Monday, February 29, 2016


Hi, DH here!  Thank you for all of your kind wishes and questions about our (now delicate) state.  I am extremely happy and excited to report that we are PREGNANT!  Julia and I went to her first appointment today (with ultrasound!) and adorable little blob is 2.73 centimeters long.  Woo hoo! We heard the heartbeat, and even saw him* move a little!

 We're telling the kids tonight - I'm going to record their reactions to the news.  And then I'll call my parents.  They know I had a vasectomy, but they DON'T know I had it reversed, so I'm thinking about playing the "miracle baby" angle :-D

*We don't actually know the sex yet.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stress Relief Spanking

So, my DH made a new friend on his author Facebook, which he enjoys much more than his personal one btw, and reading their conversations made me realize I haven't written about the stress relieving aspect of spankings - For the guy!

It has been a little while now since we have had one of those spankings, but we have done it. You know those days where your DH comes home after working way too long, for way too many days in a row, the connection is still there, but kind of hanging by a thread.
When the opportunity arises, I have found myself laying down on his lap without a prompt. And not even because I am just itching for a spanking or sex, or whatever, but because I know this is the sure way for him to center himself again. Spanking me!!
Often these spankings will be short but really intense, no stroking my cheeks first or after, but sharp and constant slaps that don't end until he breaths more easily again.

To me that is a stress relieving spanking, and while I have resented them once or twice in the past, more often than not, I am grateful we found this way for him to let off steam, together.

You know what I mean?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Picture Friday!

Last but not least, I thought this was appropriate for Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday everybody! And I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 5 (Fiction)

“Uhh, oh yeah baby,” I say.  I push in as deep as I dare and then hold it there in her throat, for one second, two, three… and then I pull out quick, so that that the fluid in her mouth follows the head of my cock, and spills out onto the towel I’ve covered her pillow with before we started.

“Fllblew!” she says, and then she draws a deep breath.  As she blows out, more spit and precum spill onto the towel.

“Mmmm, you like that, don’t you,” I say.  

“Yes, Daddy,” she moans.  The blindfold is still obscuring her vision, so she doesn’t see my hand hovering over her breast until my fingers close around her right nipple.  She jumps.  “Oh,” she says as I gently twist the hard, pink nub between my fingers.  I move the head of my cock back to her lips, and let my hand trail down her stomach to her belly button.  She parts her lips, trying to get my cock into her mouth, but I keep it just out of her reach as I play with her navel, drawing lazy circles around it with the tip of my index finger, letting my finger get ever closer to her waiting pussy.  I push my cock back into her mouth and angle it upward so it causes her cheek to bulge out as I pump the head in and out.  My finger finishes the transit down to between her legs, and I caress the inside of her right thigh, and then her left, skating over her mound but never quite touching it.  I pull my cock out of her mouth again, and then push my middle finger into her pussy.
“Ah, ooooh,” she moans, “That feels so good!”  Her pussy is tight around my finger as I pull it back out, and then push in further.  “Oooh, mmmm,” she says.  She pulls against her restraints as she strains to get more of my finger into her.  Her glistening face is still turned toward me, her lips just an inch from my drooling head.  Her hair is in a tight ponytail behind her head on the pillow.

I scoot forward on my knees and thrust into her mouth, and at the same time, I add a second finger and push them both deep into her pussy.  I start sliding my fingers and my cock at the same pace, in and out of her pussy, and in her mouth, never fully pulling all the way out.  Suddenly, her pussy is clenching my fingers and she is coming, almost screaming with her mouth full.

“MMMFF, MUH, GUGLG, MMMLG!” she says.  I press my fingers into to the top of her canal against her g-spot as her sex convulses around my fingers.  I push my fingers all the way in, and my cock too, as her orgasm peaks.  She moves her head back and forth as much as she can, fucking my cock with her throat, still whimpering in the throes of her ecstasy.  My member pops out of her mouth, and she pants hard, spit and pre-seminal fluid flowing from her mouth, and then she swallows as her orgasm subsides.

“Uh oh,” I chide her.  “You swallowed.”

“What?  No I didn’t!” she protests.  “Ohhh,” she says as I withdraw my fingers.  She arches her back, and then settles back on the bed.  “Did I?”

“You did, Baby Girl,” I say.  “Now I’m going to have to give you an extra punishment to remember not to swallow unless you are asked to.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!  I promise not to swallow again!”

“I know you’re sorry,” I say.  “But you are going to have to accept this punishment, so that I’m sure you will remember next time.”  I reach over and untie the blindfold from her head, and gently pull it off.  Her eyes blink as she adjusts to the light in the room, and then focus on my cock.  “I’m going to bind you in the diaper position,” I say.  

“And then, I’m going to spank your pussy.”


Monday, February 8, 2016

Anniversary and an update

Hi, DH here!  This is a general “catch-up” post - I feel like I have’t relayed any news lately, just porn lol!  So I will attempt to give you an insight into how we’re doing.

Julia and I celebrated our 13th year of marriage this weekend!  Our journey together has been the absolute best part of my life.  On Saturday night, our neighbor friends took the kids for a sleepover, and we went out on a date.  We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, which was really good!  I remember going to the one in Spokane when I was a kid, but it was so long ago the building was made of brick, and the spaghetti was made right there in the factory and then came shooting off a conveyor belt onto your table, almost putting your eyes out.  Well, not quite like that ;).  But the current incarnation of the restaurant is nothing like I remembered.  We sat in the bar and really enjoyed ourselves.  Neither of us are drinking (he said foreshadowingly), so I can’t tell you how the liquor was, but the shrimp appetizer was great, and our meals.

