Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's been so long!

Omg, too funny, its been so long that I didn't even remember my password and had to reset it!

That strikes me as really funny while also very spot on.

Its been a long time!

I feel kind of sorry, and guilty, but at the same time, just haven't been in the mood to share, or even been in the mood for anything sexy. I know, poor DH, right?

I miss being pregnant, but I can feel my libido coming back online again. Slowly. Very slowly, which is good, since we still share a bed with an infant at the moment anyway.

Speaking off, she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I look at her constantly thinking that. I don't even remember thinking that with our other two. But I must have, especially because this one looks almost exactly like our first. Funny how that goes.


Hi everyone.

I am still here.

Thank you for all the well wishes over the last months. This whole year basically. I truly appreciate it and loved reading everyone's comments on DH's posts.

I love you DH. You have been such a rock of strength.
Now get back to finishing your story!!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Government jobs should be like jury duty

Hi, DH here!  Happy Halloween!  Our little monsters are excited to go trick-or-treating tonight, although it's raining buckets at the moment.  Hopefully the rain will let up by this evening. 

Julia and our new baby have been doing really well.  We are almost at week three, and the adjustments we've made as a family to accommodate our bundle of joy seem almost normal now.  This will be her first Halloween, but she will stay inside this year, heh.  My job is to take the older girls out in the neighborhood, which can be scarier than it sounds.  I'm always amazed by the amount of traffic we get, and not everyone is looking out.

Today I'm at jury duty.  Fun!  I'll get paid 11 dollars for the privilege of missing work to participate in the legal system that our country is built on.  Regardless of political views, I believe that government would run much more efficiently if elected officials were like jury members.  No 6-figure income, or taking money from lobbyists, or special treatment because you are a Senator.  Imagine how fast legislation would get resolved when  people would want to be done quickly, instead of enjoying the position, so they could get back to their jobs?  The point of jury duty is SERVICE: I'm here to serve the needs of my community, through my own personal sacrifice.  I expect no less from my "representatives."

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Training Chapter 9

Dan slipped the transmission into reverse, and eased the large white truck backwards out of its spot at the loading dock at the back of the warehouse.  He and Mike were headed to the big box home improvement store to pick up lumber for their latest project.  The backup cam’s monitor displayed no obstacles behind him as he smoothly pulled out, and then shifted into drive and pulled out onto the highway.  Dan loved the the big box van.  He’d built wooden shelves for the interior to store his tools, which were meticulously organized.  Heavy power tools went in the bottom racks that ran the entire length of both interior walls.  A red tool chest stood strapped to the wall, and a table saw stood toward the front of the large cargo area.  He used the truck for on-site work, which included assembling coffee stands that he and Mike built at the shop.  They had to use a much bigger truck to haul the prefabricated walls for each coffee stand that they built, but this truck was great for hauling lumber, which was what he was going to do today.

“Stacy’s leaving, eh?”  Dan glanced sidelong at Mike, and nodded.

“Yeah, her last day is the end of the month,” Dan said.  Mike smiled and nodded.

“It’s a shame, I’ll miss her,” Mike said.  

“You and me both,” Dan agreed.  “But, she’s going to have a great time at Western, and a great life after that.”  Dan unconsciously swelled with pride.  He was proud of all of his girls, but Stacy was the first of them to go to a four-year university.  

As he drove, Dan thought about his newest employee, Hannah.  If she made it through her initiation, Hannah would be taking the role of Buttercup.  Stacy was headed to Western Washington University to start her college career. Start her college career.  Dan let that phrase echo in his head for a moment, feeling as proud as any father.  Stacy  had started serving coffee at the stand two years ago much like Hannah was starting now.  Stacy had also had a very rough childhood as a foster child, and had dropped out of high school.  Dan had patiently leaned on her until she had earned her G.E.D., and then he started planting dreams of higher education in her head, until she had taken the plunge and applied.

“How’s the new girl working out - what was her name?”

Dan smiled.  “Hannah,” he said.  “It’s really too early to tell,” he said thoughtfully.  He pulled into the parking lot of the store, next to the loading area.  

“But so far, so good.”

At that moment, the “new girl” was pulling into her friend’s apartment complex parking lot.  Her uniform was safely put away in its garment bag, lying on the back seat behind her.  Even though it had only been a few days,  she liked working at the stand.  The spankings had been hard, and the hours had been early, but she felt like she was learning a valuable skill.

She drove to the back of the lot, deftly skirting speed bumps, and parked in her usual non-reserved spot.  She got out and pulled her uniform out of the back seat, locked her car, and then walked across the parking lot as a light snow flurry started.  She walked up the three flights of stairs to the door numbered “230” and unlocked the door.  The apartment was silent, and Hannah was grateful.  She suddenly realized she had never been so tired, partly due to getting up so early that morning, but also because she had worked six hours at a new job.

She walked to the small dining room where “her” couch was against the wall.  She had turned it so that it faced inward, taking advantage of what little privacy it afforded her.  She didn’t have a room in the single room apartment.  She had been living here with Renee after her stepfather had kicked her out of the house.  Hannah was supposed to pay $300 a month for the roof over her head.  So far, she had only managed $50.  She desperately wanted to move out to her own place, but so far, it had been impossible.  The money she had earned during her training would caught her up with rent for the month, and by next week, she should have the next month covered, too.  She yawned widely as she thought that things were looking up.

Hannah kicked off her shoes and crawled over the arm of the worn couch, and then lay down and pulled the thick sleeping bag that was folded at the foot of the couch up over her head.  She turned over so she was lying on her tummy, and turned her head so her face was facing the back of the couch.  Here in the corner of the apartment, it was hard to see her in the dim light.  Someone could walk in and not even find her if she was lucky.  Her breathing slowed and she snuggled deeper into the cushions.  She pushed her hand down to her waist.  She was still wearing her sweats and her panties.  Her hand slipped under her waistband as she thought about Daddy’s spanking that morning.  Her legs spread as she worked her fingers into her panties, finally making contact with her clitoris.

