Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Spanking Fantasy Part 5 (Fiction)

“Uhh, oh yeah baby,” I say.  I push in as deep as I dare and then hold it there in her throat, for one second, two, three… and then I pull out quick, so that that the fluid in her mouth follows the head of my cock, and spills out onto the towel I’ve covered her pillow with before we started.

“Fllblew!” she says, and then she draws a deep breath.  As she blows out, more spit and precum spill onto the towel.

“Mmmm, you like that, don’t you,” I say.  

“Yes, Daddy,” she moans.  The blindfold is still obscuring her vision, so she doesn’t see my hand hovering over her breast until my fingers close around her right nipple.  She jumps.  “Oh,” she says as I gently twist the hard, pink nub between my fingers.  I move the head of my cock back to her lips, and let my hand trail down her stomach to her belly button.  She parts her lips, trying to get my cock into her mouth, but I keep it just out of her reach as I play with her navel, drawing lazy circles around it with the tip of my index finger, letting my finger get ever closer to her waiting pussy.  I push my cock back into her mouth and angle it upward so it causes her cheek to bulge out as I pump the head in and out.  My finger finishes the transit down to between her legs, and I caress the inside of her right thigh, and then her left, skating over her mound but never quite touching it.  I pull my cock out of her mouth again, and then push my middle finger into her pussy.
“Ah, ooooh,” she moans, “That feels so good!”  Her pussy is tight around my finger as I pull it back out, and then push in further.  “Oooh, mmmm,” she says.  She pulls against her restraints as she strains to get more of my finger into her.  Her glistening face is still turned toward me, her lips just an inch from my drooling head.  Her hair is in a tight ponytail behind her head on the pillow.

I scoot forward on my knees and thrust into her mouth, and at the same time, I add a second finger and push them both deep into her pussy.  I start sliding my fingers and my cock at the same pace, in and out of her pussy, and in her mouth, never fully pulling all the way out.  Suddenly, her pussy is clenching my fingers and she is coming, almost screaming with her mouth full.

“MMMFF, MUH, GUGLG, MMMLG!” she says.  I press my fingers into to the top of her canal against her g-spot as her sex convulses around my fingers.  I push my fingers all the way in, and my cock too, as her orgasm peaks.  She moves her head back and forth as much as she can, fucking my cock with her throat, still whimpering in the throes of her ecstasy.  My member pops out of her mouth, and she pants hard, spit and pre-seminal fluid flowing from her mouth, and then she swallows as her orgasm subsides.

“Uh oh,” I chide her.  “You swallowed.”

“What?  No I didn’t!” she protests.  “Ohhh,” she says as I withdraw my fingers.  She arches her back, and then settles back on the bed.  “Did I?”

“You did, Baby Girl,” I say.  “Now I’m going to have to give you an extra punishment to remember not to swallow unless you are asked to.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!  I promise not to swallow again!”

“I know you’re sorry,” I say.  “But you are going to have to accept this punishment, so that I’m sure you will remember next time.”  I reach over and untie the blindfold from her head, and gently pull it off.  Her eyes blink as she adjusts to the light in the room, and then focus on my cock.  “I’m going to bind you in the diaper position,” I say.  

“And then, I’m going to spank your pussy.”


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