Sunday, March 25, 2018

An Update of Sort

Hello Blogland.

Its been so long since I have had a moment to even think about this blog. So much has happened. We added life,  we lost life, the cycle of life has been very present at our house over the last couple of years.

I know we have blogged since we had our latest addition. She is such a ray of sunshine, we all feel so blessed to have her in our life. DH is doing well. He was laid off a couple times last year, but bounced back up.
My mom however, was diagnosed with cancer just after we had DD3 (Dear Daughter 3), uncurable. She passed away 8.5 months later.
Its been so hard to learn to live without a mother. So hard. I look around the people in my life, and it turns out, I am actually pretty alone in not having parents anymore. Most people (like DH who still has both his parents, and they are still together) don't want to even think about losing a parent and therefore never talk about it. Like my loss, something so present on my mind.
I have chalked it up to part of growing up on my part.

All this hasn't left any time or headspace for bedroom play. And yet, we are doing well, DH and I. The state of our Union is strong, and I think its because the basic ground rules we lay down while exploring ttwd are still in place and being followed. By both of us. It taught us to be together better, understand the other better, but also leave your ego at the door because in the end, you just want to figure out how to be together. Right?

I am not even sure if anybody who cares about us still reads here, but there it is. An update. On life.