Hannah sighed under the sleeping bag and pushed it off her face to make a small air passage, sleepily feeling herself become more aroused.  She still couldn’t believe she had  arrived at Daddy’s office late that morning.  Even though it was concealed under the sleeping bag, her face blushed at the memory.  She had wanted to blame her mother for being late, but Mom hadn’t been there to share her spanking.  

She hitched her hips up a little higher to give herself better access to her bare mound.  She thought of lying over Daddy’s lap, his steel-hard legs supporting her.  She slowly circled her finger, rubbing her clit through her labia.  Her fingers moved faster on her as she remembered her spanking with his belt that morning.  That experience had opened a new world to her.  She had been shocked when he told her to spread her legs as she stood bent over the padded arm of his antique high-backed chair.  She was already naked below the waist, and when she spread her legs, the cool air of the office seemed to expose her even more.  She had slowly realized the reason for this position: His belt would strike everywhere, including her little pussy.

Hannah’s hips pushed down as she dipped her index finger into her sopping wet virgin pussy, and then used the slick wetness on her clit.  She remembered the lash of the belt on her skin as it striped her ass without mercy.  Hannah moaned quietly under the sleeping bag on the couch, her fingers working furiously under her panties.  Her breathing accelerated as she remembered the unrelenting blows from his supple belt, and the feeling each one made on her skin.  She imagined him standing beside her, arm raised, the belt slicing through the air…

“Mmmm ahhhh,” she groaned, as her orgasm flooded through her.  She unconsciously ground her pelvis down against the cushion. Her pussy spasmed as she came, as she kept stimulating her clit.  Her breathing slowed as her orgasm gradually subsided, and she let herself drift into sleep, her hand still inside her panties.

She slept in unconscious, dreamless sleep until she woke suddenly; Hannah’s sleeping  bag had disappeared.  She was still lying on the couch on her tummy, in the same position she had been in when she fell asleep.  But where was her nice warm sleeping bag?  It couldn’t have fallen off the couch,  as there was nowhere for it to go.  As her reasoning skills slowly returned, she realized that someone must have removed it from her while she was sleeping.  What the fuck?  Fully awake now, she sensed the presence of people in the apartment -  she gave a small scream and flipped over on her back.

“Oh my GOD,” said a loud, familiar voice.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oh Baby!

She's here!  Julia delivered our baby girl (finally!), and I'm very proud and happy to say that both she and our lovely new daughter are doing fine.  She weighed in at just over 8 pounds, and all of her nurses said she is a strong baby!  Which I agree with, of course.  ;)  Julia and I are so happy and excited to be starting this new chapter for our family, and trying to capture and enjoy every minute.  In some ways, this seems all brand new, like we've never had kids before.  

Thank you so much for the kind words and wishes over the last 10 months as we took this journey, it really means a lot to us to have your support.  I hope everyone is enjoying a healthy, prosperous Fall, and preparing for the season to come.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rough patch

Hi, DH here.  I'm going through a bit of a personal rough patch, and I really feel like I don't have anyone to talk to.  So, dear reader, you are my ear tonight, even if in the end, I'm only writing this to read myself.

Julia is doing great.  Her due date is getting very close, and we are preparing the house (and the girls) for our new arrival.  Some things seem so familiar: The changing table, decorating the nursery, getting a stroller, and thinking about buying diapers (disposable all the way, sorry, I don't think they even make safety pins anymore).  She's tired more often now, so I frequently get up before she's awake, and sleep long after she's gone to bed.  It's time to start planning our trip to the hospital, and preparing for contingencies in case I'm at work, or the baby comes faster than we're expecting.

In many ways, I feel much more connected to Julia and our unborn baby than I did the last two times around.  The other night, she said I fell asleep with my hand on her tummy, feeling the baby move.  She woke me up last night and grabbed my hand - that kid was doing gymnastics!   Julia said she's never been woken up by constant movement before, that was a first.  Every time she's invited me, I've wanted to feel our child moving under her skin, and I've been telling her every single day how beautiful she is (really!), and how proud I am to be the Papa of our child.

And yet... I feel like it's not enough.  Like I'm not doing enough, or haven't done enough, or that what I have done has gone unnoticed, unwanted, or all for nought.  It's probably the stress of having another baby (this makes 5 for me), or maybe the combination of not having a vacation in a LONG while, plus the frantic work I've been doing to marshall our finances, such as refinancing our house (tip: including the CEO's email address when you feel like your "representative" dumped you can really speed things along :-D ).   I have this unending feeling of dire dread in the pitt of my gut, and I can't sleep or eat because of it, and I am just a skosh edgy as well.

Work is the same.  I got into a verbal argument with someone today, who demanded to know why I wasn't doing things his way.  I don't report to him in any way, but I did try to answer his questions, he just wasn't liking my answers (or me).  It's the first time in my professional career when someone has just walked out on me.  Now, just to add to all the fun, I am seriously looking for a new job.  Hope I can get insurance before the baby comes!  Right?  Wish me luck on my phone interview at 9:30 am Monday morning.

UGH.  My friend at work says, "Be less angry."  Julia says, "Be less angry."  But no one is interested in what I have to say, or how I'm feeling.  Just... keep bringing home the cash, keep doing every stupid thing they say at work, and keep my feelings to myself.

