I wasn’t counting on answering coding questions, which I don’t do very well on a piece of paper, but ask they did.  My performance just wasn’t good enough.  Julia can tell you I struggle with interviews.  Now I’m wondering if I’m even good enough for the job I currently hold.  And even if I am, I’m still wondering if/when/why they haven’t/won’t get back to me.
You know?

Oh well.  Here’s my inspiration for wanting to have a space job in the first place.

*I don’t know of any women who are privately funding space exploration/mining/touring companies.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  ;)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Morning Sex and Zombies

Hi, DH here!  I am once again taking over Julia’s blog, like a carnivorous blob of taking-over…-ness… OK, Halloween is still on my mind ;).  We had a great time at our house!  The kids had a sleepover and went out trick-or-treating block-party style.  I got to stay home and hand out candy; we had a LOT more visitors than last year, which was fun.  Even the weather cooperated, not raining nearly as hard as it could have.

In spite of sleepovers, Halloween candy runs, and other general weekend mayhem, Julia and I also got some time in for trying to conceive.  I really prefer to have sex in the evenings.  I am NOT a morning person.  My brain doesn’t work right until I’m awake, which can take a while in my case.  I can sort of function, but I have a lot of trouble figuring things out (or more trouble than usual), and I can also recognize the fact that I’m incapacitated, which makes me embarrassed and ergo grumpy.

Not pretty.

The remedy is coffee, of course, but lately we’ve been having sex long before the machine ever turns on.  Throw in the switch back to Standard time, and we were “awake” at 4:00 am.  My back and my hip have been really bothering me in bed, so she offered me her side.  We switched, and then at some point (I forget exactly when) she said, “You wanna roll over on top of me?”  Having a heartbeat, I said, “Uhhh…!” which translates from Zombie to, “Why, I’d be obliged ma’am, I am coming right over.”  Minutes later, I found myself on my knees between her legs, thrusting as hard as I could into her wet pussy.  I tried to form complete thoughts in my head, like, “I should wait until she comes first,” or, “Perhaps we should try a different position,” and then I came hard, pumping her full of (hopefully) virile, white sperm.

And so we keep trying.  We talked over the weekend and both agreed that even though we haven’t got a bun in the oven just yet, we are having a great time trying.  She’s been recording each time on her app, and it’s been almost every single day.  Yeah!  And while most of those sessions have been early morning, Julia has been very gracious with having sex with me, even though it’s been like having sex with a zombie.