Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 3 (fiction)

I hold her gently for minutes, and then disengage.  I find the hem of her top, and pull it up and over hear head.  I reach down to where I’ve stashed a blindfold, and then bring it up and hold it in front of her face.  “I want you to trust me,” I say.  I walk around her and tie the blindfold over her eyes.  I leave my hand on her back and let it trail around her body as I return to where I was standing.  I take her hand.  She trembles in anticipation as I lead her to our bed, and help her climb onto it.  “Lie on your back.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says, and straightens herself on the bed.  Her beautiful breasts look tantalizing, and I long to reach over and pinch one of her nipples or take it in my mouth.  My eyes travel lower to the small tangle that covers her sex.  Her pants and panties are still wedged between her knees; I pull them off and toss them on the floor.  She sighs and shivers again, now completely naked.  I take her right hand in mine and hold it, and then pull it up toward the head of the bed.  One of my ties is already there, lashed to the bedpost.  I tie her wrist securely in place.  I move to the other side of the bed, and do the same thing to her right hand.  Her lips part and she licks them nervously.  Precum has stained the front of my jeans and I long to take them off and free my raging hardon but I force myself to wait.  I pull the feather from my box of toys, and trace it lightly over her forehead.  

“Oh,” she says, jumping a little at the touch.  The tip of the feather drifts over her cheeks below the blindfold.  The tempo of her breathing increases and her head tilts upward as the feather touches her chin, and then descends slowly over her throat, down to her collarbone, and then stops between her breasts.  Slowly, I draw the feather over to her right breast, circling widely, and then I let the tip of the feather touch her nipple.

“Sss, ahh,” she moans.  Her body quivers and jumps as I make the feather dance on her breast.  The tip travels to her left breast and touches the hard nub there, too, causing her to twitch and writhe.  I play cat and mouse with her nipple, darting the feather over her breast, and then back to the other breast.  The feather returns to the center of her chest, and then I trace lower down her body to her navel.  I circle her navel with the tip of the feather as lightly as I can, letting the circumference widen until it includes the very top of her landing strip.  Her legs shake and kick a little as the feather traverses down her left leg to her knee, back up, and then down her right.  On the return trip, I let the feather trail up both legs to the apex, brushing across her sex in the process.  

“Ohh,” she says.  

“You like that, don’t you,” I say.  The feather return to her belly button and then starts its downward journey again.  She sighs and trembles.

“Yes, Daddy,” she says.  Her legs are pressed tightly together.  I let the feather rest in her thatch of hair, and then trail it directly down the seam between her legs, stopping at her knees.

“Spread your legs,” I growl.  Her legs jerk as she slowly spreads them open until her feet are shoulder-width apart and then the feather starts its slow return trip, this time on the inside of her right leg.  I take my time, letting her anticipation build as the feather moves up, and then back down her leg, and then slowly back up a little more, until it’s at the top of her thighs.  She’s trying hard to keep her legs still but they keep hopping and twitching as the tickling sensation increases the nearer the feather gets to her sex.  Finally, I let the feather touch her pussy, and then dance over it.

“Mm, ohh,” she says.  I can see a line of moisture running down her slit, and I know her pussy is sopping wet.  The realization spurs me on to my next course of action.  I put the feather down.

“Are you hungry for Daddy’s cock?” I ask.


  1. Rawr! Now I am really looking forward to the next time you are not too tired for some fun!

  2. That must have cheered you up Julia!!
    love Jan,xx

  3. Wow DH, that was hot, and wonderfully written. Thank you for continuing this story :)


  4. Wow so hot and lucky Julia if that is how DH treats you.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Lindy,

      This is definitely more fiction, but who knows...I wouldn't mind. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, cough...)



  5. Blindfolds do have a way of intensifying everything....lovely and HOT story...
    hugs abby

    1. I have always loved the idea of being blindfolded...haven't tried it yet though. :D

  6. Good story, looking forward to the next part.

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