Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Second Trimester

Hey guys!

I know it seems like I haven't been online in forever, and you are right! For some reason I still enjoy not getting my laptop out every morning and starting to work like I did. I have worked part time for a local business over the last few months, but as it it spring time now, the job has dwindled down a bit, and I am left with less to do. But there is sun! So now I get to focus on house projects again, and napping of course.
My belly is growing, today I am wearing a shirt that states "I make beautiful babies". :) My children keep hugging me and then the belly. Its so cute and amazing to see this journey from their point of view.
We haven't had another appointment yet again since DH wrote last time (you know, the goat post), and won't be going back again until after our 20 week anatomy scan in a couple of weeks. For which I am very anxious and excited! In the mean time, we bought a doppler and I get to listen to baby's heartbeat whenever I need to be assured that there really is someone growing inside me.

DH and I are doing really well despite a long gap in sexual encounters. To top of the pregnancy thing, I had to take antibiotics and had a horrible yeast infection. I never get those so it was just awful and I am still mending. But finally, I am feeling a bit horny again and can't wait to jump DH's bones.

There have been no spankings, and only few references to any, but at the same time it seems to be on both our minds. I feel like I haven't been too much of a hormonal mess yet, although there have been some moments of hearing myself and thinking why in the world am I saying these things?

I hope this blogpost finds you well and hopefully you have some sunshine peaking out like we have been these last few days!