We were going to go see Hail, Caesar! but after dinner we were so full we didn’t want to sit through a move.  Instead, we went shopping.  Julia loves the World Market, where we bought some chocolate and jam, and then we hit up the 1/2 price bookstore.  We also went to two baby stores.  Julia wanted to find a new sleeper that we could bring home a baby in, and then pass down to our girls when it’s their turn.  We looked at Babies ‘R Us and didn’t have any luck, but at the second baby store (I forget the name), I found a simple white sleeper, with the words “Welcome to the world” surrounded by stars.  She loved it, and we bought the very first thing for the baby.

I’m nearly to Seattle on the train, and Julia is probably at work at her new job, where she’s doing bookkeeping part-time for a yacht charter company.  She only has to work a couple of days a week, and she’s home in plenty of time to meet the kids after school.  Perfect!  We didn’t show them the new sleeper, and we haven’t had the talk with them about how families change and grow.  Yet.

But we will.  :-D

I hope everyone has a great Monday, and a really good start to the week!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sex Toy Review: Vibrating Bullet!

Vibrators come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and even textures these days. Long gone are the days of little selection! When DH and I first met, I remember vividly the first vibrator/dildo he bought. It had a smell to it. And I think it was on purpose - the smell, like some fruity smell. But mixed with the smell of sex, it was a very pungent smell, and not a turn on. And it lasted much longer than the vibrating function, lol.

The vibrating bullet from Topco Toyz however, is very different. It is so much smaller of course, easily fitting in the palm of my hand. I lay my wedding band next to it so you could get an idea of just how small it really is. I really love touching it, it is so smooth, and the hot pink color is great to avoid losing it in the sheets. Nothing worse than losing a sex toy....

The material of the outer shell is silicone. Unbelievably smooth and it warms very quickly to your
body temperature, unlike other toys we have played with before. It has only one speed of vibration, but it really is all that is needed, and the size of it makes it fun to use not just on your clit, but on your nipples too!

The other morning, DH and I had kind of hurried sex right before he had to leave and go to work. Needless to say, I was all hot and bothered, but he was out of time. Ugh. Don't you just hate that? Then I remembered I had put this little bullet under his pillow (in the hope he would find and use it) and figured, why not finally give it a try, even without DH?

The speed of vibration was a little strong at first, I had to get used to it since you can't adjust it, but I quickly figured out you can adjust the bullet itself, the angle and intensity of pressure. And I did. It felt great and I quickly finished what DH and I had started that morning.

When he came home and was getting changed, I followed him into the bedroom.

"Look under the pillow!" I told him, and he did. Grabbing it right away. He grinned at me, obviously thinking I was hinting at something.

With a big cheesy grin on my face, I told him "Smell it" And he did, looking at me in shock,

"What a naughty wife you are, playing with yourself. I think you need a spanking for that!"

Lucky me!

So, I hope I intrigued you with this little review. The bullet comes with batteries and arrived in a very inconspicuous looking package. Here is a link, give it a look, and if you have one already or decide to buy one, let me know how YOU like it!

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 4 (Fiction)

“Are you hungry for Daddy’s cock?” I ask.  I reach over and put my finger on her lip.  Her tongue darts out immediately and licks it.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m hungry for your cock,” she moans.  She moves her head, trying to get my finger in her mouth so she can demonstrate what she will do with my other “finger” but I keep it out of her reach.

“Tell me you want my cock in your mouth,” I say.  My finger leaves her face, and traces little patterns down her throat, descending to her chest.  I repeat the dance the feather performed, but use my fingertips to brush lightly against her breasts.  I find her left nipple between my fingers and squeeze.

“AHH!” she cries, half in pain, half in surprise at the unexpected pressure.  “Please put your cock in my mouth, Daddy,” she says.  

“OK, little girl, Daddy is going to put his big cock in your mouth,” I say.  My hand leaves her breast and I unbuckle my belt.  I unbutton my jeans and pull them down, and finally free my manhood.  I climb onto our bed on my knees and position my cock near her mouth.  “I want you to take it in your mouth, but you are not to swallow anything, do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says.  She turns her head in my direction, and I place the head of my cock at her mouth.  My precum is flowing freely as I slowly inch forward until she opens and her hot, wet mouth envelopes the tip of my rock hard erection.

“Oh, wow,” I say.  I pull out, and then put my head on her cheek, swirling it until the side of her face is wet with my natural lube.  I bring it back to her mouth, and push inside, holding the back of her head for leverage.  I tease her, only letting the head enter, before pulling it back out again.  Her spit has mixed with my precum and leaves a spiderweb strand between my cock and her mouth.  “That’s it, let Daddy fuck your mouth.”  I push back in, going further.  My eyes cross as her mouth widens to accommodate my first three inches, and then I slowly start pumping it in and out of her mouth.  The sensation of her tongue on the side of my cock is incredible.  I pull it all the out again, and her drool spills out of her mouth and down her left cheek.

“Ahh, you taste so good Daddy,” she says.  “Please put it back in my mouth!”

“Good girl,” I say, and place my cock on her cheek again.  She turns her head, trying to get her mouth around it, but I pull it up out of her reach, and then rub it on her cheek.  I bounce the head of my cock against her face, loving the wet “slap slap” sound it makes, and then I’m back in her mouth, pushing my cock to the half-way point.  I can feel the back of her throat.  I push in still further.  She breathes hard through her nose as I pick up her head and hold it, and then fuck her mouth hard, my cock descending a little further down her throat with each thrust.  Her mouth opens wider as she strains to take more of me into her.

“Uhk, uh, ehk, uck,” she says.