Monday, October 31, 2016

Government jobs should be like jury duty

Hi, DH here!  Happy Halloween!  Our little monsters are excited to go trick-or-treating tonight, although it's raining buckets at the moment.  Hopefully the rain will let up by this evening. 

Julia and our new baby have been doing really well.  We are almost at week three, and the adjustments we've made as a family to accommodate our bundle of joy seem almost normal now.  This will be her first Halloween, but she will stay inside this year, heh.  My job is to take the older girls out in the neighborhood, which can be scarier than it sounds.  I'm always amazed by the amount of traffic we get, and not everyone is looking out.

Today I'm at jury duty.  Fun!  I'll get paid 11 dollars for the privilege of missing work to participate in the legal system that our country is built on.  Regardless of political views, I believe that government would run much more efficiently if elected officials were like jury members.  No 6-figure income, or taking money from lobbyists, or special treatment because you are a Senator.  Imagine how fast legislation would get resolved when  people would want to be done quickly, instead of enjoying the position, so they could get back to their jobs?  The point of jury duty is SERVICE: I'm here to serve the needs of my community, through my own personal sacrifice.  I expect no less from my "representatives."

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah's Training Chapter 9

Dan slipped the transmission into reverse, and eased the large white truck backwards out of its spot at the loading dock at the back of the warehouse.  He and Mike were headed to the big box home improvement store to pick up lumber for their latest project.  The backup cam’s monitor displayed no obstacles behind him as he smoothly pulled out, and then shifted into drive and pulled out onto the highway.  Dan loved the the big box van.  He’d built wooden shelves for the interior to store his tools, which were meticulously organized.  Heavy power tools went in the bottom racks that ran the entire length of both interior walls.  A red tool chest stood strapped to the wall, and a table saw stood toward the front of the large cargo area.  He used the truck for on-site work, which included assembling coffee stands that he and Mike built at the shop.  They had to use a much bigger truck to haul the prefabricated walls for each coffee stand that they built, but this truck was great for hauling lumber, which was what he was going to do today.

“Stacy’s leaving, eh?”  Dan glanced sidelong at Mike, and nodded.

“Yeah, her last day is the end of the month,” Dan said.  Mike smiled and nodded.

“It’s a shame, I’ll miss her,” Mike said.  

“You and me both,” Dan agreed.  “But, she’s going to have a great time at Western, and a great life after that.”  Dan unconsciously swelled with pride.  He was proud of all of his girls, but Stacy was the first of them to go to a four-year university.  

As he drove, Dan thought about his newest employee, Hannah.  If she made it through her initiation, Hannah would be taking the role of Buttercup.  Stacy was headed to Western Washington University to start her college career. Start her college career.  Dan let that phrase echo in his head for a moment, feeling as proud as any father.  Stacy  had started serving coffee at the stand two years ago much like Hannah was starting now.  Stacy had also had a very rough childhood as a foster child, and had dropped out of high school.  Dan had patiently leaned on her until she had earned her G.E.D., and then he started planting dreams of higher education in her head, until she had taken the plunge and applied.

“How’s the new girl working out - what was her name?”

Dan smiled.  “Hannah,” he said.  “It’s really too early to tell,” he said thoughtfully.  He pulled into the parking lot of the store, next to the loading area.  

“But so far, so good.”

At that moment, the “new girl” was pulling into her friend’s apartment complex parking lot.  Her uniform was safely put away in its garment bag, lying on the back seat behind her.  Even though it had only been a few days,  she liked working at the stand.  The spankings had been hard, and the hours had been early, but she felt like she was learning a valuable skill.

She drove to the back of the lot, deftly skirting speed bumps, and parked in her usual non-reserved spot.  She got out and pulled her uniform out of the back seat, locked her car, and then walked across the parking lot as a light snow flurry started.  She walked up the three flights of stairs to the door numbered “230” and unlocked the door.  The apartment was silent, and Hannah was grateful.  She suddenly realized she had never been so tired, partly due to getting up so early that morning, but also because she had worked six hours at a new job.

