Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 2 (Fiction)

“Stand still, or we’ll start over,” I say, letting the icy calm of my voice tell her I mean business.  She’s shifting her weight between her feet, but stops immediately, holding still for what comes next.  I slide the paddle up and down the curve of her bottom, watching her jump and flinch.  My cock is now fully erect and I wish I could free it and let her take it in her mouth, deep-throating me until her saliva and my pre-cum are dripping from her chin.  Instead, I resume the spanking.

“How many was that?” I test her.  She’s silent, counting the swats in her mind.  

“Seven?” she asks.

“Six,” I say.  


“AHHHH!” she cries.

“That was seven,” I say.  “Seven, Daddy,” I correct.

“Seven, Daddy,” she almost yells.  Without mercy, I pull back and give her three more in a measured cadence, as if a metronome was ticking them out.  The sound of the swats and her cries reverberate off the walls.

“AHH, AHHH OHHH!”  She literally dances in place, but her hands stay glued to the arm of the chair.  She knows I will restart the spanking if she stands up without my permission, so she’s doing everything she can to remain in position.  I let the paddle fall to my side.

“Good girl, we’re halfway through,” I say.  “You can stand up for a moment.”  She stands and her hands immediately go to her bottom as she coos in pain.  She rubs her buttocks, shifting from foot to foot.  “Pull down your panties,” I say sternly.  Her hands reluctantly move to her hips, and then she pulls her white panties down, bending over again until they are resting between her knees with her pants.  She stands again and her hands are back on her bum; I let her massage it for a couple of moments and then place my hand on her back, and gently bend her back over into her former position.

“Spread your legs,” I tell her.  She moves her feet apart.  Her ass is now a rosy red, with visible marks from where the paddle has landed, from her tailbone to just above her bottom hole.  I line up the paddle on her naked skin right over her flower, and let it sit there, giving her an idea of what’s coming.  “Remember, stand still or we will start again,” I remind her.

“Yes, Daddy, ahhh,” she moans.

“Why am I giving you a spanking?” I demand.  She’s’ silent for two seconds.

“Because I forgot my phone when I went out,” she says.

“Correct,” I affirm. 

The paddle slices through the air and lands just above where I threatened to swat her, perfectly aligned across her cheeks.  She yells, and then sucks in air in a mighty hiss as I pull back again, this time angling the leather blade to strike her buttocks separately, once, twice, three times, each solid WHACK accompanied by her cries.  I aim lower and the paddle falls across her sit spot, right at the top of her thighs.

“Is it ever OK to not take your phone with you?”




“OH PLEASE AHAA HAH!”  I stop and run my left hand over her hot, red bottom.  I put my hand on her back to help her stay in position, and finish the paddling with 4 swats over her sit spot.

“We’re done,” I say.  She straightens slowly, and I turn her around until she’s in my arms and she buries her head in my shoulder and we stand together.



  1. Oh lucky Julia having you ;)
    love Jan,xx

    1. :) I feel lucky to have her every single day.

  2. YES..continue please....
    hugs abby

    1. Hi Abby, OK I am now posting "part 3"....

  3. Hot hot hot. Not fair having to wait all the time.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Hi Lindy - thank you! I am posting the 3rd installment this morning. :)

  4. Hi DH, sorry I am so late in commenting, I have been awol from blogland again and am just now catching up with some blogs. Wonderful story, and hot! Definitely continue :)


    1. Hi Roz! Thank you! I am continuing - I can't seem to stop writing this one! lol

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