I keep thinking karma will catch up with me at some point.  You know how bad people do bad stuff, and you see it, and you think, "Ooooo, karma's gonna get you someday...."  Yeah, I pretty much only do GOOD stuff, so I keep thinking the other way - I'm going to get rewarded!  Lol.  I gave up my window seat for my colleague (we work on the 31st floor of a building with a really nice view, so it means something), and the deal was that we would get our cubes re-configured.  Nope.  Nothing.  It's been 2 weeks now.  Money didn't fall out of the sky either, and now the same guy is telling me to be less angry.  Hmm.  Next time he can move to the garage with his red Swingline stapler.

I haven't written in 2 months, and I basically feel like giving up on my writing career that isn't going anywhere anyway.  Every year I get older, I realize that any dreams I may have had are now encapsulated in a 401K with a 10K balance.  I'm certain I'll be forced to retire before our youngest is 18, so I'm thinking of a new career that doesn't have an age limit, like maybe Old Man of the Sea, or stand-in stunt double for Keanu Reeves.  Those are my only choices.  :-D

I know, I know, y'all are like, welcome to my life!  I get it.  But maybe you have someone to talk to about it, and I just need a big, internetty friend right now.

Even if it's just myself.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pregnant Pause

Hi, DH here!  It's been forever since we've posted here, but only because we've been totally focused on Julia's pregnancy  (which is going well) and our typical Summer routine, which includes Oma visiting from Germany at the moment. ;)

Julia is officially in her third trimester, and the baby's due date has been penciled in as October 4th.  We're excited!  Julia found a like-new jogging stroller, and she's been slowly gathering all of the necessay items and furniture for Baby.  We are also moving our girls' rooms around a little so the new addition has a nursery.  Fun times. :)

So, life is good for us.  We don't have much  of a sex life at the moment, which can make for some dry blog posts (if you get what I'm saying) BUT I will fullfill a promise I made a long time ago, and finish publishing the final chapters of Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah’s Training right here on the blog this week.

I hope everyone is having a good summer in spite of recent world events, and that there's some sizzle out there beyond the fences of my pasture. 😂 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's a Girl!

Hi, DH here!  We had our “20 week” ultrasound last week, and it’s a girl!  It was a little bit of a shock - we were all calling her Junior before we knew, so now we need a new nickname for the baby although Juniorette is working for now lol!  To be honest, we were hoping for a boy, but we love girls too, and now Julia’s busy buying baby onesies and thinking about how to decorate the nursery.  Fun!  

Life has been really good for us lately.  We are not pursing any kind of ttwd activities, which feels right.  I am still the head of our household and firm when I need to be, but our focus is on Julia’s pregnancy; when I take her in hand these days, it’s to get her to rest, or not take on too much strenuous activity.  May is officially Julia’s month at our house.  Mother’s Day is a big event of course, but her birthday is May 24th (huge day), and May is special to Julia just because.  In Germany, I think it’s regarded as the most beautiful month of the year.  Our weather has also been cooperating - I’ve taken some of the most amazing pictures of my life in the last few weeks.

I’m still working on book 3 in the Red Bottoms Espresso series - I haven’t been spending much time writing lately, but I hope to get back to it soon.  In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a nice Spring, and here’s to a fantastic Summer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Second Trimester

Hey guys!

I know it seems like I haven't been online in forever, and you are right! For some reason I still enjoy not getting my laptop out every morning and starting to work like I did. I have worked part time for a local business over the last few months, but as it it spring time now, the job has dwindled down a bit, and I am left with less to do. But there is sun! So now I get to focus on house projects again, and napping of course.
My belly is growing, today I am wearing a shirt that states "I make beautiful babies". :) My children keep hugging me and then the belly. Its so cute and amazing to see this journey from their point of view.
We haven't had another appointment yet again since DH wrote last time (you know, the goat post), and won't be going back again until after our 20 week anatomy scan in a couple of weeks. For which I am very anxious and excited! In the mean time, we bought a doppler and I get to listen to baby's heartbeat whenever I need to be assured that there really is someone growing inside me.

DH and I are doing really well despite a long gap in sexual encounters. To top of the pregnancy thing, I had to take antibiotics and had a horrible yeast infection. I never get those so it was just awful and I am still mending. But finally, I am feeling a bit horny again and can't wait to jump DH's bones.

There have been no spankings, and only few references to any, but at the same time it seems to be on both our minds. I feel like I haven't been too much of a hormonal mess yet, although there have been some moments of hearing myself and thinking why in the world am I saying these things?

I hope this blogpost finds you well and hopefully you have some sunshine peaking out like we have been these last few days!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Out to Pasture

Hi, DH here!  In Julia's tradition of a Friday (OK, Thursday) picture post, I am posting some hot manly man images to accompany my post today.  I have to admit I've been working out a bit lately, late at night, in my man shed.  I love doing pushups, and can now do more than 50, which isn't bad for being 51!

Sometimes it seems like vanity, but on the other hand, I want to stay in shape.  Julia is 20 years younger than me, so getting old isn't an option.  Working out helps me feel young, in addition to looking young. 

But since we've gotten pregnant, there hasn't been very much of this:

Or this:

To some extent, I know it's me.  I told Julia that I feel like I've been put out to pasture, like a STUD, meaning no sex anymore.  Somehow, in the conversation, I made a goat sound instead of whinnying like a horse.  Now she refers to me as the old goat in the pasture ;)

©  | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Yesterday, we saw her Dr. and we heard the heartbeat!  140 beats per minute, pumping away.  She's been worrying that there's no baby in there, so that was quite a relief.  Next visit we'll get the "official" ultrasound.

So I will keep working out, and trying to tempt her with my goat-like prowess, although my balance is horrible and I hate the taste of aluminum cans.  Having a love-life while pregnant is a beautiful, but different experience, heh.  And I'm still working on my next "big" blog post, although I'd better hurry up and get it out there, before it's too late: Should I spank my wife when she's pregnant?