She walked to the small dining room where “her” couch was against the wall.  She had turned it so that it faced inward, taking advantage of what little privacy it afforded her.  She didn’t have a room in the single room apartment.  She had been living here with Renee after her stepfather had kicked her out of the house.  Hannah was supposed to pay $300 a month for the roof over her head.  So far, she had only managed $50.  She desperately wanted to move out to her own place, but so far, it had been impossible.  The money she had earned during her training would caught her up with rent for the month, and by next week, she should have the next month covered, too.  She yawned widely as she thought that things were looking up.

Hannah kicked off her shoes and crawled over the arm of the worn couch, and then lay down and pulled the thick sleeping bag that was folded at the foot of the couch up over her head.  She turned over so she was lying on her tummy, and turned her head so her face was facing the back of the couch.  Here in the corner of the apartment, it was hard to see her in the dim light.  Someone could walk in and not even find her if she was lucky.  Her breathing slowed and she snuggled deeper into the cushions.  She pushed her hand down to her waist.  She was still wearing her sweats and her panties.  Her hand slipped under her waistband as she thought about Daddy’s spanking that morning.  Her legs spread as she worked her fingers into her panties, finally making contact with her clitoris.

Hannah sighed under the sleeping bag and pushed it off her face to make a small air passage, sleepily feeling herself become more aroused.  She still couldn’t believe she had  arrived at Daddy’s office late that morning.  Even though it was concealed under the sleeping bag, her face blushed at the memory.  She had wanted to blame her mother for being late, but Mom hadn’t been there to share her spanking.  

She hitched her hips up a little higher to give herself better access to her bare mound.  She thought of lying over Daddy’s lap, his steel-hard legs supporting her.  She slowly circled her finger, rubbing her clit through her labia.  Her fingers moved faster on her as she remembered her spanking with his belt that morning.  That experience had opened a new world to her.  She had been shocked when he told her to spread her legs as she stood bent over the padded arm of his antique high-backed chair.  She was already naked below the waist, and when she spread her legs, the cool air of the office seemed to expose her even more.  She had slowly realized the reason for this position: His belt would strike everywhere, including her little pussy.

Hannah’s hips pushed down as she dipped her index finger into her sopping wet virgin pussy, and then used the slick wetness on her clit.  She remembered the lash of the belt on her skin as it striped her ass without mercy.  Hannah moaned quietly under the sleeping bag on the couch, her fingers working furiously under her panties.  Her breathing accelerated as she remembered the unrelenting blows from his supple belt, and the feeling each one made on her skin.  She imagined him standing beside her, arm raised, the belt slicing through the air…

“Mmmm ahhhh,” she groaned, as her orgasm flooded through her.  She unconsciously ground her pelvis down against the cushion. Her pussy spasmed as she came, as she kept stimulating her clit.  Her breathing slowed as her orgasm gradually subsided, and she let herself drift into sleep, her hand still inside her panties.

She slept in unconscious, dreamless sleep until she woke suddenly; Hannah’s sleeping  bag had disappeared.  She was still lying on the couch on her tummy, in the same position she had been in when she fell asleep.  But where was her nice warm sleeping bag?  It couldn’t have fallen off the couch,  as there was nowhere for it to go.  As her reasoning skills slowly returned, she realized that someone must have removed it from her while she was sleeping.  What the fuck?  Fully awake now, she sensed the presence of people in the apartment -  she gave a small scream and flipped over on her back.

“Oh my GOD,” said a loud, familiar voice.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oh Baby!

She's here!  Julia delivered our baby girl (finally!), and I'm very proud and happy to say that both she and our lovely new daughter are doing fine.  She weighed in at just over 8 pounds, and all of her nurses said she is a strong baby!  Which I agree with, of course.  ;)  Julia and I are so happy and excited to be starting this new chapter for our family, and trying to capture and enjoy every minute.  In some ways, this seems all brand new, like we've never had kids before.  

Thank you so much for the kind words and wishes over the last 10 months as we took this journey, it really means a lot to us to have your support.  I hope everyone is enjoying a healthy, prosperous Fall, and preparing for the season to come.