Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sex Toy Review: Vibrating Bullet!

Vibrators come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and even textures these days. Long gone are the days of little selection! When DH and I first met, I remember vividly the first vibrator/dildo he bought. It had a smell to it. And I think it was on purpose - the smell, like some fruity smell. But mixed with the smell of sex, it was a very pungent smell, and not a turn on. And it lasted much longer than the vibrating function, lol.

The vibrating bullet from Topco Toyz however, is very different. It is so much smaller of course, easily fitting in the palm of my hand. I lay my wedding band next to it so you could get an idea of just how small it really is. I really love touching it, it is so smooth, and the hot pink color is great to avoid losing it in the sheets. Nothing worse than losing a sex toy....

The material of the outer shell is silicone. Unbelievably smooth and it warms very quickly to your
body temperature, unlike other toys we have played with before. It has only one speed of vibration, but it really is all that is needed, and the size of it makes it fun to use not just on your clit, but on your nipples too!

The other morning, DH and I had kind of hurried sex right before he had to leave and go to work. Needless to say, I was all hot and bothered, but he was out of time. Ugh. Don't you just hate that? Then I remembered I had put this little bullet under his pillow (in the hope he would find and use it) and figured, why not finally give it a try, even without DH?

The speed of vibration was a little strong at first, I had to get used to it since you can't adjust it, but I quickly figured out you can adjust the bullet itself, the angle and intensity of pressure. And I did. It felt great and I quickly finished what DH and I had started that morning.

When he came home and was getting changed, I followed him into the bedroom.

"Look under the pillow!" I told him, and he did. Grabbing it right away. He grinned at me, obviously thinking I was hinting at something.

With a big cheesy grin on my face, I told him "Smell it" And he did, looking at me in shock,

"What a naughty wife you are, playing with yourself. I think you need a spanking for that!"

Lucky me!

So, I hope I intrigued you with this little review. The bullet comes with batteries and arrived in a very inconspicuous looking package. Here is a link, give it a look, and if you have one already or decide to buy one, let me know how YOU like it!


  1. Bullets are awesome. I have a whole box of toys we've bought over the years, but the bullet remains my favorite.

    I might have to give that one a try. I've long been a fan of the ones by California Exotics since they have variable speed, but they're not wireless so the wire ends up breaking after a while. They're fairly inexpensive, though, so I just buy another one to replace it when it happens.

    1. Hi Dana,

      Thanks for the comment, and I agree, having a wireless one is just wonderful, and for the price, a must have, totally!

  2. Wow Julia, hot and naughty lol. and??



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