Happy Thursday Friday!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Life in the first Trimester

Hello blogland,

and thank you very much for all the well wishes! We both truly appreciate them! We haven't told a lot of people in real life yet, but are starting too. I am now at 11 weeks, nausea, which happened mid-afternoon and then moved toward evening has disappeared and last night I actually slept most of the night. (BIG Accomplishment)
We have finally told our children, who reacted exactly as I thought they would - the older, almost eleven year old almost started crying she was so excited to have a baby to take care of, and the eight year old congratulated us, and has been touching my tummy every time she sees me. So sweet!

We have also told DH's parents finally, who I think responded better than I had expected. So since that is off our minds now, and I am almost at 12 weeks, we are starting to relax a little.

Big sigh of relief, lol.

No spankings though. Not much sex either.  :) If DH would ever catch me awake, we might have a chance, but I have been so tired, and then up in the middle of the night not being able to go back to sleep. But the biggest difference to me this pregnancy so far is, that I am not worried about DH and I. I am not worried he feels like I put him aside. We know each other better, he is more confident in my love for him, and I in his. It is really lovely, I have to admit.

And yesterday marked my first day without a nap! wohoo. So hopefully that will mean a more active second trimester. Here's to hoping!

Have I missed anything here in blogland while I was sleeping?

Monday, February 29, 2016


Hi, DH here!  Thank you for all of your kind wishes and questions about our (now delicate) state.  I am extremely happy and excited to report that we are PREGNANT!  Julia and I went to her first appointment today (with ultrasound!) and adorable little blob is 2.73 centimeters long.  Woo hoo! We heard the heartbeat, and even saw him* move a little!

 We're telling the kids tonight - I'm going to record their reactions to the news.  And then I'll call my parents.  They know I had a vasectomy, but they DON'T know I had it reversed, so I'm thinking about playing the "miracle baby" angle :-D

*We don't actually know the sex yet.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stress Relief Spanking

So, my DH made a new friend on his author Facebook, which he enjoys much more than his personal one btw, and reading their conversations made me realize I haven't written about the stress relieving aspect of spankings - For the guy!

It has been a little while now since we have had one of those spankings, but we have done it. You know those days where your DH comes home after working way too long, for way too many days in a row, the connection is still there, but kind of hanging by a thread.
When the opportunity arises, I have found myself laying down on his lap without a prompt. And not even because I am just itching for a spanking or sex, or whatever, but because I know this is the sure way for him to center himself again. Spanking me!!
Often these spankings will be short but really intense, no stroking my cheeks first or after, but sharp and constant slaps that don't end until he breaths more easily again.

To me that is a stress relieving spanking, and while I have resented them once or twice in the past, more often than not, I am grateful we found this way for him to let off steam, together.

You know what I mean?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Picture Friday!

Last but not least, I thought this was appropriate for Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday everybody! And I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 5 (Fiction)

“Uhh, oh yeah baby,” I say.  I push in as deep as I dare and then hold it there in her throat, for one second, two, three… and then I pull out quick, so that that the fluid in her mouth follows the head of my cock, and spills out onto the towel I’ve covered her pillow with before we started.

“Fllblew!” she says, and then she draws a deep breath.  As she blows out, more spit and precum spill onto the towel.

“Mmmm, you like that, don’t you,” I say.  

“Yes, Daddy,” she moans.  The blindfold is still obscuring her vision, so she doesn’t see my hand hovering over her breast until my fingers close around her right nipple.  She jumps.  “Oh,” she says as I gently twist the hard, pink nub between my fingers.  I move the head of my cock back to her lips, and let my hand trail down her stomach to her belly button.  She parts her lips, trying to get my cock into her mouth, but I keep it just out of her reach as I play with her navel, drawing lazy circles around it with the tip of my index finger, letting my finger get ever closer to her waiting pussy.  I push my cock back into her mouth and angle it upward so it causes her cheek to bulge out as I pump the head in and out.  My finger finishes the transit down to between her legs, and I caress the inside of her right thigh, and then her left, skating over her mound but never quite touching it.  I pull my cock out of her mouth again, and then push my middle finger into her pussy.
“Ah, ooooh,” she moans, “That feels so good!”  Her pussy is tight around my finger as I pull it back out, and then push in further.  “Oooh, mmmm,” she says.  She pulls against her restraints as she strains to get more of my finger into her.  Her glistening face is still turned toward me, her lips just an inch from my drooling head.  Her hair is in a tight ponytail behind her head on the pillow.

I scoot forward on my knees and thrust into her mouth, and at the same time, I add a second finger and push them both deep into her pussy.  I start sliding my fingers and my cock at the same pace, in and out of her pussy, and in her mouth, never fully pulling all the way out.  Suddenly, her pussy is clenching my fingers and she is coming, almost screaming with her mouth full.

“MMMFF, MUH, GUGLG, MMMLG!” she says.  I press my fingers into to the top of her canal against her g-spot as her sex convulses around my fingers.  I push my fingers all the way in, and my cock too, as her orgasm peaks.  She moves her head back and forth as much as she can, fucking my cock with her throat, still whimpering in the throes of her ecstasy.  My member pops out of her mouth, and she pants hard, spit and pre-seminal fluid flowing from her mouth, and then she swallows as her orgasm subsides.

“Uh oh,” I chide her.  “You swallowed.”

“What?  No I didn’t!” she protests.  “Ohhh,” she says as I withdraw my fingers.  She arches her back, and then settles back on the bed.  “Did I?”

“You did, Baby Girl,” I say.  “Now I’m going to have to give you an extra punishment to remember not to swallow unless you are asked to.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!  I promise not to swallow again!”

“I know you’re sorry,” I say.  “But you are going to have to accept this punishment, so that I’m sure you will remember next time.”  I reach over and untie the blindfold from her head, and gently pull it off.  Her eyes blink as she adjusts to the light in the room, and then focus on my cock.  “I’m going to bind you in the diaper position,” I say.  

