Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hi, DH here!  I hope everyone is having a good March so far!  My start has been a little bumpy, but a start nonetheless.  This month is hard for me, rooted in memories that seem like a lifetime ago.  Objectively, everything is going really well: Just got promoted to Technical Lead, all of our kids are doing fine (especially the baby), and Julia and I are communicating, even though we're not having sex. 

But I'm tired.  And cold.  And broke.

And there doesn't seem like there is an end in sight. 

Well, I guess the weather will warm up eventually, but in our area that's never guaranteed to be beach weather.  For me, the real issue is feeling like I have nothing to look forward to.  Julia and I have talked about going to Hawaii for Christmas this year, but we've already gone to Kawaii broke, which wasn't very fun.  At 52, I feel like my best years for making (and saving) money are long behind ne.  I recently found Forex trading, only to learn that copy trading (following another investor and copying his actual trades into your account) is illegal in the United States.  Yay.  I don't have enough time in my life to become an actual trader, so it seems likely that I won't be doing this.

Why would I want to?  Because we are paying close to 1,000 a month for our school loans.  Trading?  I wish.  Although I have to admit, my thoughts on making (taking) money run a little dark. 

Oh well.  No sex in this post heh, maybe the next.  😊


  1. Hi DH, great to hear from you :) I'm sorry March is a difficult month for you. Glad to hear aĺl the family are doing well. Congratulations on the promotion!


  2. Hi DH, Sorry you are struggling at the moment. Sending positive vibes your way for happier times. Things will improve.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. DH:

    When I was 52 I had already spent several years of struggle and despair, but I persisted and never gave up. It took time and a lot of effort, but yes, I finally saw the light after decades of darkness. Keep pushing and victory will eventually be yours.


  4. I agree with Rick! I feel when we weather the struggles, light eventually breaks through!
    Hope everyone is good and congrats again on the promotion!


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