Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's been so long!

Omg, too funny, its been so long that I didn't even remember my password and had to reset it!

That strikes me as really funny while also very spot on.

Its been a long time!

I feel kind of sorry, and guilty, but at the same time, just haven't been in the mood to share, or even been in the mood for anything sexy. I know, poor DH, right?

I miss being pregnant, but I can feel my libido coming back online again. Slowly. Very slowly, which is good, since we still share a bed with an infant at the moment anyway.

Speaking off, she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I look at her constantly thinking that. I don't even remember thinking that with our other two. But I must have, especially because this one looks almost exactly like our first. Funny how that goes.


Hi everyone.

I am still here.

Thank you for all the well wishes over the last months. This whole year basically. I truly appreciate it and loved reading everyone's comments on DH's posts.

I love you DH. You have been such a rock of strength.
Now get back to finishing your story!!


  1. Hey Julia...happy to see you and hear that you and new little beauty are doing so well and everyone is adjusting. I've had that problem with passwords in the past so now I use a password manager. LOL Take care of yourself and all your little ladies.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Hi! So happy things are going well! Congrats on your sweetie!

  3. Hi Julia, so great to hear from you :) Congratulations on your beautiful new little bundle of joy. Glad all is going well :)


  4. Hi Julia, So nice to hear from you. So glad all is well in your world, congratulations!
    love Jan, xx

  5. Congraulations! Lovely to see a post from you, hugs. DF

  6. Your happiness shines through your words...good to hear from you.
    hugs abby

  7. Welcome back Julia great to see you blogging again. Congratulations! You little baby sure is so cute. Enjoy every minute whilst you can.
    Hugs Lindy

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