“And then, I’m going to spank your pussy.”


Monday, February 8, 2016

Anniversary and an update

Hi, DH here!  This is a general “catch-up” post - I feel like I have’t relayed any news lately, just porn lol!  So I will attempt to give you an insight into how we’re doing.

Julia and I celebrated our 13th year of marriage this weekend!  Our journey together has been the absolute best part of my life.  On Saturday night, our neighbor friends took the kids for a sleepover, and we went out on a date.  We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, which was really good!  I remember going to the one in Spokane when I was a kid, but it was so long ago the building was made of brick, and the spaghetti was made right there in the factory and then came shooting off a conveyor belt onto your table, almost putting your eyes out.  Well, not quite like that ;).  But the current incarnation of the restaurant is nothing like I remembered.  We sat in the bar and really enjoyed ourselves.  Neither of us are drinking (he said foreshadowingly), so I can’t tell you how the liquor was, but the shrimp appetizer was great, and our meals.

We were going to go see Hail, Caesar! but after dinner we were so full we didn’t want to sit through a move.  Instead, we went shopping.  Julia loves the World Market, where we bought some chocolate and jam, and then we hit up the 1/2 price bookstore.  We also went to two baby stores.  Julia wanted to find a new sleeper that we could bring home a baby in, and then pass down to our girls when it’s their turn.  We looked at Babies ‘R Us and didn’t have any luck, but at the second baby store (I forget the name), I found a simple white sleeper, with the words “Welcome to the world” surrounded by stars.  She loved it, and we bought the very first thing for the baby.

I’m nearly to Seattle on the train, and Julia is probably at work at her new job, where she’s doing bookkeeping part-time for a yacht charter company.  She only has to work a couple of days a week, and she’s home in plenty of time to meet the kids after school.  Perfect!  We didn’t show them the new sleeper, and we haven’t had the talk with them about how families change and grow.  Yet.

But we will.  :-D

I hope everyone has a great Monday, and a really good start to the week!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sex Toy Review: Vibrating Bullet!

Vibrators come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and even textures these days. Long gone are the days of little selection! When DH and I first met, I remember vividly the first vibrator/dildo he bought. It had a smell to it. And I think it was on purpose - the smell, like some fruity smell. But mixed with the smell of sex, it was a very pungent smell, and not a turn on. And it lasted much longer than the vibrating function, lol.

The vibrating bullet from Topco Toyz however, is very different. It is so much smaller of course, easily fitting in the palm of my hand. I lay my wedding band next to it so you could get an idea of just how small it really is. I really love touching it, it is so smooth, and the hot pink color is great to avoid losing it in the sheets. Nothing worse than losing a sex toy....

The material of the outer shell is silicone. Unbelievably smooth and it warms very quickly to your
body temperature, unlike other toys we have played with before. It has only one speed of vibration, but it really is all that is needed, and the size of it makes it fun to use not just on your clit, but on your nipples too!

The other morning, DH and I had kind of hurried sex right before he had to leave and go to work. Needless to say, I was all hot and bothered, but he was out of time. Ugh. Don't you just hate that? Then I remembered I had put this little bullet under his pillow (in the hope he would find and use it) and figured, why not finally give it a try, even without DH?

The speed of vibration was a little strong at first, I had to get used to it since you can't adjust it, but I quickly figured out you can adjust the bullet itself, the angle and intensity of pressure. And I did. It felt great and I quickly finished what DH and I had started that morning.

When he came home and was getting changed, I followed him into the bedroom.

"Look under the pillow!" I told him, and he did. Grabbing it right away. He grinned at me, obviously thinking I was hinting at something.

With a big cheesy grin on my face, I told him "Smell it" And he did, looking at me in shock,

"What a naughty wife you are, playing with yourself. I think you need a spanking for that!"

Lucky me!

So, I hope I intrigued you with this little review. The bullet comes with batteries and arrived in a very inconspicuous looking package. Here is a link, give it a look, and if you have one already or decide to buy one, let me know how YOU like it!

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 4 (Fiction)

“Are you hungry for Daddy’s cock?” I ask.  I reach over and put my finger on her lip.  Her tongue darts out immediately and licks it.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m hungry for your cock,” she moans.  She moves her head, trying to get my finger in her mouth so she can demonstrate what she will do with my other “finger” but I keep it out of her reach.

“Tell me you want my cock in your mouth,” I say.  My finger leaves her face, and traces little patterns down her throat, descending to her chest.  I repeat the dance the feather performed, but use my fingertips to brush lightly against her breasts.  I find her left nipple between my fingers and squeeze.

“AHH!” she cries, half in pain, half in surprise at the unexpected pressure.  “Please put your cock in my mouth, Daddy,” she says.  

“OK, little girl, Daddy is going to put his big cock in your mouth,” I say.  My hand leaves her breast and I unbuckle my belt.  I unbutton my jeans and pull them down, and finally free my manhood.  I climb onto our bed on my knees and position my cock near her mouth.  “I want you to take it in your mouth, but you are not to swallow anything, do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says.  She turns her head in my direction, and I place the head of my cock at her mouth.  My precum is flowing freely as I slowly inch forward until she opens and her hot, wet mouth envelopes the tip of my rock hard erection.

“Oh, wow,” I say.  I pull out, and then put my head on her cheek, swirling it until the side of her face is wet with my natural lube.  I bring it back to her mouth, and push inside, holding the back of her head for leverage.  I tease her, only letting the head enter, before pulling it back out again.  Her spit has mixed with my precum and leaves a spiderweb strand between my cock and her mouth.  “That’s it, let Daddy fuck your mouth.”  I push back in, going further.  My eyes cross as her mouth widens to accommodate my first three inches, and then I slowly start pumping it in and out of her mouth.  The sensation of her tongue on the side of my cock is incredible.  I pull it all the out again, and her drool spills out of her mouth and down her left cheek.

