Monday, February 1, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 4 (Fiction)

“Are you hungry for Daddy’s cock?” I ask.  I reach over and put my finger on her lip.  Her tongue darts out immediately and licks it.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m hungry for your cock,” she moans.  She moves her head, trying to get my finger in her mouth so she can demonstrate what she will do with my other “finger” but I keep it out of her reach.

“Tell me you want my cock in your mouth,” I say.  My finger leaves her face, and traces little patterns down her throat, descending to her chest.  I repeat the dance the feather performed, but use my fingertips to brush lightly against her breasts.  I find her left nipple between my fingers and squeeze.

“AHH!” she cries, half in pain, half in surprise at the unexpected pressure.  “Please put your cock in my mouth, Daddy,” she says.  

“OK, little girl, Daddy is going to put his big cock in your mouth,” I say.  My hand leaves her breast and I unbuckle my belt.  I unbutton my jeans and pull them down, and finally free my manhood.  I climb onto our bed on my knees and position my cock near her mouth.  “I want you to take it in your mouth, but you are not to swallow anything, do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says.  She turns her head in my direction, and I place the head of my cock at her mouth.  My precum is flowing freely as I slowly inch forward until she opens and her hot, wet mouth envelopes the tip of my rock hard erection.

“Oh, wow,” I say.  I pull out, and then put my head on her cheek, swirling it until the side of her face is wet with my natural lube.  I bring it back to her mouth, and push inside, holding the back of her head for leverage.  I tease her, only letting the head enter, before pulling it back out again.  Her spit has mixed with my precum and leaves a spiderweb strand between my cock and her mouth.  “That’s it, let Daddy fuck your mouth.”  I push back in, going further.  My eyes cross as her mouth widens to accommodate my first three inches, and then I slowly start pumping it in and out of her mouth.  The sensation of her tongue on the side of my cock is incredible.  I pull it all the out again, and her drool spills out of her mouth and down her left cheek.

“Ahh, you taste so good Daddy,” she says.  “Please put it back in my mouth!”

“Good girl,” I say, and place my cock on her cheek again.  She turns her head, trying to get her mouth around it, but I pull it up out of her reach, and then rub it on her cheek.  I bounce the head of my cock against her face, loving the wet “slap slap” sound it makes, and then I’m back in her mouth, pushing my cock to the half-way point.  I can feel the back of her throat.  I push in still further.  She breathes hard through her nose as I pick up her head and hold it, and then fuck her mouth hard, my cock descending a little further down her throat with each thrust.  Her mouth opens wider as she strains to take more of me into her.

“Uhk, uh, ehk, uck,” she says.



  1. Wow DH,this was sizzling! Thank you for sharing more of this great story :)


  2. Hot enough to melt our snow!
    hugs abby

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