Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Playing with Sex Toys

Maybe you have noticed the recent change on my blog: I signed up as an affiliate for this sex toy webstore. If you get a chance, check it out!

So in the spirit of sex toys, I figured I would write up a little something on what we have....

We have several dildos. :D A simple one that doesn't even vibrate anymore just like this one. And a much fancier one. Its weird. Usually, I tend to go with less is more, but not in this case. I much prefer our fancier dildo.

Anal Toys
It took us a few years to figure out we both like anal play. And then it took us another few years together to actually admit it to one another, therefore you can imagine just how long it took for us to get an anal toy. But we finally did. An anal plug, just like this one.

At the moment, we are not using any lube, since it interferes with the whole baby-making, but generally we do use it. We have gone through lots of different types and I really prefer the type that gets warm and tingly, like this one. What about you?

We have lots of paddles! Ranging from floppy to rigid ones, wooden ones, a belt only meant for spanking, and even some wooden spoons. When we first started ttwd, and spanking was a constant on my mind, I would bring home all kinds of implements, check out my implement reviews. My personal favorite paddle is this one though. We received as a gift from a reader! This is her store.

Sex Swing
We do not have one, although have heard in lengths from a friend who just wouldn't shut up about it. Seriously, he never stops, lol.
I think it looks like fun, but at this point in our lives, I can't imagine having it anywhere in the house and having the kids even just see the anchors.  :D

Nevertheless, it looks like a lot of fun. Any experience you would like to share?

Here is the link again, go check it out, although, I can tell you, its not office safe/  :D


  1. RAWR! Nice post, Sweety! So you like the fancier dildo? Huh. I did not know that! I'm going to have to take advantage of my new-found knowledge. :-D

  2. There's a lube called Pre-Seed that's baby-making friendly. As far as anchors for the sex swing, get some hanging plants. Just take down the plants when it's playtime and replace them when playtime is over.

    1. Hi Dana, ooh smart! Now I want a swing. :) And thanks for the lube suggestion.

    2. Dana, you got it all figured out, lol. What great ideas!

  3. We mostly use coconut oil for lube. It doesn't get all weird and sticky like the lubes we have tried, and it is good for the :)

    1. Interesting! I've never heard of that. Sounds edible too! Thanks for the tip.

    2. Coconut oil is great for a lot of stuff! A quick Google search for "uses for coconut oil" will show you it is not just for cooking.


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