“Ahh, you taste so good Daddy,” she says.  “Please put it back in my mouth!”

“Good girl,” I say, and place my cock on her cheek again.  She turns her head, trying to get her mouth around it, but I pull it up out of her reach, and then rub it on her cheek.  I bounce the head of my cock against her face, loving the wet “slap slap” sound it makes, and then I’m back in her mouth, pushing my cock to the half-way point.  I can feel the back of her throat.  I push in still further.  She breathes hard through her nose as I pick up her head and hold it, and then fuck her mouth hard, my cock descending a little further down her throat with each thrust.  Her mouth opens wider as she strains to take more of me into her.

“Uhk, uh, ehk, uck,” she says.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Approaching half a million pageviews!

I remember starting this blog. I had just found out about this type of dynamic and knew instantly that it was exactly what I needed. What DH and my relationship needed. Up to that point, I had been wearing the pants in our relationship too many times, and didn't like the dynamic that it created for us.
It was also not healthy for us.

DH was in the midst of his depression, had just started taking an anti-depressant, and was still pretty fragile. In some ways, I still think of him as being more fragile that I give him credit for, and I try to not think that way anymore, but sometimes that is still my first thought. And then he goes and surprises me by handling whatever it is himself. Confidently. It is still a big turn-on, lol.

And now, we are approaching 500,000 pageviews. To me that is incredible. Thank you guys. It really means a lot to me, and I know it does for DH. He discovered his love of writing through this blog, and has been dipping his toes in, now even has two published books! (If you haven't yet, check them out, one is even free)

I have made some good friends through this blog! I can't begin to describe how amazing it is to be completely honest with somebody. Thank you for your friendship.

And just recently, we were sent some sex toys to try out and review, so I will be doing those soon!
(Meanwhile, feel free to look on their site)

But for now, I just wanted to thank you, my reader. Thank you for listening, and being here, sharing this journey with us!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 3 (fiction)

I hold her gently for minutes, and then disengage.  I find the hem of her top, and pull it up and over hear head.  I reach down to where I’ve stashed a blindfold, and then bring it up and hold it in front of her face.  “I want you to trust me,” I say.  I walk around her and tie the blindfold over her eyes.  I leave my hand on her back and let it trail around her body as I return to where I was standing.  I take her hand.  She trembles in anticipation as I lead her to our bed, and help her climb onto it.  “Lie on your back.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says, and straightens herself on the bed.  Her beautiful breasts look tantalizing, and I long to reach over and pinch one of her nipples or take it in my mouth.  My eyes travel lower to the small tangle that covers her sex.  Her pants and panties are still wedged between her knees; I pull them off and toss them on the floor.  She sighs and shivers again, now completely naked.  I take her right hand in mine and hold it, and then pull it up toward the head of the bed.  One of my ties is already there, lashed to the bedpost.  I tie her wrist securely in place.  I move to the other side of the bed, and do the same thing to her right hand.  Her lips part and she licks them nervously.  Precum has stained the front of my jeans and I long to take them off and free my raging hardon but I force myself to wait.  I pull the feather from my box of toys, and trace it lightly over her forehead.  

“Oh,” she says, jumping a little at the touch.  The tip of the feather drifts over her cheeks below the blindfold.  The tempo of her breathing increases and her head tilts upward as the feather touches her chin, and then descends slowly over her throat, down to her collarbone, and then stops between her breasts.  Slowly, I draw the feather over to her right breast, circling widely, and then I let the tip of the feather touch her nipple.

“Sss, ahh,” she moans.  Her body quivers and jumps as I make the feather dance on her breast.  The tip travels to her left breast and touches the hard nub there, too, causing her to twitch and writhe.  I play cat and mouse with her nipple, darting the feather over her breast, and then back to the other breast.  The feather returns to the center of her chest, and then I trace lower down her body to her navel.  I circle her navel with the tip of the feather as lightly as I can, letting the circumference widen until it includes the very top of her landing strip.  Her legs shake and kick a little as the feather traverses down her left leg to her knee, back up, and then down her right.  On the return trip, I let the feather trail up both legs to the apex, brushing across her sex in the process.  

“Ohh,” she says.  

“You like that, don’t you,” I say.  The feather return to her belly button and then starts its downward journey again.  She sighs and trembles.

“Yes, Daddy,” she says.  Her legs are pressed tightly together.  I let the feather rest in her thatch of hair, and then trail it directly down the seam between her legs, stopping at her knees.

“Spread your legs,” I growl.  Her legs jerk as she slowly spreads them open until her feet are shoulder-width apart and then the feather starts its slow return trip, this time on the inside of her right leg.  I take my time, letting her anticipation build as the feather moves up, and then back down her leg, and then slowly back up a little more, until it’s at the top of her thighs.  She’s trying hard to keep her legs still but they keep hopping and twitching as the tickling sensation increases the nearer the feather gets to her sex.  Finally, I let the feather touch her pussy, and then dance over it.

“Mm, ohh,” she says.  I can see a line of moisture running down her slit, and I know her pussy is sopping wet.  The realization spurs me on to my next course of action.  I put the feather down.

“Are you hungry for Daddy’s cock?” I ask.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When a rift opens...

It really is too bad that after the holidays and December, there is always January to bring you back to reality. Especially hard this year since we went to Germany and had to come back. I miss having my family around. Endless sitting around, talking, drinking coffee, and just hanging out. Being together.  I don't have that here. I mean, I have one friend who I drink coffee with every other week, but its just not the same. It really just boils down to I miss my family in Germany. The magnitude of my choice so many years ago is finally catching up to me it seems.

