Monday, October 31, 2016

Government jobs should be like jury duty

Hi, DH here!  Happy Halloween!  Our little monsters are excited to go trick-or-treating tonight, although it's raining buckets at the moment.  Hopefully the rain will let up by this evening. 

Julia and our new baby have been doing really well.  We are almost at week three, and the adjustments we've made as a family to accommodate our bundle of joy seem almost normal now.  This will be her first Halloween, but she will stay inside this year, heh.  My job is to take the older girls out in the neighborhood, which can be scarier than it sounds.  I'm always amazed by the amount of traffic we get, and not everyone is looking out.

Today I'm at jury duty.  Fun!  I'll get paid 11 dollars for the privilege of missing work to participate in the legal system that our country is built on.  Regardless of political views, I believe that government would run much more efficiently if elected officials were like jury members.  No 6-figure income, or taking money from lobbyists, or special treatment because you are a Senator.  Imagine how fast legislation would get resolved when  people would want to be done quickly, instead of enjoying the position, so they could get back to their jobs?  The point of jury duty is SERVICE: I'm here to serve the needs of my community, through my own personal sacrifice.  I expect no less from my "representatives."

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! 


  1. Glad to hear everything is going well with your new addition. Have fun trick/treating with the girls.

    I agree with your observation but it will never happen.

  2. Happy to hear the adjustments are going well. I can remember trick or treating with my boys in the rain and in the snow. Loved it when our town started trick or treat street in the high school gym. We have little storefronts for each 'business'(originally made out of cardboard and now made more permanent wood). Didn't have to fight with the kids on wearing coats. LOL Hope you and your girls have a fun and safe time.

    Love your ideas regarding government and totally agree with you but don't see it happening in our lifetime. :(

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Hi DH, sl glad to hear all is well with Julia and the new addition and that you are finding routines.

    Happy belated Halloween, hope you and the girls had fun trick or treating. Hope too that jury service went well. Love your theory, but agree, it will never happen.



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