January is all about going back to work for DH, school starting again for the kids, and me being here. A housewife. Most of the time I am aware that that is what I wanted and still want. Be here for my children, and I love the alone time, but at the same time, it can be so isolating and lonely.

And it would be so nice to have some work to make some money....

When everybody comes home, I am so happy to see everyone and they are all exhausted from being gone all day. While I am not.

What is also not helping is that DH is still driving to the car pool lot with our neighbor because they still haven't bought a new car. Not really our problem in my opinion. Ok, that sounds rude. But seriously, after two months of them not having a second car and DH having given  him a ride more often than not, I feel like I get to say that. Especially when it takes away from US time. Giving him that ride means he leaves a whole hour earlier in the morning, and not coming home any earlier. Not even five minutes. The cuddling in the morning often falls away. So does the sex. So does the drinking at least coffee together routine. (Pity party here, just go with it)

Mix that in with stress at work for DH and you got a rift growing between us. Maybe I just feel it because I have so much time on my hands and he doesn't. Maybe I want too much. I probably do. But really, I just want to spend more time with my husband, that should never be too much to ask in my opinion!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Making up for a bad Party Experience

Last night, DH had his holiday party from work. Not sure why they did it after the actual holidays, but either way, we were determined we wanted to go. I arranged a sleepover with the neighbors, went shopping with my friend to find something to wear over my dress, and was generally excited. Sounds familiar? Maybe you remember reading this post....

Two days ago, our youngest got sick. Fever. When she had to stay home another day, I just figured we were not meant to go to a party together. Ever.  :) And I was okay with it. These are the choices you make when you decide to have children, to take care of them, be there for them. Hearing her say, 'thank you for taking care of me' in her little voice is all the thanks I need. Melted my heart.

But low and behold, she got better and wanted to do the sleepover. Plans were back on, and this time everything just worked out! I didn't even have to put on a dress since DH informed me that it was more casual. Jeans it is! No problem with that and still got to wear sexy underwear and the new cardigan and boots.

We even found the place! (Again, read here...)

It was so fun! Seeing DH is his natural work habitat with the friends he has made over the last year was really great. And then the place started clearing out after just 8 pm and we were some of the last to stay behind. That has never happened to me, lol, I am always the one ready to go first.

We got home, enjoyed the rest of our evening for a while and just about ready to start some kind of
hanky panky when the doorbell rang, and our youngest stood there with the neighbor, ready for her own bed after all. 

So, no spanking, but lots of fun and enjoying each other in the most positive of ways. Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 2 (Fiction)

“Stand still, or we’ll start over,” I say, letting the icy calm of my voice tell her I mean business.  She’s shifting her weight between her feet, but stops immediately, holding still for what comes next.  I slide the paddle up and down the curve of her bottom, watching her jump and flinch.  My cock is now fully erect and I wish I could free it and let her take it in her mouth, deep-throating me until her saliva and my pre-cum are dripping from her chin.  Instead, I resume the spanking.

“How many was that?” I test her.  She’s silent, counting the swats in her mind.  

“Seven?” she asks.

“Six,” I say.  


“AHHHH!” she cries.

“That was seven,” I say.  “Seven, Daddy,” I correct.

“Seven, Daddy,” she almost yells.  Without mercy, I pull back and give her three more in a measured cadence, as if a metronome was ticking them out.  The sound of the swats and her cries reverberate off the walls.

“AHH, AHHH OHHH!”  She literally dances in place, but her hands stay glued to the arm of the chair.  She knows I will restart the spanking if she stands up without my permission, so she’s doing everything she can to remain in position.  I let the paddle fall to my side.

“Good girl, we’re halfway through,” I say.  “You can stand up for a moment.”  She stands and her hands immediately go to her bottom as she coos in pain.  She rubs her buttocks, shifting from foot to foot.  “Pull down your panties,” I say sternly.  Her hands reluctantly move to her hips, and then she pulls her white panties down, bending over again until they are resting between her knees with her pants.  She stands again and her hands are back on her bum; I let her massage it for a couple of moments and then place my hand on her back, and gently bend her back over into her former position.

“Spread your legs,” I tell her.  She moves her feet apart.  Her ass is now a rosy red, with visible marks from where the paddle has landed, from her tailbone to just above her bottom hole.  I line up the paddle on her naked skin right over her flower, and let it sit there, giving her an idea of what’s coming.  “Remember, stand still or we will start again,” I remind her.

“Yes, Daddy, ahhh,” she moans.

“Why am I giving you a spanking?” I demand.  She’s’ silent for two seconds.

“Because I forgot my phone when I went out,” she says.

“Correct,” I affirm. 

The paddle slices through the air and lands just above where I threatened to swat her, perfectly aligned across her cheeks.  She yells, and then sucks in air in a mighty hiss as I pull back again, this time angling the leather blade to strike her buttocks separately, once, twice, three times, each solid WHACK accompanied by her cries.  I aim lower and the paddle falls across her sit spot, right at the top of her thighs.

“Is it ever OK to not take your phone with you?”




“OH PLEASE AHAA HAH!”  I stop and run my left hand over her hot, red bottom.  I put my hand on her back to help her stay in position, and finish the paddling with 4 swats over her sit spot.

“We’re done,” I say.  She straightens slowly, and I turn her around until she’s in my arms and she buries her head in my shoulder and we stand together.


Monday, January 11, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 1 (Fiction)

“Go to our bedroom, and stand in the corner,” I command flatly.  She looks at me, as if I might change my mind, which only serves to harden my resolve.  “Now!”  She stands, and almost stomps off to our bedroom.  I can see her frustration in how she flips her newly cut hair away from her face, and then she’s out of sight.  I remain in the living room, sipping my coffee.  I deliberate how to administer her punishment, slowly deciding on the implements and methods I will be using on her naughty bottom.  And perhaps some other parts of her anatomy as well.  My cock stirs as it always does when I consider spanking her, but I do my best to ignore it.

I finish my coffee, savoring the tart/sweet combination between the roasted beans and copious amounts of cream and sugar competing for space in the cup.  She broke the rules, and it’s up to me to hand out a suitable punishment.  It’s not what I planned for a peaceful Sunday afternoon, but there it is.  Finally finishing my coffee,  I’m off the couch and striding after her down the hallway.  I find her standing in the corner of our bedroom, hands at her side, facing the wall.  

“Pull down your pants, and put your hands on top of your head,” I say.  She quickly pulls down her pants to reveal white panties underneath.  She pauses, not knowing if I meant for her to pull those down too.  I didn’t.  “Leave your panties on.”  Her hands fly to the top of her head and she clasps her fingers together and stands still.  I admire her body from where I stand, and let my eyes travel from her knees where her pants are puddled, and then up her thighs to her beautiful bottom which is fully covered by my favorite pair of underwear.  My cock is straining against my jeans as I turn to my implements and select my favorite leather paddle.

“Please turn around and come over here,” I tell her.  She turns, and walks over with her hands still on top of her head, waddling a little to keep from tripping over her pants.  She’s looking at the carpet.  “I love you,” I say.  I put my hand on her chin, and gently lift it until she’s looking in my eyes.  “I’m giving you this spanking because of that - your safety is more important than anything, which is what our rules are supposed to protect.”  She doesn’t say anything.  Her eyes return to the carpet when my hand leaves her chin.

“I want you to bend over and put your hands on the arm of our chair here,” I say. 

“OK,” she mumbles.

“Yes, Daddy,” I correct.

“Yes, Daddy,” she says, and she bends over and places her hands on the arm of the chair.  She’s nearly six feet tall, so she’s bent at more than a 90 degree angle, which suits me just fine.  I pick up the leather paddle, and run it along her butt.  She jumps at the contact.

“I’m going to give you twenty swats with my leather paddle now.  You are NOT to stand up for any reason, do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says.  There’s a catch in her voice, as if she might already be crying.  My resolve falters ever-so-briefly, and then I’m back in control.  I line up the paddle on her rear, and then slowly pull back, holding it aloft until she can’t guess when it’s coming, and then let it fly.


“Ooh” she says.

“That’s one,” I answer.  I pull the paddle back and swing twice more in quick succession.


“Ahh, oh!” she cries.  I position the paddle to land on her right buttock and swing hard, landing three more.


“AHHH!”  Her bottom moves downward as she tries to dodge without standing up.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Swimmers and a Spanking

Hi, DH here!  I am supposed to be having a meeting right now (on the bus), but no one showed, so I'm writing a blog post instead.  I guess the new year is starting a little slowly for my colleagues ;).  I'm so glad to be back home after our European Vacation (we watched Christmas Vacation, and I was really surprised at how funny it was - the jokes have really stood the test of time), but I miss Germany and our family there.  I also miss the Audi A4 I rented in Amsterdam and drove to Oma's house.  That was a CAR.  :-D

One of the first things I did when we got back was submitting a sperm sample for analysis.  I've had a vasectomy and a reversal now, so I didn't think anything could surprise me about my junk or how it operates, but I was wrong.  I've never had to try to come in a cup before, and it was... awkward.  Julia wasn't on hand (heh) to help, so I cued up some porn and tried to get myself in the mood.  I remember being able to come on demand when I was younger, but for some reason (older), it just wasn't working.

20 minutes later, I was ready.  I kept pressure on my cock with my left hand, and then reached for the cup, and... wow.  Why do they make those things so small?  Are you supposed to put it IN there, or just hold it under (and hope you don't shoot everywhere except in the cup)?   Maybe I should have tried a size fit before I started, but my "resting state" is considerably smaller than my erection.  I was out of time.  I jammed my head into the mouth of the cup as best I could, and unloaded, packed up the sample, drove to the clinic, and dropped it off.  A few days later, the report came back that I have 70%(!) motility!  Wow! Julia should be getting pregnant every time I look at her funny.  Or have sex with her, which has been non-stop since we returned.

Yesterday I worked from home, and at lunchtime, I took Julia's hand and led her to our bedroom.  "I want you to stand in the corner, and wait for me."  She rolled her eyes, once, which I saw, but then she obediently turned to our closet door and stood still.  I returned a few minutes later, and she climbed over my lap on our bed, and I pulled down her sweats so I could play with her white-pantied bottom.  "I'm frustrated with how (some) things are going," I said.  "I know certain dynamics in our relationship have become permanent (my confidence for one), but I want to return to more regular discipline for a while."  My hand fell on her ass over her panties, and then I was spanking her in earnest.  We had a big break from any kind of discipline while we were in Germany.  10 people were at Oma's house, day AND night, and none of us could sneeze sideways without everyone knowing.  A rousing spanking just seemed out of the question.  

I pulled down her panties, and caressed her buttocks.  "I want you to think about how you can submit to me today," I said.

"I do submit to you, all day," she said.  She was right, too.  I'm not sure what I was asking, either, just some vague wish for...?  Her to follow me around all day like a servant?  The truth is that she has been very supportive and submissive, in every way I can think of.  Maybe I was asking myself to be more dominant.

Her bottom turned red as I continued spanking her, increasing the tempo and the strength I used to swat her over and over again.  I focused on her sit spot, causing her legs to jump apart and then together again, and then finally it was over.  

This morning, I gave her another quick spanking at our bedside before I left for work.  I know her butt is sore, but my head is clear and I'm focused on today's work.  I hope this year is the best ever for all of you!  Here's to a great 2016.